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Napoli coach Spalletti: We share the same approach as Ajax

Published on: 04 October 2022

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti expects an exciting Champions League battle with Ajax.

Spalletti sees similarities between the two teams.

"We are similar as a team type, we both like to go and play the ball on the ground, at speed, build from the back," he said.

“They also have the alternative of this long game immediately, having impact players up front on a physical level, you can launch the ball at them. We often have to create an alternative way of attacking.

“It will be an exciting challenge, in a magnificent stadium against a fantastic club. We can only become great by playing great games. We want to try to do that.

“We have a squad of players at our disposal that resembles a Napoli squad. To be a Napoli player you have to be of a certain level. It may be that tomorrow two or three other starters will play instead.

“When you only have one training session to play a match we take time to think, to evaluate with staff and doctors what the individual situations of the players may be.

“The work ethic, of going into game after game, gives you a personality, a belief that you are strong. You can't have games where you hide because maybe that might be an advantage.

“No, you go hard because up front Ajax can build well and we will try to take away space for them to make plays. We'll play our football, which is also changing in Italy and many teams are doing well."


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