Mozambique new coach Abel Xavier shows Avram Grant the way, visits clubs in pre-season

Published on: 09 March 2016
Mozambique new coach Abel Xavier shows Avram Grant the way, visits clubs in pre-season
Abel Xavier (right) holds discussions with Artur Semedo (left) during the latter's visit

Mozambique's new coach Abel Xavier has shown Black Stars trainer Avram Grant the way by visiting all the clubs in the country's top-flight on their pre-season tour ahead of him naming his squad to face Ghana this month.

The Portuguese-Mozambican's move points exactly to the local concerns of the absence of the Israeli from the Ghana league where talents can also be found apart from players abroad.

With the Mozambican top-flight, Moçambola, yet to start, the country's clubs have been embarking on training tours ahead of the start of the new season.

With several players abroad, Xavier who was appointed just last month, opted to visit the clubs in their pre-season.

Even the clubs having their pre-season tours abroad were visited by the coach as he seek first hand information on the players likely to be called up for the Ghana game.

The last club to be visited by coach Xavier was União Desportiva de Songo who were camping in the South African town of Nelspruit.

He took the advantage of the visit to meet coach Artur Semedo - the current coach of  União Desportiva de Songo - who previously coached the Mozambican national team.

They discussed the current state of the Mambas squad before watching the side in their friendly against the reserve team of Jomo Cosmos of South Africa.

Avram Grant has come under fire in Ghana for his absence from the country. He returned to Ghana over the weekend and has already monitored one league match in the new season.


  • Ohene Boakye-Yiadom
    says: 3 years ago
    Some day in our life time, Kwasi Appiah would be back coaching the Black Stars. At that point, he would need the support of management and citizens to instil disclipine in the team in order to get Ghana the victories we deserve. Let's face it, a good and dedicated native coach is better than some pig-headed foreign coach who does the work with only his mind and not also with his heart. Truly, some of these foreign coaches are over-payed and over-pampered, and, they disappoint. Nothing could compare with a real patriotic, albeit, local coach. Now, he is underpayed, disrespected and overlooked. But his day would come.