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MozzartBet Happy Monday Bonus Promotions in Kenya

If you’re a fan of online betting and gaming in Kenya, you’ve probably heard of MozzartBet. Known for its exciting promotions and bonuses, MozzartBet never fails to surprise its customers with incredible offers. One such bonus that has garnered a lot of attention is the MozzartBet Happy Monday Bonus. In this article, we will delve into what exactly this bonus entails, how you can get it, and the rules that govern its usage.

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  • Eligible Countries - Kenya
  • Last Verified - Bonus is active as of 29/06/2023
  • Promo Details - Actively use your account and get a Monday bonus every week!
  • Bonus Expiry - N/A
  • Max Bonus - N/A
  • Min Deposit - N/A
  • Expiry date - N/A
  • Min Stake - N/A
  • Verified - 100% by BR staff
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MozzartBet Kenya
MozzartBet Kenya Loyalty Program - Happy Monday Bonus
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What Is MozzartBet Happy Monday Bonus?

The MozzartBet Happy Monday Bonus is a special promotion designed to reward loyal customers at the beginning of each week on Monday. By actively participating in betting activities throughout the week, you become eligible for this Happy Monday bonus. Once the Happy Monday bonus arrives, you will receive a rewarding Happy Monday bonus as a token of appreciation. This happy Monday bonus can be utilized to jumpstart your betting endeavors and enhance your overall betting experience.

How to Get the Happy Monday Bonus in Kenya?

How to Get the Happy Monday Bonus in Kenya To avail yourself of the MozzartBet Happy Monday Bonus, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Mozzart account in either the browser or the MozzartBet app.
  2. Locate the Claim Bonus tab and click on it.
  3. The Happy Monday bonus amount allocated for the week will be presented to you.
  4. Click on the Claim button below the displayed amount to activate your Happy Monday bonus.
  5. Once claimed, the Happy Monday bonus becomes instantly available for use.

Now that you know how to obtain the Mozzart Happy Monday Bonus, you can enjoy it and be surprised even half a year ago, let’s explore the rules that govern its usage. Get the MozzartBet Happy Monday Bonus!

MozzartBet Happy Monday Bonus Rules

Here are the terms and conditions you should be mindful of regarding the Mozzart Happy Monday Bonus:

  • The Monday bonus is exclusively available on Mondays, and it must be claimed before the end of the day to receive the bonus.
  • Mozzart determines the Monday bonus amount based on various factors related to your betting activity parameters. Those who engage in more extensive betting will be eligible for higher Monday bonus amounts.
  • Only active Mozzart account holders who regularly place bets on sports and casino games are eligible for this Monday bonus offer.
  • The Happy Monday bonus comes with no specific bonus usage conditions. You are free to utilize the Monday bonus funds in any way you prefer, including withdrawing the Monday bonus cash from your Mozzart account.

By familiarizing yourself with bonus terms and conditions, you can maximize your experience with the Mozzart Happy Monday Bonus and make the most of the additional funds provided.

MozzartBet Other Promotions

Mozzart Bet is renowned for its wide range of promotions, ensuring that customers have an exciting and rewarding betting experience. Alongside the Happy Monday Bonus, let’s delve into some other notable promotions offered by Mozzart Bet in Kenya.

MozzartBet Kenya Happy Weekend Bonus(Expired)

MozzartBet Kenya Happy Weekend Bonus(Expired) Note that currently, this bonus is not available for MozzartBet Kenya customers. As soon as it is obtainable again, we will inform you. You may look forward to starting the week with a touch of excitement and joy. Mozzart Bet understands the desires of its valued punters and is once again stepping up with a special promotion called the Happy Weekend Offer. This offer is designed to reward loyal punters with a bonus every Monday, ensuring that whether you are a new registrant or an active account holder, you can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

MozzartBet Cashback

When a predicted outcome lets you down, Mozzart Cashback Refund steps in to give you a chance to win. By placing a multi-bet with a minimum of four games, Mozzart Refund ensures that even if one game in your bet slip doesn’t go as planned, you won’t walk away empty-handed. The best part? The odds of that lost play game are not counted in determining your refund. Instead, the refund amount is based on your stake and the remaining winning odds. With Mozzart Refund, you have the opportunity to turn disappointment into victory and keep the exhilaration alive.

MozzartBet Live Bet Jackpot

Experience the thrill of the MozzartBet Live Bet Jackpot! With over 5,000,000 euros at stake, this jackpot will keep you on the edge of your seat. Prepare for non-stop exhilaration with daily and weekly jackpots that give you multiple chances to win big. Plus, the Platinum and Diamond Jackpots offer million-dollar prizes to lucky players. What’s even more exciting is that your betting activity or stake amount doesn’t affect your chances of winning. Everyone has an equal shot at the jackpot, regardless of whether their bet is successful or not. So, get ready to take your live betting to new heights and seize the opportunity to claim your share of the massive jackpot prizes.

MozzartBet Virtual Games Jackpot

In the absence of real-world sports, you can still indulge in the excitement of virtual football, horse racing, dog racing, and motor racing with MozzartBet Virtual Games Jackpot. What sets it apart? The incredible jackpots are up for grabs almost every day! Bet on Golden Race virtual games and compete for the chance to win big. With no minimum stake required, every minute presents a new chance to make great money online. Don’t miss out on this unique jackpot chance exclusively available for Golden Race Tickets. Embrace the virtual gaming world and unleash your winning potential! Get the MozzartBet Weekend Bonus!


In conclusion, the MozzartBet Happy Monday Bonus is a fantastic opportunity for active customers to kickstart their gambling week with a rewarding bonus. By regularly betting on Mozzart Bet throughout the week, you become eligible for this exciting promotion. With Mozzart Bet, the excitement never ends. So, dive into the world of sports betting and take advantage of these incredible bonuses to enhance your gambling observation and maximize your winnings. Don’t miss out on the thrill and rewards that await you at Mozzart Bet!


How do I check my Monday bonus on MozzartBet?

To check your Monday bonus on Mozzart, simply follow these simple steps. First, log into your Mozzart account on their website at mozzartbet.co.ke. Once logged in, locate and click on the Bonus icon. Claim your bonus and wait for the notification. To ensure the bonus is applied, refresh the page. It’s as easy as that!

How do I give up my 100% bonus on MozzartBet?

If you wish to give up your 100% bonus on Mozzart Bet, the process is straightforward. After making your deposit and receiving the bonus, simply contact the customer support team via the obtainable channels and inform them of your decision to opt out of the bonus. They will assist you further and guide you through the necessary steps to remove the bonus from your account. Keep in mind that giving up the bonus means forfeiting any associated benefits, so make sure to consider your decision carefully.

What kind of bonuses are there?

These days the bookmaker offers a variety of exciting loyalty bonuses to enhance your gambling observation. Some of the bonuses obtainable include the Happy Monday Bonus, Happy Weekend Bonus, Mozzart Refund, Live Bet Jackpot, Virtual Games Jackpot, Worlds Biggest Odds, and so on. Each bonus comes with its own unique features and rewards, providing opportunities for extra winnings and thrilling gameplay.

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