Muntari focused on Champs League final

Published on: 20 May 2010

Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari is in confident mood ahead of Saturday's Uefa Champions League final in Madrid.

The 25-year-old could become the fourth Ghanaian to win Europe's prestigious club competition if Inter Milan beat Bayern Munich.

"Everything went well in training today(Wednesday), despite all the journalists who were here," he told Inter Channel.

"We're happy for the victory in the championship but our minds are on the Champions League final now.

"Bayern are a great team but so are we. They want to win and so do we. We will see how it ends up, but we are calm and we have confidence in our qualities."

Muntari has been named in Jose Mourinho's 25-man squad picked for the final match of the season.

He has also been named in Ghana's preliminary 30-man World Cup squad.


  • bells
    says: 9 years ago
    but u muntari kraaaa u might play for a max of 10 mins so what are u talking about sef. u dont need to change ur mood just relax on the bench and hope that in future u will be a disciplined player and get first 11 selection ok
  • I am the BigBoss
    says: 9 years ago
    nice one there.please win the champs league for us.I am in support
  • Man T
    says: 9 years ago
    I am with you Rich. Whether 10 minutes or not he is a quality player. He is capable of being in the starting eleven if not for some raesons. He has learnt from his mistake and will work hard to inprove, i hope. Whatever happens we expect from him when he joins team Ghana.
  • d-rock
    says: 9 years ago
    sorry bro ...cos this cup is for Buyern Munich ...cos there is no way another Ghanaian will win the Champions lge before Essien wait for Essien to ...b4 u think of that mourinho though ...but this one dieeee ...u are not going to win Arjen Robben and boys will do te work ....
  • Gogee
    says: 9 years ago
    Look at this bench warmer too. Loud mouth
  • aswi
    says: 9 years ago
    GOGEE have you thrown your leg be4? just shut up
  • guchi
    says: 9 years ago
    inter wll surly win and for muntari jst watchout for him in this match,cos hes got smthn to shw.go muntari,go muntari.....we luv ya.
  • kwaappiah
    says: 9 years ago
    go muntari go we love u and want u to bring home the cup huraaaaaay.make ghana ya country proud.we dnt care wheather u are a bench warmer or not u still de best
  • Beamer,Benz or Bentley
    says: 9 years ago
    One word: Nerazzurri!!!!!!!!!
  • Kenneth County
    says: 9 years ago
    He may be off key. But I have a good feeling Sulley is going to make his mark one way or another in this tie. Good Luck to him.
  • opoku
    says: 9 years ago
    which of u doesnt want to be like muntari?against soooooooo u dey love,mind ur own business,u all have skeletons in ur cupboard
  • keith from germany
    says: 9 years ago
    bayern is going to win the trophy becuz they have the better style of play n i dont hink they can stop arjen robben becuz that dude is on fire. robbemn is a player u cant take out of the game becuz he is always moving n changing the wings.a player like messi needs at the beginning of a game three good actions to come into the game if he doesnt get those actions then he is definately out of the game.a player like robben dont need that.robben's strength lies in the last 15 minutes. bastien schweinsteiger is also a great is taking the cup to doubt
  • Maxwelll Johnson
    says: 9 years ago
    Hahahahaha Keith,you're very funny to say that.You've forgotten so soon that Inter is a solid and tactically disciplined side.If Baryern have Arjen Robben Inter also have Wesley Sneijder,he has been the key man for the Nerazzuri this season and has contributed massively for their success and don't forget the fire blazing Argentine goal machine (Diego Milito)there is Samuel Eto's as well.U cant just say that Bayern will win the trophy just like that cuz they have Robbern and bastien schweinsteiger or is it becuz u live in Germany?Hahahahahaha.Anyway,our comments here wont bring any influence to the game lets let the pitch decide.