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RE-LIVE: Saudi Arabia 0-3 Ghana - International Friendly

Published on: 10 October 2017
RE-LIVE: Saudi Arabia 0-3 Ghana - International Friendly
Ghana Black Star team

Follow the LIVE text commentary of the international friendly between the Green Falcons of Saudi Arabia and the Black Stars of Ghana on 

Hello good evening and welcome to the live coverage of the friendly clash between the Green Falcons of Saudi Arabia and the Black Stars of Ghana.

Ghana XI vs Saudi Arabia

Ati Ziggy

Aniel Amartey Adams Kassim Nicholas Opoku Lumor Agbenyenu

Attamah Larweh Ofori Ebenezer Patrick Twumasi Alfred Duncan

Thomas Teye Partey

Raphael Dwamena

Saudi Arabia XI vs Ghana

05'- The game is just five minutes from kickoff and both sides are having beautiful exchanges.

06'- Get pass from Amartey to Dwamena by a great tackle there from th Saudi defender. Throw in for Ghana

08'- Long ball from a Saudi defender looking for th arrowman but Ati Zigi comes off his line to take the ball easily

09'Ghna attacking. Partey it a drive but over the bar it goes.

10'- GHAN dominating play now.get cross from Amartey but too fast fro Dwamena to launch on.

15'- Kassim Nuhu initiates an ambitious attack but attack breaks down. Saudi attacking now

16'- Ghana win back possession, Lumor with a great cross, headed out another goes in and referee spots a foul there.Ghana penalised

19'- Saudi in possession now.cynical tackle from Ofori but referee spares him from a yellow card.

20'- Foul taken but Ghn win back possession. Great game from both teams so far.

22'-Ambitious strike from Saudi Arabia 18-shirted man but misses the pot by inches.

23'- Ghana attacking now. Dwamena dispossessed again. The Saudi defence appear strong.

24'- Header from Twumasi but goes over the bar

26'- The Ghana defence of Kassim, Amartey, Opoku and Lumor looks organised. Get game so far.

32'- Wonderful scissor-kick from Prey but bll goes over the bar

33'- Throw-infor Ghana. Amartey sends a deep one into the Saudi 18. A strike from Ofori but misses the post by inches.

34'- Foul for Saudi Arabia as Ofori takes his man down again

38'- Foul against Ofori again. This time it spears referee got it wrong.

39'- Saudi attacking.  Great slide tackle from Nuhu. Temporary hold up as a Saudi man goes down.

41- Ghana with perhaps th best of chances but Dwamena fails to land a pinch.

44'- GOAL! ! ! ! !  - Kasim Nuhu opens the scoring for Ghana with a decent tap in.

45+1'- Alfred Duncan unleashes a powerful shot but parried away by goalkeeper Abdallah.

HT: Saudi Arabia 0-1 Ghana - Electrifying first half. Beautiful exchanges from both teams, great show of determination from Ghana, excellent goal from debutant Kassim Nuhu and a perfect demonstration of readiness from the new Black Stars.

Welcome back

46'- GHANA SUB: John Antwi comes on for Raphael Dwamena while Isaac Twum cones on for Alfred Duncan.

47'- Ghana 18 area boiling. Get clearance from Kassim Nuhu. Saudi still pushing but Ati Zigi hands in an excellent save. Ghana attacking

48'- John Antwi brought down free kick for Ghana.  Wasted! Ghn regroup

51'- Ghana close to increasing the tally. Amartey sends a long one to Twumasi,  pushes a deep one to Antwi but goalkeeper saves and the reboundfrom Partey goes over the bar.

52'- Ghana again but this time goalkeeper makes a string grab.

56'- Corner kick for Ghana. Get game so far.

57'- Taken and Kassim again. This time, he misses by inches. Saudi will start the attack now.

58'- Throw-in for Ghana. Amartey sends a long one in but Partey loses possession. Foul for Saudi Arabia.

59'- SAUDI ARABIA SUB: 9 jersey out for 15 jersey.

60'- Free kick for Ghana as Antwi is brought down at the left side of the Saudi Arabia 18 box.

60'- Ofori sends in a deep one but goalkeeper Abdallah has no problem this time.

63'- YELLOW CARD: Saeed booked for bringing down Isaac Twum.

64'- YELLOW CARD: Ebenezer Ofori also receives a booking for pulling the shirt of his marker.

69'- Goal!!!! Husama Haswani makes it two for Ghana from an excellent cross from Patrick Twumasi. Own goal.

74'- GHANA SUB: Abass Mohammed comes on for Lumor Agbenyenu

75'- Thunderous strike from Twumasi saved. Corner kick for Ghana.

76'- Another corner, punched but Ghana regain possession. Foul for Saudi Arabia.

79'- SAUDI ARABIA SUB: Mukhtar Ali comes on.

80'- GHANA SUB: Daniel Opare comes on for Patrick Twumasi

82'- Corner for Saudi Arabia as Mukhtar Ali's shot goes straight into the leg of Attamah Larweh.

83'- Saudi Arabia in possession, lose it to Ghana. Quick counter attack but Opare fails to capitalise yo make it three. Corner for Ghana.

86'- Great on-the-line clearance from Daniel Amartey. Great player.

86'- GHANA SUB: Nicholas Opoku comes off for Vincent Atinga

88'- GOAL!!! Thomas Partey increases the tally to three. Ghana on a massacre mission.

90'- GHANA SUB: Ebenezer Ofori Kingsley Sarfo.

FT: Saudi Arabia 0-3 Ghana - Great display of determination and purposefulness from the Black Stars. Excellent game with great composure. A huge sign on the wall to demonstrate Kwasi Appiah's rebuilding exercise. Wonderful day for debutants like Kassim Nuhu, Isaac Twum, Abass Mohammed, Patrick Twumasi, John Antwi and Vincent Atinga.

By: Sheikh Tophic Sienu @desheikh1 on twitter 

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