Senegal vs Cape Verde – Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 25/01/2022

17:00, 25 jan 2022
17:00, 25 jan 2022
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“Bookmaker Ratings” gave a prediction for the Africa Cup of Nations match Senegal vs Cape Verde.
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Hello everyone!

Being a football fan of the Algerian team, means that we will be making predictions for the African Cup of Nations games. Since the Algerian National team has already left the tournament, we will try to be more successful in our forecasts and talk about the performance of the Senegal National team. They won their group and in the 1/8 finals will die against the team of Zé Luis. He is not playing for the Cape Verde team now since he is injured. In general, he does not play much for his national team.

Back to the game. Of course, Senegal is the favorite of this match. Their victory is valued at 1.65. Looking at Senegal’s team players, one can easily realize that mostly players from the top 5 European leagues. It becomes clear where such a gap in the coefficients exists.

Yet, we know very well that in individual games, one can always show his/her best side. Moreover, Cape Verde defends very well, which was demonstrated at the group stage. Few losses and played against the most productive team of the tournament with a draw, Cameroon (1:1). Cameroon scored a lot of goals and stand out for their performance in downstream tournament. This is a noticeable trend throughout recent years, which were all  downstream.

Since Cameroon has already been held back, it can also happen to Senegal, especially since this team experienced problems in matches with teams that defended very well. It so happened that everyone defended well against Senegal. As a result, Sadio Mane and the team scored only one goal in three matches. True, they never lose, but they scored 1 goal and that goal was against Zimbabwe from a penalty kick in the 97th minute.

Firstly, Senegal still adds from game to game. Against Malawi there was already more cheerful football. Moreover, some players who missed the first two matches have returned to action. All this leads to the fact that Senegal is becoming stronger. Time passes, and the players play well. Quite a long period of time between the third stage and the playoff matches. So Senegal will appear as a serious force.

However, given the nature of the game of this team, and the few chances it creates, I would take a closer look at the total bets (less on Senegal gate) as we get closer to the match or even live. Further on, they have never shot more than three times in a match. You can also look at the percentage for ball possessing. In every match, Senegal has more time with the ball than the opposing team. In the match against Cape Verde, this could occur again.

Repeating myself on the totals bet, I believe that Senegal will squeeze the opponent and score from the game. It’s long overdue. All leaders returned.

I will take these options. Artem Slitsky was with you. Don’t forget to think with your head. A couple of the last predictions didn’t work out for me, but you also have the chance to think with your own head. Good luck!

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17:00/25 jan
Senegal vs Cape Verde
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