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Louisiana State University installs barrier to protect tiger from coronavirus

Published on: 09 April 2020

Louisiana State University has erected an extra pedestrian barrier around the habitat for bengal tiger Mike, the school's mascot, to prevent the animal catching coronavirus.

The new layer of fencing was put in place Tuesday to provide a four-foot barrier between the tiger and pedestrians, according to Ginger Guttner, spokesperson for LSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine.  

"(We're) aware that the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratories has confirmed (coronavirus) in one tiger at a zoo in New York. This is the first instance of a tiger being infected with COVID-19," the statement said.

"As Mike’s caretakers, his health and wellbeing are our primary concern. We will, as always, monitor him closely."

The extra fencing can be seen on the live university camera run by the school, which shows the area outside the tiger habitat. 


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