Kwesi Nyantakyi: Ghana Premier League is one of the best organized leagues in Africa

Published on: 09 January 2018

Despite several criticisms that the Ghana Premier League is retrogressing at a galloping speed, the President of the Ghana Football Association insist it is one of the best leagues on the continent.

The FIFA Council Member admits that there are challenges with the league, like any other human institution, which must be addressed, but the league is not as bad as the media sometimes want it to appear.

The influential football administrator on the African continent, currently the 1st Vice President of CAF, believes that the Ghanaian league isn’t the best and not the worse as well.

“In the area of the league, it’s not been as bad as some people want us to believe. It is one of the best organized and most competitive leagues in Africa,” he told in an interview.

He however admitted that the lack of sponsorship for the just ended league was a challenging moment for his administration but they are relentlessly pushing harder to secure a sponsor for the upcoming season.

“What we probably didn’t do well is raising sponsorships to support the running of club. It hasn’t been easy at all because corporate organizations have their agenda, their aims, their objectives etc. but we’re not relenting in our efforts to get sponsors and we are sure in 2018 we shall succeed in getting sponsors,” he noted.

Nyantakyi, who is one of the most powerful football administrators in the world now has been overly criticized for his outfits inability to secure sponsorship for the league to mitigate the financial woes of club.

But as confident as he sounded, it looks like new sponsors of the league will be announced soon.

By: Sheikh Tophic Sienu @desheikh1 on twitter


  • Nana
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    You are a disgrace to Ghana football
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    You are the worst FA chairman in this country