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Mohammed Amin Lamptey's Loop: Is Sports Journalism under threat in Ghana ?

Published on: 11 May 2020
Mohammed Amin Lamptey's Loop: Is Sports Journalism under threat in Ghana ?
Mohammed Amin Lamptey

One thing I have considered highly the very day I joined this noble profession of sports journalism was professional integrity.

As a journalist, I was trained to value my professional responsibility, legal responsibility and social responsibility all in an attempt to adhere to the inherent ethics of journalism.

As the watchdog in any democratic dispensation, journalists are expected to be independent, truthful, fair, balanced and minimize harm, where necessary in our journalistic works.

One of the most important values of our profession is our duty to be fearless in holding leaders accountable for their actions and inactions.

The Loop has gathered two disturbing phenomenon creeping into our football, the game we love so much as far as journalism is concerned. They are:

1. Journalists, or so called sports panelists who have sold their minds and stomachs for a pittance to powers that be.

2. Assigns and hirelings of the leadership of the FA harassing and frustrating journalists who are perceived to be against the leadership of the Ghana FA.

The Loop has listened to an audio broadcast in which a radio broadcaster is alleging that some shameless journalists and commentators have sold their journalistic rights and have turned to praise singers and bootlickers of some leaders of the GFA in exchange for periodic stipends.

The Loop only hopes this information contained in the audio is mere speculation and not a reality. Because if it is, it will not only be a disgraceful act by these shameless journalists, but also a threat to the progress of Ghana football. When all that some leaders of the GFA want is worthless praise singing and no constructive criticism, then the game we are seeking to change is doomed.

The Loop has heard names of some journalists alleged to be a part of this media cabal. Some of the names are just unbelievable.....The Loop only hopes it is a fallacy.

Indeed, The Loop has become alarmed for some time now regarding the silent nature of our sports media landscape especially under the current FA administration and often time has called on fellow sport journalists to be proactive about their work to help the forward march of our sports.

The Loop doesn't want to believe that the loud silence of a large section of the sports media over on-going issues is because of this allegation.

As for the insults and threats on persons and journalists perceived to be anti this GFA, it is real.

But this shows the level of intolerance and undemocratic nature of certain people who ought to understand the media landscape much better than we have ever seen.

It's imperative to say that our sports journalism profession is indeed under threat if a large section of those who are supposed to help hold our football administrators accountable have been compromised, or are being cowed into submission through threats.

The Loop is on the look out for journalists and commentators who have sold their journalistic rights to some leaders of our beautiful game for a pittance

It's professionally unethical for a journalist to sell his/her birth right for a single meal. You do not only taint your image, you taint the noble profession.

Long Live Sports Journalists in Ghana

Long Live Ghana Sports

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