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Kotoko's NCC urges calm as they want group maintained

Published on: 05 May 2012

By Ameenu Shardow

The Leadership of the National Circles Council of Asante Kotoko have urged calm following the club chairman’s threat to dissolve the body.

Dr. K.K Sarpong who has led the club to its first Premier League title after four years feels let down by the club’s supporters wing’s contribution to the payment of recently incurred debts.

Out of the 487000 Ghana cedis worth of coupons allocated to the Circles in the massive fund raising project, the club has seen just a little under 20,000 Ghana cedis returns.

This and other factors have thus led to the Executive Chairman’s resolve to seek the Board’s approval to dissolve the NCC for restructuring purposes.

But Executives of the NCC say they want their group maintained and that the timing of such a move is totally wrong.

“We as leaders of the NCC understand the disappointment of the Chairman especially with our contribution towards the payment of the recent Fifa fines,” NCC Public Relations Officer, Nana Kwame Dankwah told

“We however believe it is a wrong time especially after our league feat to have our club make such a move.

“The NCC has also played a major role in the team’s league success so it is not entirely the case that we have not been supporting the club.

“For instance, the NCC have been absorbing the cost of all away matches and I believe it is a very significant contribution.

“Yes, our contribution in the fundraising project might have not lived up to expectation but I believe there are other ways to rectify the problem other than dissolving it so I urge the supporters to remain calm as we look at ways of solving the problem.”

Dankwah added the NCC was still full of support for the Dr. Sarpong led administration and says he is expecting a reaction from the supporters by way of the ongoing fundraising project after the chairman’s declaration.

“I am sure the Chairman’s comments bourne out of disappointment will solicit a positive reaction from our members by way of their contribution to the fund raising project.

“We play an FA Cup game on Saturday in Tema, and I believe urge the supporters to begin to show this by way of contribution made to our attendants who will be present at the game.”



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