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1xBet Kenya Mobile App for Android & iOS 2024

25 feedbacks
5129830 KSh

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25 feedbacks

Maina Kiptanui Beginner

1xbet has an awesome app that will satisfy any gambler. I really like the fact that there arent any bugs or glitches on this app, i know it should be the standard, but many betting apps have lots of errors which makes me really appreciate when an app works fine

20.05.2024 pm31 14:07
Nyachae Gathogo Beginner

To be honest, i dont have anything to complain about so all i can say is that its an amazing app with amazing features. If you like betting through app this is the one

20.05.2024 pm31 14:06
Murimi Njoroge Beginner

This betting will always be one of my favourites, very easy to use and its very user friendly. Loads stuff really fast and never gets stuck, really convenient and reliable app, would highly recommend

19.05.2024 am31 00:03
Kirui Kipchumba Beginner

Im a huge fan of this bookmaker and i have been wagering here for a long time, their app is excellent, it has all you need and there usually arent any issues wih anything, even if theres any issues, customer support is always ready

19.05.2024 am31 00:01
Muriuki Kimutai Beginner

1xbet will allways be my favourite bookmaker, not just due to their awesome odds, but also their amazing app. This is by far the best betting app that i’ve ever used, it gets the job done perfectly well

29.03.2024 pm31 19:18
Nyaga Mburu Beginner

This betting app doesnt give you a reason to say anything negative about them. I am very satisfied, and i really like the fact that i can quickly place my bets even when im not home. Love the odds too!

29.03.2024 pm31 19:15
Kamau Njeru Beginner

Awesome betting app! The only thing that is abit annoying are the glitches when i try to select my odds on the app. But other than that there is nothing else to complain about. Would recommend!

17.03.2024 pm31 12:38
Odinga Wachira Beginner

Hats of to the 1xteam, they’ve done a great job. These guys never disappoint, and i really hope they keep on giving us high quality work. Their app is a masterpiecee and i dont think any other bookie will be able to top this one

17.03.2024 pm31 12:35
Samkelo Mthembu Beginner

Been betting with this app for 2 weeks, and so far its been amazing. I havent had any provlems whatsoever, and the transactions, deposits and withdrawals have been smooth. Would highly recommend!

21.02.2024 pm29 13:35
Wamalwa Kimutai Beginner

I recommend this betting app over any other, cz the withdrawal process with this app is much easier than with other apps. Awesome job, and lets just how they keep up the good work

20.02.2024 am29 09:34
Oduor Wachira Beginner

Ive had nothing but a positive experience betting with 1xbet’s app. Ive tried almost all other gambling apps but none of them even comes close to what this app does is. I am absolutely happy with my time here

19.02.2024 pm29 17:32
Ondiek Kipchirchir Beginner

1xbet’s betting app is probably the only that hasnt disappointed me yet. I think sticking to 1xbet’s app is the best option cz it doesnt have any major flawes, just very small glitches very rarely

12.02.2024 pm29 21:45
Odhiambo Obiero Beginner

The 1xteam has done an amazing job, i usually do not rate a anyhting a 5 out of 5, but it seems like 1xbet’s desrves it. Their app is flawless and everything is was easier here than on any other betting app. Way smoother and way simpler!

25.12.2023 pm31 21:59
Kinyua Wachira Beginner

This is probably the only betting app that has a smooth deposit and withdrawal process. I’ve gambled with many other apps and ive always had issues with the transactions, but this app? Not even a single issue

25.12.2023 am31 09:53
Waweru Jepkosgei Beginner

Hi, I am from Kenya and 1xbet’s betting app is the best for me. It has everything i need, it also has the amazing features that their desltop version has like live streaming and live betting, and they both work perfectly well, awesome job

10.12.2023 pm31 13:02
Gachara Nyambura Beginner

I’m a very loyal customer at 1xbet, and I have tried everything on their betting app. First of all, it was really easy to enter the app when I firsted downloaded it. There are many apps that give you signs that their app is not good from the beginning, with 1xbet all seemed smooth. The app works super fast and everything is smooth

10.12.2023 pm31 12:52
Muthama Kipchumba Beginner

1xbet is the king of betting companies. They’ve got the best bookmaker and the best betting app for sure! The 1xteam knows what their customers want and they work acordingly. They’ve givven us a really well done app with amazing features that function flawlessly!

15.11.2023 pm30 14:13
Waweru Gichuru Beginner

I think 1xbet never disappoints anyone. Ive been betting with their app for 2 years, and I have never had any issues regarding functionality, UI, and navigation. Also, deposits and withdrawals are processed really smoothly with the 1xbet app

13.11.2023 am30 07:29
Kimutai Muriuki Beginner

When 1xbet does something, they always do it right. The 1xteam has surely created the best betting app, andi think most gamblers can agree with me. It works like a charm, lets me withdraw my money, and has awesome features that place this app on another level compared to the others

13.11.2023 am30 07:26
Cheruiyot Njeri Beginner

I have never used a betting app as reliable as this one. I think 1xbet’s app is the most complete, it has everything a bettor needsin an app, speed, amazing layout, excellent features such as live streaming, and smooth withdrawals

13.11.2023 am30 07:18
Mwaura Korir Beginner

I wouldnt download this app if i were you, its full of problems and i dont think you’re ready for such headaches. The main issue here is there withdrawal system, it keeps getting stuck when i try to withdraw my funds through the app, ive already stopped betting here but sometimes it try to get my funds and it never works, its a hopeless case and im not gonna waste any more time here

19.05.2024 am31 00:00
Gitau Nyokabi Beginner

1xbet’s app was really disappointing. I didnt know such a famous bookmaker can come up with such a bad betting app.This app has a few issues, and none of them is tolerable. First, its very slow, and i waste my time waiting for it to load each step. Also, the transactions can be very problematic, i had to work hard and contact their support team countless times to finaly get my money

14.03.2024 pm31 14:09
Gichuru Nyagah Beginner

Uninstall this betting app from your phone as soon as possible. Its really slow, and you’re missing out on alot of better stuff. Other betting apps arent as slow as this one, even though most of them arent made that well, but atleast they’re better than 1xbet’s piece of garbage. Gambling here was a waste of time, and i do not plan on returning here ever again. imo the 1xteam failed

19.02.2024 pm29 13:35
Kamotho Kiprop Beginner

Every app has a flaw or an issue, but 1xbet’s is unbearable. Im sure many other gambers will complain about this, cz the withdrawals on the app arent working. My money is still in their after 2-3 weeks of trying and contacting their customer support, but it seems like my money will stay in their forever. Avoid such betting apps cz the withdrawals not working is an excuse for them to steal our money

25.12.2023 pm31 22:10
Saina Nyagah Beginner

1xbet is a huge disappointment tbh. They’re really overrrated! I didnt really like their bookmaker but it was working okay so I decided give their app a chance, hoping it would be abit better, but it was way worse. I really hated the way the apps sections are “organized”, its not practical at all. I waste lots of time trying to figure out where the things i need are at. Also, the app can be abit slow, which is really annoying. I think they need to improve their app cz its very disappointing

13.11.2023 am30 07:31
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