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FT: Senegal 1(3)-1 (1) Ghana (2019 WAFU Final)

Published on: 13 October 2019
FT: Senegal 1(3)-1 (1) Ghana (2019 WAFU Final)
Local Black Stars


Follow the Live test match commentary in the game between host Senegal verses defending Champions Ghana in the final of the WAFU Cup of Nations at the Stade Lat Dior.

Below is the starting line up for Ghana

Eric Ofori Antwi, 2. Fatau Mohammed, 5. Alhassan Mohammed, 7. Justice Blay, 8. James Akaminko ,10. Joseph Esso, 12. Patrick Yeboah, 13. Latif Anabila, 14. Shafiu Mumuni (C), 17. Habib Mohammed, 18. Augustine Okrah

Game is underway.

Due to technical challenges beyond our control we will be bringing you the updates as the game progress.

20'- Ghana 0-0 Senegal

We begin our coverage from the 36th minute

It's Ghana 0-0 Senegal

37'- Shafiu loses the ball and commits a foul referee whistles in favor of Senegal.

39'- A Senegalese player is down on the pitch. Temporal hold up

40'- It's Ghana 0-0 Senegal

41'- Beautiful interception by Fatawu Mohammed, he heads the ball away, referee whistles for a foul.

42'- Mohammed Alhassan gives the ball away cheaply, Senegal on the attack, Justice Blay with a tackle. Referee whistles for a foul

43'- Dangerous ball sent inside the Ghana goal area, finds no one, goal kick to Ghana

44'- Poor pass from Anabila, ball intercepted, Senegal on the attack, a cross sent into the box, Ghana left off the hook as referee whistles for a foul

45'- It's Ghana 0-0 Senegal

Referee brings the first half to an end.

We will be back for the second half

Second half underway

49'- Senegal in possession at moment

50'- Fatawu with a poor cross into the box goes over the bar for a goal kick

51'- Referee whistles for a foul in favor of Senegal. Ball effected but Shafiu goes to the ground. Referee whistles for a foul

52'- Poor pass from Anabila to Augustine Okrah ball goes for a throw in

53'- Patrick Yeboah nearly gives away a penalty, but the Senegal player stays on his feet

54'- Ghana on the counter attack. Shafiu sends a through ball to Esso, oh no he fails to pick it up, goal keeper comes to save it

55'- It's Ghana 0-0 Senegal

56'- Senegal with a chance, oh no, he fails to make it count. Ghana left off the hook. Senegal with a lot of pressure on the Ghanaian defense as they push for the first goal

57'- Temporal hold up as a player is down on the pitch

58'- Play resumes, Assane with a long strike goes wide. Goal kick to Ghana

59'- Senegal dominating play at the moment.

60'- It's Ghana 0-0 Senegal

61'- Joseph Esso wins a throw in for the Black Stars B

63'- A little bit of confusion at the moment

65'- Senegal on the attack a cross into the box, ball goes wide.

67'- Augustine Okrah intercepts the ball, goes on the run and tries to beat the goal keeper

Chance for Ghana, goalkeeper  comes out with a save. Okrah appealing for a penalty. Goal keeper down on the pitch seems to have picked up an injury

69'- Habib Mohammed gifts the ball away to Senegal, this can be dangerous for the Black Stars. What a timely intervention from Alhassan to save the situation for Ghana

70'- It's Ghana 0-0 Senegal

71'- Senegal with a chance, Keny controls the ball beautifully, Akaminko with a timely intervention. Throw in

72'- Keny with a volley goes wide for a corner kick.

75'- Akaminko with a long strike, this wont trouble the goal keeper

77'- Drame send in a through ball in search of Keny for Senegal, Antwi comes out to save the situation

79'- Beautiful turn by Esso, he has been brought down, referee whistles for a foul. Free kick to Ghana

80'- Augustine Okrah's free kick hits the wall and goes for a corner kick

It's Ghana 0-0 Senegal

81'- CHANCE for Ghana, what a save by the Senegalese goalkeeper denying Shafiu his fifth goal of the tournament

Senegal left off the hook

83'- Niang fouls Habib referee whistles but the fans are not happy about the decision. it is a close contest. Still goalless

85'- It's Ghana 0-0 Senegal

87'- Okrah with a beautiful run into the box, goal keeper comes out to save the ball

88'- Patrick Yeboah gives away a free kick to Senegal. This can be dangerous for the Black Stars

89'- Wasteful as the ball goes wayward for a free kick. Senegal goalkeeper been attended to by the medics

We doing three minutes of additional time

90'- It's Ghana 0-0 Senegal

Referee blows the final whistle to end the game. We heading to extra time

Ghana left off the hook, as Badji's header hit the woodwork.

Second half of the Extra time underway

Goal oooo Badji puts the Terranga Lions in front.

It's Ghana 0-1 Senegal

Goal ooo Joseph Esso with the equalizer for Ghana

It's Ghana 1-1 Senegal

Senegal with a chance to take the lead once more. Poor free kick.

Referee whistles for the end of the second half of extra time

We head to the penalty shoot-out

Okrah with the first kick for Ghana he misses

Senegal takes the lead

Fatawu misses for Ghana

Senegal scores their second kick

Appiah McCarthy scores for Ghana

Justice Blay with a poor kick.. Senegal win the penalty shoot-out

It's Ghana 1 (1)-1 (3) Senegal after the penalty shoot-out

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