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I’m loving every bit of it. Their odds are on point, giving me a solid chance to win big. And when it comes to withdrawals, they don’t mess around. I’ve cashed out my winnings multiple times, and it’s been smooth sailing every time. There support team deserves some credit too cause Ive never found any trouble finding answers through customer support.

02.06.2023 pm30 21:52

Get ready to be showered with bonuses, my friends! 22Bet knows how to keep their users hyped with their mind-blowing promotions. From generous welcome bonuses to enticing reload bonuses, free bets, and cashback offers, they’ve got it all. You’ll feel like a VIP with all the perks and rewards they throw your way, and I gotta be honest I love feeling like a VIP. You guessed it, imma continue betting here

20.05.2023 pm31 12:25

Best decision ive made! All the other bookies ive used had some sort of problem, but this one is perfect for me. First of all, the user interface is sleek and intuitive, and its super easy to find what your looking for. Second of all, the odds are competitive and always up-to-date, so rest assured, this bookie isnt going to put you on a lose streak. The payouts are smooth, and ive never had any issues with it. Take my advice, and give this bookie a chance.

15.05.2023 pm31 14:39

22Bet is my go-to online betting site – it has an extensive range of sports and markets to choose from, and I always find the odds to be very competitive.

28.02.2023 pm28 15:42

I’ve been a loyal user of 22Bet for a while now, and I must say, it’s an amazing bookmaker. The site is user-friendly, and the multiview streaming feature adds a cool touch to the overall experience. With a wide range of sports available for betting, including football, basketball, and more, 22Bet has something for everyone.

06.06.2023 pm30 13:54

22Bet is my goto bookmaker when I want to kick back and enjoy some betting action. The vibe is chill, and the platform is user friendly. Whether I’m betting on my favorite team or exploring new sports, they’ve got me covered. And let’s not forget their bonuses and promotions. They’re always dishing out sweet deals, giving me extra bang for my buck. If you’re looking for a laid back betting experience, 22Bet is the way to go.

02.06.2023 pm30 21:41
Ouma Kamau Beginner

22Bet has both live betting and virtual betting, so I think its pretty unique, imo theyr the kings of virtual betting cz the of their virtuals are really long. So if you’re intro virtuals, 22Bet is your bookie. I also really appreciate their customer service team, cz they’ve always been there for me when I’ve had a query or faced a problem. Id recommend this sportsbook to everyone, but if you’re are virtuals fan, do not waste any time and start betting here

29.05.2023 am31 10:06

First things first, 22Bet understands how to turn up the heat with their jaw dropping odds. They're like the MVP of the betting world, with some of the best odds I've ever seen. 22Bet is all about increasing our gains, whether it's football, basketball, or any other sport you enjoy. They aren't hesitant to give us large rewards, making us feel like we're on top of the world with each winning bet.

27.05.2023 am31 11:53

When it comes to betting options, 22Bet is like a candy store for sports enthusiasts. They offer an insane variety of sports, from football to basketball, tennis to cricket, and even niche sports like darts and table tennis. Also, their customer support team is top notch and always ready to assist you. Whether you have a query about a bet, a technical issue, or just need some guidance, they’ll be there for you 24/7.

18.05.2023 pm31 14:45
Allan Jones Beginner

I can spend all day here without keeping track of the time. It’s a great casino with great staff that I’m thankful to for their help and neat chats lots of love.

28.02.2023 pm28 15:38

22Bet has been nothing short of amazing! The user interface is really easy to navigate, which is perfect for someone like me who is not too tech-savvy. I can easily find the sports and markets I am interested in, and placing bets is really simple. What I love most about 22Bet is their diverse range of sports and markets to bet on, from football to e-sports, they’ve got it all covered! Oh, and the bonuses and promotions are pretty sweet too! Overall, I highly recommend giving 22Bet a try if you’re into sports betting, you won’t regret it.

15.05.2023 pm31 14:51

Ive had a great experience with 22Bet, they’re one of the best bookmakers out there! They offer some amazing markets and their odds are fantastic. I like that they have a Curacao license, which makes me feel confident that they’re trustworthy. They also offer live betting which is one of my favorite features. They are definitely one of the top ones, awesome bookmaker!

10.05.2023 pm31 21:17

I’ve been rolling with 22Bet for ages, and there’s a reason why I’m still here. This bookmaker has become my betting home. Their loyalty program keeps me hooked with exclusive perks and rewards. I’ve got my own personal account manager who’s always looking out for me. And let’s not forget their wide range of sports and markets. No matter what I’m into, they’ve got a bet for it.

02.06.2023 pm30 21:47

It's like a betting utopia, with everything geared to make our betting process simpler. The UI is simple and straightforward, with easy navigation that even a novice can master. I can navigate their sportsbook, place bets, and manage my account without breaking a sweat. They even have great tools like bet history and detailed metrics to assist me in making educated judgments. Its pretty cool if you ask me!

27.05.2023 am31 11:49

To be honest 22Bet Kenya knows how to treat their players right when it comes to bonuses and promotions. They’re constantly cooking up some tasty deals that keep the excitement levels soaring. From welcome bonuses to reload offers, free bets to cashback rewards, they’ve got me covered. It’s like having a secret stash of extra funds that I can tap into to maximize my betting potential. Who doesn’t love a little boost to their bankroll, right?

24.05.2023 pm31 18:00

In my opinion they’ve nailed the design, making it easy for me to find my way around and place bets with ease. Plus, their live betting feature is an absolute game-changer. I can dive into the action in real-time, following the match and adjusting my bets accordingly. It’s like being right there on the field, cheering for my team while I place my bets.

24.05.2023 pm31 17:52

I think the range of sports and betting options on 22Bet Kenya is mind-blowing. I’m talking about a massive lineup that covers everything from soccer to basketball, tennis to cricket, and even some niche sports that I never knew existed. It’s like a playground for sports enthusiasts, where I can dive into a world of bets and strategies. Whether it’s placing a wager on my favorite team or exploring new sports, 22Bet Kenya has got me hooked with its variety.

22.05.2023 am31 10:35

The website and mobile app are slick and user friendly, making your betting experience as smooth as silk. The interface is intuitive, the navigation is seamless, and placing bets is a piece of cake. Plus, they offer convenient payment methods, so you can deposit and withdraw your winnings hassle-free. So all in all a solid bookie, worth a try if you ask me

18.05.2023 pm31 14:46

Virtual sports fan here! This bookie is awesome, especially for virtual sports, cause they literally have everything. Not just that, the website is awesome too, like its really organized and neat. Their customer service team is really good, they never ignore you, and will usually be able to find an appropriate solution to your problems. Now we know no bookie is perfect, one thing that is abit of a downside is that their arent any bonuses for virtual sports, but the odds make up for it, so its all good.

15.05.2023 pm31 14:45
Tony Ro Beginner

As a beginner in gambling, I really liked it here.
I got my winnings very quickly with no problems. They have really great promotions very often

30.11.2022 pm30 16:37

I’ve been using 22Bet for a while now and it’s an awesome bookie. The site is easy to use and the multiview streaming feature is pretty cool. They have a huge range of sports to bet on like football, basketball, and many more, basically any sport that comes to your mind. The odds are decent, which is the main reason i still bet with 22 Bet. Customer service was helpful when I needed it. The only issue was with withdrawals, but it was sorted quickly after I sent the documents.

02.05.2023 am31 08:15
John Kinyua Beginner

I love using 22Bet! They have so many different bets to choose from, especially in handicaps and Asian markets. Their odds are really good so I always make a nice profit and they’re always adding new bets that I can try. The payouts take about four to seven days, which is okay but could be faster, what matter is im getting my money sooner or later. And if I ever have any questions, their customer service team is always there to help me out. Take my advice, and bet with 22Bet.

01.05.2023 am31 10:48
Ram Kumar Beginner

I do not guarantee that you will like to play here, just want to share my opinion
I made my first bet here in danger of losing all my money, now even when I lose here I don’t feel negative because the staff they are building a very positive communication with their users and that’s nice!

14.06.2022 am30 03:05

Look, I get it. No bookmaker is perfect, and 22Bet has its pros too. But when it comes to website navigation, customer support, and odds, they could use a serious makeover, my friend. I just want a smoother betting experience without feeling like I’m lost in a labyrinth. So, 22Bet, if you’re listening, it’s time to level up and address these issues. We bettors deserve a top-notch experience that keeps us coming back for more.

25.05.2023 pm31 12:29

I don’t think 22Bet is a good bookmaker for me. They have some good things like a way to see many things at once and lots of stuff to bet on, but the help is too slow, and getting my money out was not always reliable. Also, some people who helped me didn’t really know much about their own rules, so basically the customer service was kinda useless. Some of y’all like 22Bet, but I did not. I think you should find another bookmaker.

12.05.2023 pm31 12:59

Now, we all know that cashing out our hard-earned winnings is one of the most exciting moments in betting. But with 22Bet, it can be a bit of a bumpy ride. Their withdrawal times can be frustratingly slow, with funds taking longer than expected to reach my account. There have also been instances where the website has been as slow as a snail on a hot day. It’s like trying to place a bet while running in slow motion. There customer support…depends on your luck, sometimes theyr helpful sometimes theyr clueless, wouldnt bet here again tbh

29.05.2023 am31 10:13
Gitau Chege Beginner

Hey, I gotta say, my experience with 22Bet has been pretty disappointing. The interface is confusing and it takes forever to find what I’m looking for. Their customer service is hit or miss and sometimes it feels like they don’t really care about helping me out. Oh and another thing! Ive had a few issues with payouts too, takes too long, and when i tell the customer support about it they simply DO NOT CARE which is pretty frustrating. The odds are fine, im not gonna complain about that, but the other aspects are just not that good or theyr below average. Overall, I’m not impressed and I’m thinking about trying out a different sportsbook.

16.05.2023 am31 08:26

22Bet, oh 22Bet, you’ve left me unimpressed. The hype surrounding this bookmaker doesn’t live up to the reality. Their website is cluttered and lacks the modern features I’ve come to expect. It feels like they’re stuck in the past while other bookies are innovating. And their customer support is a hit or miss, with long response times and unhelpful agents. Frankly, I expected more from 22Bet, but they’ve failed to impress me. There are better options out there, you just gotta look for them.

04.06.2023 pm30 19:58

It feels like they’ve got some hidden agenda to squeeze every penny out of you. The odds can be pretty stingy compared to other bookmakers, and it’s frustrating when you’re trying to make some decent profits. Plus, their betting limits can be a real buzzkill. They claim to offer high limits, but when you actually try to place a substantial bet, they come up with these arbitrary restrictions that prevent you from going all in. It’s like they’re playing mind games with us, trying to milk us for every last cent. Not only that, dealing with their customer support can be a total nightmare. When you encounter an issue or need assistance, you expect prompt and helpful support, right? Well, forget about that with 22Bet. Their customer support is like a bunch of ghost workers. Trash bookie tbh

21.05.2023 pm31 12:19
BR rating 5/5
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