Liberty Professionals midfielder Brite Andoh insists it will take time to trust referees again in Ghana

Published on: 22 October 2018

Liberty Professionals star Brite Andoh says it will take some time for players in the domestic league to trust referees again. 

According Andoh, when football returns, players will walk on to the pitch doubting the credibility of referees after the Anas documentary.

"It will take a bit more of time before we can trust theme again," Andoh told BBC Sport. "Because we wouldn't know the mentality of the referees coming into the game," he added.

"Maybe they could start well and along the line the who thing will come back again. So maybe, when they start and we see they are consistent then maybe we can trust team again."

The Ghana Premier League has been halted since the Anas documentary which exposed several referees in corruption practices.

All referees captured in that exposure have been suspended with other given life time bans for roles played in destroying the integrity of the sport.

Meanwhile, a normalisation committee has been formed to return Ghana Football normalcy.