Who Owns Betika – Kenya’s Largest Betting Platform?

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Betika has established itself as one of Kenya’s most recognizable names in sports betting, but what’s behind its success? It’s a combination of a strong brand profile, a rich history, and a talented team of key members. From the Betika owners, shareholders, and CEO of Betika, John Mbatiah, to the marketing team, we’ll examine in this article those who have helped build and maintain Betika’s status as a leader in the sports betting industry and how the enterprise has evolved into the brand as it is today. We’ll also discuss the recent and key collaborators who have played a pivotal role in the company’s achievements.

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Owner of Betika Betting Company

Owner of Betika Betting Company

Betika is a popular online sportsbook and casino platform in Kenya and Nigeria. The business is owned and operated by Shop and Deliver Limited, a private limited liability company incorporated with Kenyan shareholders. The 2016-founded Shop and Deliver Limited now have Chris Mwirigi and John Kiritu on its board of CEO directors. Chris Mwirigi is listed as a shareholder in the firm and the only owner of the shares.

Chris Mwirigi, who owns and operates Betika, is a businessman and entrepreneur from Kenya who contributed to establishing Shop and Deliver Ltd. He pioneered Kenya’s developing digital betting industry and is well-known there.

Betika Profile and History

In Kenya, Betika was introduced in 2016 and has since grown to be one of the most well-liked online betting services there. The service now operates in Nigeria, which has developed a sizable fan base. The success of Betika may be attributed in part to its groundbreaking strategy for virtual gaming, which has cutting-edge analytical techniques. To guarantee speedy and dependable payment processing for its customers, the Betika bookmaker also provides a variety of payment methods.

Betika’s history and profile show that it is a popular online betting site with a big following in Kenya and Nigeria, licensed by BCLB. The sportsbook has become a dominant force in the African gaming market because of its emphasis on user experience, cutting-edge analytics, and secure payment processing.

Key Persons and Executive Team of Betika

Key Persons and Executive Team of Betika

The high level of Betika is attributed to the expertise and dedication of its executive team and key persons who work tirelessly to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and provides the best experience to its customers. In this context, we will introduce four key persons and executive representatives at Betika who have made significant contributions to the growth and advancement of the service.

  • Stephen Baya – Senior Art Director
  • Kevin Musyoka – Head of Digital Marketing
  • Thinga Mtawali – Assistant Chief Accountant
  • Chris Mwirigi – Co-Founder

We’ve also presented the employees who joined the branch recently.

Recently Joined Team Members

The recently joined workers of the Betika team are poised to make significant contributions to the firm’s continued growth and valuable solutions.

  • Ernest Ghartey – Marketing Coordinator
  • Kenti Kagicha – Senior Product Manager
  • Eric Er – Brand Manager
  • Nigel Musara – Data Engineer
  • Angela Kithyoma – Legal Assistant & Manager
  • Yonas Balcha – Manager, Accounting
  • Thinga Mtawali – Assistant Chief Accountant

The staff’s skill significantly influences the success of Betika.

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The enviable reputation of Betika can be attributed to its strong emphasis on user experience, innovative use of technology, and talented specialists – key persons and executive members. The recently joined members of the group are poised to make significant contributions to the company’s continued growth and success in the country.


What is Betika’s revenue?

According to confirmed data from open sources, Betika’s revenue is $6.1 million yearly.

How many employees work at Betika?

The betting operator Betika has 25 employees.

Where is Betika’s headquarters located?

Betika’s office and address are in Nairobi Area, Kenya, as it serves as the headquarters.

What are Betika’s main industries?

Betting, gaming, and hospitality are Betika’s primary financial activities.

Who is the CEO of Betika?

Nicholas Mruttu is the Chief Executive Officer of Betika.

What additional names or alternative spellings do users use when searching for Betika?

In search engine results, Kenyan Betika may also be found under the aliases Betica, Beika, and Betkita.

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