SHOCKING SCANDAL: King Faisal owner Gruzah confesses paying bribes to referees

Published on: 10 October 2014

The owner of one of the leading clubs in Ghana, King Faisal Football Club, Alhaji Karim Gruzah has admitted to a shocking high crime of paying bribes to referees to get results in his favour, claiming other club officials too pay the match officials.

In what could spark a huge investigation by FIFA and the Ghana FA's ethics committee Gruzah issued the damming verdict about the level of corruption among referees in Ghana.

Grunzah claimed every administrator is guilty of paying bribe adding that the canker has contributed significantly to the deteriorating nature of the local league.

The Ghana Premier League has been characterized by constant allegation of bribery and corruption among match officials and the veteran football owner has revealed the extent of the rot in the West African country.

“Walaahi [I swear by God] my Lord, I pay bribe [to referees during games] and every football administrator in the country also do the same thing,” he told Ghana’s Presidential Commission of Inquiry set up to look into the country’s wreaked World Cup campaign.

“If anyone insists I'm wrong, he should come and swear an oath and refute my claims. I'm part of the good people as well as the bad people destroying the country’s football.”

The local league is in a quagmire with the start of the new soccer season unknown following legal battle.

Do you think Grunzah is right? What must be done following his revelation? Should he be the first person to be arrested to assist in investigation? Make your views known in the box below

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