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Ghana FA lawyer Thaddeus Sory dazzles World Cup Commission
Ghana FA Ex.Co members at World Cup Commission

Ghana FA lawyer Thaddeus Sory became the star of Tuesday's sitting by preventing nine executive committee members from giving evidence at the 2014 World Cup Commission by insisting on the rights of his clients.

The nine Ex.Co members were invited to give evidence in their capacities as chair of the management committee of the various national teams with the exception of the Black Stars.

The commission in the end had to postpone its hearing after lawyer Thaddeus Sory made cogent arguments over the rights and the capacities of his clients.

Below is is the sequence of happenings at Tuesday's hearing at the World Cup Commission:

The team is led by Vice President of the Ghana FA Fred Crentsil who is accompanied by Executive Committee members Fred Pappoe, George Afriyie and Augustine Asante.

The others are Osei Tutu Agyemang, MNS Doe, Adam Munkaila, Kweku Eyiah and Kojo Yankah.

Ghana FA Ex.Co members at World Cup Commission
Ghana FA Ex.Co members at World Cup Commission
The team is also accompanied by chief lawyer of the Ghana FA Thaddeus Sory.

Observers at today’s hearing include Alhaji Karim Grusah and Alhaji Sulemana Brimah [Alhaji Hearts].

The Ghana FA Ex.Co membership before the commission represent the various management committee heads of all the national teams with the exception of the Black Stars.

Four members of the Ghana FA Ex.Co present are currently holding a closed-door meeting with the commissioners before the public hearing begins.

The caucus meeting has ended Justice Senyo Dzamefe with the rest of his commissioners have made an entry into the chamber to begin proceedings.

Ghana FA Vice President is the first to get into the dock.

Thaddeus Sory, counsel for the witness - Fred Crentsil - has risen to point out some breaches in the notice served on his witness.

Ghana FA lawyer Thaddeus Sory
Ghana FA lawyer Thaddeus Sory
Sory wants the commission to rule whether his witness - Fred Crentsil - is a target witness or a non-target witness for which if he is a non-target witness, self-incriminating evidence given at the commission cannot be used in subsequent criminal court action against his witness.

Sory also says the mandatory two-week period for notice served on his witness has not been satisfied.

The commission is retiring for a few minutes to consider Sory's arguments and return with an apporpriate legal response.

It turns out the chairman of the commission has the right to verbally or in writing modify procedures as he deems right but Sory's is still arguing it must be based on some fundamentals.

Chairman of the Commission has listened to the arguments by Sory and ruled proceedings will continue due to time contraints.

The Commission has rose for a brief break.

The commission has resumed with lawyers of the Ghana FA asked to approach the bench for a brief discussion.

The commission rules that the witness per the rules has given the witness eight days to appear before the commission.

Therefore on the count of duration to appear before the commission when notice is first served, Thaddeus Sory's point appear to have reigned supreme.

Justice Dzamefe has ruled that the witness - Fred Crentsil - is not a target witness and therefore the evidence he gives will not be used in subsequent criminal and civil prosecution. Thaddeus Sory's point again appear to have reigned supreme. The notice for the witness - Fred Crentsil - will be amended.

fred Crentsil discharged and will re-appear on Monday, Fred Pappoe is next and once more again Thaddeus Sory rises to argue on the same grounds.

Fred Pappoe is also discharged as is George Afriyie and all the other Ghana FA Ex.Co members. All with the exception of Fred Crentsil will re-appear on Friday.

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