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RE-LIVE: Ghana 0-1 USA - U17 FIFA World Cup

Published on: 09 October 2017
RE-LIVE: Ghana 0-1 USA - U17 FIFA World Cup
Black Starlets at the FIFA U20 World Cup brings you the LIVE play-by-play of the 2017 U17 World Cup clash between the Black Starlets of Ghana and the USA from India.

The national anthems of both countries have been played. Players poised for a great show.

Now let's look at the line ups of both teams.

GHANA XI against USA:

Danlad Ibrahim Najeeb Ibrahim Alhassan Rashiid Gideon Mensah Yusuf Abdul Isaac Gyamfi Mohammed Kudus Sadiq Ibrahim Eric Ayiah Aminu Mohammed Emmanuel Toku.

Official team sheet


03'- Ghana pushing forward but USA defend well.

05'- YELLOW CARD: Chris Goslin booked for a cynical tackle on Toku.

07'- A long ball from Goslin to Weah but too fast for Weah to grab

10'- Corner kick for Ghana but Goslin boots the ball away. Ghana attacking again

15'- Ghana under pressure, Danlad with a brilliant save but referee to the rescue. Ghana win an infringement

17'- USA still controlling possession at this stage.

18'- Najeeb with a deep cross but it goes straight into the cross bar.

19'- Aminu swiftly turns his marker inside out, pulls the trigger but over the bar the ball goes

21'- Goslin Goss down easily and referee calls for an infringement. Dangerous free kick for Ghana

22'- Ferri with a brilliant free kick but misses the post by inches. Ghana yet to show determination.

23'- Throw in for Ghana

25'- USA playing better than Ghana at this stage. Still with possession, swift attack on Ghana but Weah allows the ball to cross the line.

26' -Ghana pushing forward now. Kudus with the ball but he's been dispossessed. USA turn defence into attack

27' - Throw-in for USA.

28'- The confidence levels of the Ghana side not encouraging.

29'- Great run Alhassan,  sends a cross in but far too wide to become a goal.

32'- Ghana looking a little busy now with a 15 minutes to end he first half. Could it be a game plan?

33'- USA in possession now. Ghana coiling to defend.

34'- Great shot from Kudus, goalkeeper makes a save but no one to go for the rebound.

35'- Ghana looking more purposeful now

36'- Foul for Ghana as Mensah goes down from a Sergeant challenge

37'- Corner for Ghana.I won't be surprised if Ghana scores before the first half ends.

39'- Great chance for Ghana but Eyiah slips and USA can heeve a sigh of relief

40'- Great run from Alhassan once aging,  nutmegs to USA defenders but final delivery, as usual, poor.

43'-Throw-in for the USA. Looking dangerous for But Ferri' curler missed. Ghana must be careful

45'- A minute of time added on. Ghana pushing again. Attack breaks down and USA take over.

HT: Ghana 0-0 USA - Not so impressive from the Black Starlets. Fee chances created, begging ones missed, less determination shown and no goalto either side. Will the second half give us a different game?

46'- Welcome back

47'- Throw-in for USA but Ghana win possession. Toku takes on his marker and win a corner kick in the process.

48'- What a miss??? Unbelievable! Eyiah went for a drive instead of placing the ball to give Ghana the lead.

50'- Ghana really creating good chances here but failing to find the back of ghe net.

51'- USA in possession now. Foul for USA as Mohammed handles the ball.

52'- Goal kick for Ghana

52'- Kudus with a great run, sends a deep on inside the box, Toku controls beautifully bit hits hard over the bar. Ghana missing a lot of chances now

55'- Great turn from Aminu but his shot goes off the bar.

56'- GHANA SUB: Gabriel Leveh comes on for Aminu Mohammed

60'- Eyiah flagged offside, th first in the game.

62' USA DOUBLE SUB: Akinola comes on for Weah while Watts comes on for Destination.

65'- Ferri with a powerful shot there but misses the post by inches again. Ghana must be careful with Ferri.

66'- USA now take over possession. Ghana win a throw-in

68' YELLOW CARD: Mohammed Kudus booked for pulling fon his marker.

70'- YELLOW CARD; Yakubu Najeeb booked for string tackle on Carson

72'- Leveh tries a powerful one but over the break it goes.

72'- GHANA SUB: Richard Danso comes on for Kudus Mohammed

75'- GOAL!!! - USA shot ahead by Akinola. The substitute pulls a strong drive from the flanks and inside the net the ball goes. Ghana must fight harder now

79'- USA SUB: Andrew Carlton comes off for Indian Visilev

80' - GHAN SUB: Sulley Ibrahim comes on for Emmanuel Toku

82'- Temporary hold up as Ghana's Yusif clashes it USA skipper Sergeant

84'- YELLOW CARD: Danso booked for simulation

86'- Ghana it a swift attack, Eyiah stopped and USA turn defence into attack. Ghana in trouble. Corner for USA

90'- Akinola with another chance but placed the ball over the top. Ghana still pushing for the equaliser.

90'- Six minutes of time added on.

90+3'- Ghana till dancing around the USA eighteen box for the equaliser. Corner for Ghana

90+4'- Throw-in for Ghana. Alhassan floats a long one in but Lech is dispossessed. USA in control now

FT: Ghana 0-1 USA - Poor game from Ghana. Little show of determination from Ghana to win the game. Begging chances missed by the West Africans but Akinola took his chance and punished Ghana. 1-0 final scoreline and Ghana must start the mathematics now.

By: Sheikh Tophic Sienu @desheikh1 on twitter

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