Mohamed Salah’s Transformation: From a Safe-Play Winger to A World-Class Striker

Published on: 10 January 2019
Mohamed Salah’s Transformation: From a Safe-Play Winger to A World-Class Striker
Liverpool's Mohamed Salah celebrates after scoring his teams first goal during the Premier League match at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool. Picture date 27th October 2018. Picture credit should read: Matt McNulty/Sportimagevia PA Images

Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Running down the wing, Salah la, la, la, la, la, la, la, Egyptian king

  • Crowd Chanting at Anfield

If you are a Liverpool fan or if you have heard any news of football over the last two years, you would surely know the name of Mohamed Salah.  Since signing for Liverpool, he blasted oppositions with his quick feet and magical goals creating a record for fastest Liverpool player to reach 40 premier league games and most goals scored in a debut season for the club.

He has been one of the most talked-about players in previous seasons in a footballing planet where Messi and Ronaldo both play. He was nicknamed ‘chance killer’ in his time at Basel, a name well-suited to him now for his ability to think quickly and find space to send the ball into the net.

He was named PFA Player Of the Year for his debut season at Liverpool and was subsequently named the African Player Of the Year. It is a story that inspires football players around the world, one that signifies hard work and willpower is the way forward in life. Stephen, engineering lead from ThanksForTheHelp  and football follower comments, “People who once criticized him earlier had no option but to admit they misjudged the player’s capability.”

Starting off in Egypt, he only played one season as the league was suspended by the Egyptian Football association. After that, he was signed on by FC Basel when they played against Salah in a friendly match. Basel asked him to train with them for a week and later on got his signature on the contract

Playing two seasons, he was later signed by Chelsea where he was much more of a hurried signing for lack of options than a planned one by the manager. The manager didn’t use him enough and was played only sporadically the whole time he had the first taste of English Premier League.  He once took a shot so off-target that it went for a throw-in; that is a forward’s worst nightmare and epitomized the lack of confidence he had at the time. He was too young and needed development to mature into an excellent football player.

He was later loaned to Fiorentina, where he started contributing much more to the team and started playing well. After the loan tenure was over, Fiorentina sought to make the move permanent but Salah refused and was later loaned on to Roma much like a football nomad.

It was here that he started showing signs of the player he became later on. He knew the demands were high in Italy and the fans were extremely passionate and serious about their team playing well. Players like Ibrahimovic have stated how hard it is to score goals in Italy where each match is very tactical and the game physically demanding. He realized that and worked really hard on his physique. He became known for his tactical acumen and prowess. A combination of pace and power is what every player wants to see in themselves. Salah became Roma’s top scorer for the season and made the move permanent a year later.

His last season at Roma also went well. Although he didn’t score as many goals; he was still known for his blistering pace, finishing, and his ability to rip the opposition in a counter-attack.

Klopp signed him for Liverpool the following year, making it the most expensive transfer in the history of Liverpool at the time. It was his second stint in the Premier League and it was here that he did something truly remarkable. Match after match, he started scoring goals. He suited Liverpool’s style of play perfectly and made his name permanent on the team sheet.  Shaun, a paper writing expert from OnlineAssignmentWriting reminisces about Salah’s first season, “He became dangerous to any defense; his quick and dancing feet, pace, quick-thinking, ability to create and go into spaces to find a pass, and his capability to finish were all a nightmare to defenders across the League.”  He won a Puskas award later on for the best goal scored in a football match over the season.

He soon became a hit with the fans and chants were hailed across stadiums whenever he played. Labeled ‘The Egyptian King’ by fans of Liverpool, he is well loved by his fans at Liverpool.

Everybody knows that the environment around Anfield can be overwhelming and when tens of thousands supporter sing your name; it can be truly motivating for any player and when they sang Salah’s name, the stadium thumped with their voices.”  - Says Harry from BestOnlineAssignmentHelp

He gained so much fame that artists painted graffiti on walls and buildings, documentaries were being made about how an African football player did so much for the playing community back home, and people recognized that it did so much to create a better atmosphere for Muslims in Europe.

Robin from TopAssignmentExperts opines, “A player shows his true ability only in big matches. That is how good players become exceptional ones.” Be it big clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester City; he kept on scoring in the league taking the goal tally to the highest in a debut season for Liverpool. He was instrumental in taking Liverpool to the final of Champions League scoring many goals on the way, most notably against Manchester City and his previous club Roma.

He was injured later on in the 30th minute of the Final and was subsequently substituted, Liverpool lost the match 3-1 because they lost their main goal-scoring threat, the goalkeeper made two errors and Gareth Bale of Real Madrid scored a world class goal.