Kingson reveals Black Stars support for broken Gyan

Published on: 03 July 2010

Ghana goalkeeper Richard Kingson revealed he and his teammates had been trying to support their striker Asamoah Gyan after his penalty miss prevented the Black Stars from reaching the World Cup semi finals.

Gyan had the chance to win the match against Uruguay on Friday, which was poised at 1-1, with the final kick of extra-time after Uruguay forward Luis Suarez had handled Dominic Adiyiah's header on the line, preventing a certain goal.

But Rennes forward Gyan crashed his penalty against the crossbar and although he netted in the ensuing shoot-out, Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera saved two kicks and the South Americans won 4-2 to move on to face Holland in the last four.

"We were consoling him (in the dressing rooms), it's a game so we need to forget about it," Kingson said before complaining about Suarez's actions.

"You can see from the beginning that it's unfair on our side, the referee should have allowed the goal but he gave a penalty.

"It's very unfortunate but it's also part of the game, you have to accept it and correct the mistake next time.

"Many things happen in football but you have to understand that little decisions can change every situation and that happened today.

"If the referee gives a goal we qualify for the semis, but he didn't, he gave a penalty.

"I'm a little bit down but I'm also happy for myself. There's nothing we can do now, we have to take it out of our minds and move forward.

"I'm very proud of the team, it's a young team and even in our country no one expected us to get to this stage."

Gyan would have joined Cameroon legend Roger Milla as Africa's record goalscorer in World Cup finals had he netted the winner but it wasn't to be.


  • Jahman
    says: 9 years ago
    We have to blame Mensah for that a child who is kicking it...i know sunderland will not renew his contract...But even worse was Mensah's kick in the shootout. He took a five-a-side style one-step run-up and sidefooted the ball straight at Fernando Muslera. Dominic Adiyiah missed too, but Mensah's kick was unforgivable.
    says: 9 years ago
    GYAN was selffish . he always looked calm taking penaltys and was at this time in a hurry to be the top scorer that was NONSENSE and to MENSAh u are the most stupid player in the B/S
  • Ken(Birmingham)
    says: 9 years ago
    It didn't look like Ghana prepared for penalties before the match. Mansah's kick was the worst of all. If you stand one pace from the ball you can't generate power, and it is a lot easier for the keeper to know where you're playing the ball. You have to be able to stretch the keeper in that position and also lift the ball above the the keeper's chest to be sure of scoring. Penalty kick is about who has the courage to kick it but not just anyone. There should be a selected few who have the ability to kick it well in principle, and then the courageous ones from the selected lot will be able to step forward to kick it. Some people should be banned from kicking the ball because they are always courageous yet they will always miss. Having said that, I think John Mensah did a lot for us as well. He's been one of the best defenders in the world cup and without him we would not have come this far. We love him and want him to play for ghana for as long as possible (not penalties though)
  • kof123
    says: 9 years ago
    jahman do you think blaming people now is the best option? the boys would have died for the course just to win the game but its football and there is so much you can do. pls negative comments like this will only make it worse for them. dont forget that they are human beings hidding behind your pc and saying things like this is unacceptable!
  • benghazi
    says: 9 years ago
    bradez,let us thank God for everything,though very painful God knows heart is broken,i am very very sad.was not able to sleep last will take sometime for ghanaians and the african continent to recover.this should serve as a lesson to everybody that never be complacent in life,never take things for granted and it is not over untill it is over.the team with the strongest mental toughness shall win and won.God bless our homeland ghana
  • s abacious
    says: 9 years ago
    there is no need to apportion blame on nobody ,we lossed out of cheating and hardluck.we just have to look for the future,asuch those old players in the team have to retire honourably and give way to the young ones.i may want to see players like kumordzi,buabeng,drobo ampem,charles takyi,nana akwasi,jeffrey sarpong,erixon danso, david addy,lenny sowah all in the team to justify their inclusion in the happy to see competition in the stars set up.every player have to fight for his position in the will be every stupid for any individual to blame gyan,mensah or penalty shoot out,one has to win,though adiyiah and mensah's penalty was really poor but am happy that we've a bright future in ghana football.hope we can present a strong team for the olympics team which will prepare us for 2014 wc.bravo to all the guys!we are proud of u.
  • hope of africa
    says: 9 years ago
    this is not a race for goal king or whatever,this is the time for win.i know is a goal king race that bring Ghana down.and am so much disappointed in luis Suarez who claims to be a hero,i never know he is a good keeper and has being training with their Uruguay keeper.all the same kudos boys,we know is a hard luck.
  • Kwame Ekyi
    says: 9 years ago
    Asamoah Gyan, and most of the players pray and seek Divine intervention before and after a match, but at a point pride and the conceit of self-intelligence, which made Moses not to see Canaan, overwhelmed Asamoah Gyan. In the previous matches, he humbled himself, took a deep breath before he took the penalty, but not this time when semi-final and greatness beckon himself and the Black Stars. Asamoah Gyan missed the penalty because he did not humble himself. He thought it was his strength and know-how. He should recognize this, and in future desist from that disposition. Ghana Ayeekoo!
  • Skills
    says: 9 years ago
    Its All Good,Its Black mentality
  • rex randy
    says: 9 years ago
    asamoah gyan ,god will punish you
  • texas
    says: 9 years ago
    It about time that a referee just takes the move accept such goal bound shots as goal to just as a refree can disallow a goal. I am waiting for that moment. SUCH goal bound shots should accepted as goals! This fucking FIFA must do something on this! It is called goal tending in NBA, and that would have accepted as a goal. FIFA needs to sit up as people are now cheating to get through in football. The whole world was that header as a goal bound and nothing could have stopped it unless of course that hands of (Suarez).
  • tony neglo
    says: 9 years ago
    God knows best why we were kicked out .2014 is our year for the cup.
  • Luis
    says: 9 years ago
    Is stupid that the people blames Gyan, he already scored two penalty-kicks in this world cup and in this time of the match you have to be brave enough to take the penalty (I remember some years ago one penalty that didnt qualify Cameroon to the World Cup and Samuel Eto'o had not balls to take it), so Gyan took the responsability, and ok he missed but this is football. I'm proud of Ghana's Performance, 2014 will be your year!
  • keith from germany
    says: 9 years ago
    luis u are right.that cameroonian penalty was taken from piere wome.he missed it n ivory coast qualified to the worldcup in germany 2006. my guys that is how life goes.suarez has shatered our dreams. who knows,cuz 2006 in germany it was round of 16,2010 in southafrica it was quarterfinals n in brazil 2014?who knows we can achieve something.
  • sherrif
    says: 9 years ago
    Luis,its not stupid people blamed gyan,gyan should be expelled from the national team,he is a disraced to ghana and Africa in general,if you claim gyan scored 2 penalty kicks why dont he score the desicive penalty to take ghana through?because its not for him to take penalty it was for Appiah he just grab the ball from Appiah to take,so its a punishment for ghana,so ghana must live with that
    says: 9 years ago
    God you are the only Father we have in this Planet. You said that any one that disobey you shall be punished. We are here today with our broken heart not only Ghana but the whole Africa. We want you to show Uruguay that if a hot water is good for Ghana to drink last week, they will also have to drink the hot water today and see how hot it is. May God Allah accept these our wish we are here for our prayers Amen. Holland go for a win
  • Marylada
    says: 8 years ago
    So true. Honesty and everything rcengoized.