Medeama SC spokesperson Patrick Akoto claims clubs are disheartened by NC's special competition format

Published on: 10 January 2019

Communications Director of Medeama SC Patrick Akoto has disclosed clubs in the topflight league are unhappy with the format of the special competition by the Normalisation Committee. 

The Normalisation Committee has organised a new competition which will see clubs from the Premier League and the lower divisions engage in football activities for the first time since the Anas exposé.

Despite the return of football for the first time in six months, administrators of the topflight clubs are not convinced by the format of the tournament.

"We’ve written down some recommendations to the Normalisation committee and we’ve sent it to them but we’ve not had any reply," Akoto revealed on Happy FM.

"It’s not true that we the Premier League teams don’t want to play with the Division One teams. Our major reasons are the footballing ones and not the financial reasons as it's been reported."

"Format of the special competition is one of the reasons we met. We believe the committee needs to take a second look at it again. If we are normalizing things then we must do things right. As Premier League clubs, we don’t believe the format for this competition is the best way to start."

"We don’t want to jump into any competition simply because we missed football and we want to play. The clubs want the return of football but we must do things in the right order."

"It’s not true that club owners want to make the work of the Normalisation committee difficult. We’ve very legitimate concerns that’s why we want to have a dialogue with the Normalisation committee to understand ourselves and come to an agreement."

"We'll be meeting with the Normalisation committee today."