Betika Live Betting Guide 2023 – Soccer, Football & Other Sports

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One of the most attractive parts of Betika betting is the live sporting and casino betting opportunity. The platform provides an exciting live betting feature that enables you to place bets on ongoing sports events and enjoy the thrill of betting as the game unfolds. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Betika live betting, including how it works and the gaming benefits you will have with Betika.

Watch Live Events With Betika!

Betika Live Betting

Betika Live Betting

Betika Live Betting covers a wide range of sports and esports events, providing users with a diverse selection of markets to bet on in a Betika account. Some of the live sports events available on the platform account include football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cricket, ice hockey, and more. In addition to traditional sports, Betika also offers live eSoccer and eBasketball gambling.

The markets available for live gambling on Betika include various options such as match winner, total goals/points, the first team to score, correct score, and many others, depending on the sport or event. As well as you are provided with suitable deposit and withdrawal options to have easy navigation. With Betika Live Betting, users can enjoy a thrilling and dynamic gaming experience that allows them to stay engaged with the action in real-time and make informed gambling decisions based on the current state of play.

How to Play Live Bet in Betika?

To start a live gambling path on the Betika website, you should follow some straightforward steps and complete them correctly.

  1. Log in to your Betika account or create a new one if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Click on the Live tab located on the homepage of your desktop or in the main navigation bar menu to access the live sports and esports events available for gaming.
  3. Select the sports or esports event you want to bet on from the list of ongoing matches. Choose the market you want to bet on by clicking on the odds displayed next to it.
  4. Enter the amount you want to stake in the bet slip that appears on your screen.
  5. Confirm the details of your bet and click on the Place Bet button to complete the transaction.

Once your bet is placed, you can follow the live action of the event and track the progress of your bet in real-time. Betika also offers users the option to cash out their bets early, allowing them to lock in a profit or minimize their losses before the end of the event. Overall, live gaming on Betika is an exciting and interactive way to bet on your favorite sports and esports events.

How to Watch Live Streams on Betika?

As online sports bettors increasingly demand live streaming services, Betika has responded by adding a streaming feature to its site. Although not as comprehensive as larger international brands, Betika’s live stream is still impressive by Kenyan standards. While not all live-stream matches are available for live-streaming features, a good number of live-stream events are covered. But you can watch live also on TV live, using your preferred live TV channel. To use this feature, customers must have a bookmaker account with funds available. To access the live streaming feature, customers can navigate to the live gaming section of the site and click on Watch Live from the menu to see the list of matches available for streaming.

What Events can I Bet on Live?

Betika’s live gaming section suggests a wide selection of popular major sports, covering a diverse range of worldwide live events that are sure to please customers with varying interests. With such an extensive selection available, customers are bound to find something to be satisfied with. Whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, cricket, or volleyball, Betika has got it covered. Now let’s see what it suggests from different sports events.

Live Soccer

Betika’s live soccer betting section covers a diverse range of events, including both local and international matches, such as the Kenyan Premier League, the FKF National Super League, and the Shield Cup. In Kenya, users can bet on various leagues and competitions, such as the NSW NPL 1, U20 NSW NPL, and the U19 1st Division. Additionally, Betika also suggests live betting options for international events such as the U19 European Championship and the Women’s Qualification matches.

In terms of other countries, Betika’s soccer offerings include events such as the Australia A-league, Germany Amateur, Oberliga Hamburg, and the Russian Youth League. The website also provides betting options for simulated reality matches, as well as for the Serie A SRL league. With such a diverse selection of live soccer events available, Betika’s live betting section is sure to cater to the needs and interests of soccer fans across various regions.

Live Boxing

Betika covers a range of local and international boxing competitions, including bouts featuring up-and-coming fighters as well as more established names in the sport. Some of the current matches listed on the website include Bunch, Shinard vs. Flores, Bryan, Brown, Jahaye vs. Schramm, Guido Emmanuel, Martinez, Kiko vs. Abe, Reiya, Inoue, Takuma vs. Solis, Liborio, Tamegai, Taiga vs. Tanaka, and Issei Mattice vs. Thomas Cesena, Ramiro.

Users who are interested in live boxing betting on Betika can place wagers on outcomes such as the winner of the fight, the method of victory (knockout, decision, etc.), the round in which the fight ends, and other potential outcomes.

It is important to note that Betika’s live boxing offerings may change over time, and it is always best to check the platform’s Live section for the most up-to-date information on available events.

Live Rugby

Betika suggests live rugby betting options on its website, with a selection of both international and local rugby competitions. Currently, the suggested events for live betting on Betika include Rugby Union Super Rugby, NRL, League One, Division 1, RFL Championship, RFL League 1, Pro D2, Currie Cup, RFL League 1, and Rugby Union, and European Challenge Cup. Local events Betika suggests on their website are Africa 7s and Africa Cup.

Live Tennis

Betika’s live tennis section covers a range of international tennis events, with currently about 24 live matches available. The matches include Challenger, ATP Challenger Barletta, Italy Men Singles, ATP Challenger Murcia, Spain Men Singles, Women, ITF Burundi 01A, Women Singles, ITF Croatia 01A, ITF Egypt 10A, Men ITF Egypt F11, Men ITF Spain F6, ITF Tunisia 14A, ITF Turkey F13, Simulated Reality Women, SRL Spring Invitational Hanoi, VIE, Women, and many more.

Live eSoccer

Betika’s live eSoccer section currently includes the Gt Sports League and GT Nations League. You are open to enjoying matches like Arsenal Fc (Mad) vs. Newcastle United (Cliff), Manchester City Fc (Votepeace) vs. Tottenham Hotspur Fc (Billiot), Man Utd (Danny) vs. Newcastle (Cliff), Man City (Votepeace) vs. Arsenal (Mad), Tottenham (billiot) vs. Arsenal (Mad), Tottenham (billiot) vs. Man Utd (Danny), Newcastle (Cliff) vs. Man City (Votepeace), Newcastle (Cliff) vs. Man Utd (Danny), Arsenal (Mad) vs. Man City (Votepeace) and so on.

Other Sports

Betika is not just limited to live football, boxing, and tennis. They also offer live games for basketball, volleyball, baseball, snooker, cricket, table tennis, beach volleyball, and eBasketball. The platform provides a wide selection of markets for each sport and competitive odds, making it an excellent platform to enhance your betting experience and increase your chances of winning. You can enjoy watching and betting on your favorite events simultaneously without any difficulties. Betika strives to cater to the needs of all sports enthusiasts and provide them with a seamless betting experience.

In-Play Betting on Betika App

Betika offers a seamless in-play betting experience on its IOS app and Android Mobile app, allowing app users to place a bet on live games stream as they happen. The mobile app is user-friendly, and the in-play section is easy to navigate, with a wide list of live sports and watch streaming and markets available. Users can access live scores and watch streaming match statistics, giving them real-time information to help them make informed betting decisions. The mobile app also offers a cash-out feature while streaming, allowing app account users to lock in their profits or minimize their streaming losses before the event is over.

Now let’s learn some tricks you can use while placing a live bet on the Betika platform.

Tricks For Placing Live Bets at Betika

Tricks For Placing Live Bets at Betika

Placing live bets on Betika can be a thrilling and potentially lucrative experience, but it also requires some strategy and knowledge to be successful. Here are some tricks for placing live bets at Betika:

  • Watch the game: The key to placing a successful live bet is to watch the game you are betting on closely. This will allow you to identify any momentum shifts or injuries that could affect the outcome of the game.
  • Analyze statistics: Before placing a live bet, take a look at the statistics of the game so far. This can give you an idea of which team or player is performing better and may have a better chance of winning.
  • Follow the odds: The odds for live betting can change quickly, so it’s important to follow them closely. If you see a shift in the odds that favors your bet, it may be a good time to place a wager.
  • Use cashout options: Betika offers cashout options for live bets, allowing you to close your bet early if you feel uncertain about the outcome. This can be a useful tool for minimizing losses or securing profits.
  • Manage your bankroll: As with any form of betting, it’s important to manage your bankroll and only bet what you can afford to lose. Set a budget and stick to it, and avoid chasing losses by placing large bets in an attempt to win back your losses.

These simple tricks are here to make your betting more flaunt and profitable. It is always an important rule for a bettor to consider all the risks and bet reasonably.


In conclusion, Betika live betting provides an exciting and dynamic platform for sports enthusiasts to engage with their favorite teams and players in real-time. With its intuitive customer interface, diverse list of markets, big bonus, and up-to-the-minute odds, Betika ensures that users stay ahead of the game and have the best possible betting experience.


Does Betika have live bets?

Yes, Betika service offers live betting on a wide list of sports and games. Live betting, also known as in-play betting, allows users to place bets on an ongoing event while it is in progress.

How to make money in Betika?

Making money in Betika requires a combination of knowledge, strategy, and luck. In this article, you can find some helpful tricks we prepared for you.

What is the maximum payout per day in Betika?

The maximum payout limit on Betika per day is 8,000,000KSh.

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