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31 feedback

Umehara Ikenga Beginner

Helabet is not the ordinary bookmaker you’ve seen countless times. They’ve got an awesome list of sports and betting markets that will keep you entertained forever. Also, the odds here are super good, its your chance to win big here

09.01.2024 am31 10:51
Chukwuemeka Ejiofor Beginner

When it comes to making huge wins, Helabet take the win. The odds they offer are some of the most superior, and they always bring in amazing bonuses. Other than that, they are always ready to help, their customer support is actually helpful, awesome work Helabet

04.09.2023 am30 07:49
Chinwe Adewale Beginner

Helabet will always be my favourite bookmaker. First of all there arent any issues here, and i think the odds are fair. Their site is awesome, nothing get beat Helabet’s creativity when it comes to the site, works smooth as butter too!

09.02.2024 am29 09:34
Ezenwanyi Jimoh Beginner

This bookie is very reliable. The withdrawal that i requested 2 days ago was approved, and i didnt have to contact their customer support to beg for my money. Other bookies make you contact their support team countless times and you still wouldnt get what you want

08.02.2024 pm29 16:27
Ezenwa Okpara Beginner

I have been wagering here for more than 5 months, and i can confidently say that this bookie can be trusted. Anytime ive wanted to withdraw i was able to do so really smoothly and easily. You all need to try this bookie, its your safest option

09.01.2024 am31 11:24
Iheanacho Obialo Beginner

I think Helabet is an amazing bookmaker for everyone. The way they’ve organzied their site makes navigation super easy! I really like their interface, and the graphics seem really cool. Other than these extras, they’re pretty good and getting my money is not a challenge

03.12.2023 pm31 13:18
Oladipo Ebubechukwu Beginner

Many of the bookies Ive wagered with have always had sites that needed some cleaning or organzing, but these guys have a really comfortable site that is easy to navigate, and placing your bets is very simple and straightforward. Other than that, everything is solid, the odds, the bonuses, all are good.

04.09.2023 am30 07:47
Chigozie Fasakin Beginner

As a bettor of 5 years, I consider Helabet as one of the best bookmakers. Theyve got everthing we need, and whats really important is that their app also functions really well. Both the site and the app have all the amazing stuff, the same great odds, and the same fantastic experience

08.03.2024 pm31 21:55
Obafunwa Jinadu Beginner

Helabet is one of those bookies that have put lots of effort to make sure users bet comfortably. The site is always running smoothly, and it has one of the easiest sites to navigate.

23.02.2024 pm29 16:15
Adebowale Maduagwu Beginner

Helabet is where regular punters like me feel like a VIP. Their support team is alaways availalbe 24/7, and they will surely respond to all your queries. Regarding payments, it never lasts more than 2 days, and sometimes, it takes less than 30 min. This is a very trustworthy bookmaker

04.11.2023 pm30 15:12
Chigozie Obuzor Beginner

As a Nigerian gambler, i think Helabet has been the best bookmaker for me. the bonuses are mind blowing, no other bookie can come close to their level of bringing excitement or action. If you're a risk taker like me, Helabet is where all the action is at

20.10.2023 pm31 18:14
Adeniran Igba Beginner

You will be amazed by this bookmaker. Helabet’s site is really on a new level, its really organized and the graphics are pretty cool. Their customer service team is really active, and i think this bookie is an excellent choice for most gamblers. Try it out, you wont be disappointed

24.09.2023 pm30 18:57
Chisom Balogun Beginner

This bookmaker really suprised me. When I first started betting, I didnt expet much, and i thought its going to be a dissappointment, but it proved to be the complete opposite. Their odds are great, and the variety of betting markets they offer will make sure you ever get bored betting with Helabet!

30.08.2023 am31 11:40
Nkem Onwudiwe Beginner

For me this bookie is great, thanks to their odds i was able to make huge amounts of money in just the first 2 weeks since i started betting here. Helabet gives great oppportunities for every gambler, even beginners, to win big.

11.02.2024 pm29 15:54
Ohakim Ezeokafor Beginner

Helabet for me is the perfect bookmaker (you all an disagree with me, its fine). I like it when a bookmaker has a wide range of sports, i like discovering new sports and trying out new betting markets, and Helabet is the perfect bookie for that

25.12.2023 pm31 22:11
Iroko Obazee Beginner

Helabet has truly elevated my betting experience, I have tried other bookmakers before and they all had some sort of problem. This bookie is really smooth, and the odds and bonuses are good. I think Helabet is a great option for most punters who are looking for a reliable bookmaker.

03.12.2023 pm31 13:31
Oluwaseyi Nwokedi Beginner

I think Helabet is one of the better bookies that ive tried in Nigeria. Their site is very organized, and they take their work seriously. The layout is awesome, and the designs are pretty cool. Most importantly, the site never crashes, cz ive wagered with a bookie that used to crash when im trying to palce a bet and it was really annoying

28.10.2023 pm31 22:24
Okechukwu Chukwuemeka Beginner

I had a small issue when trying to withdraw my funds so i emailed them about it. They answered my email before 24 hours had passed, it was amazing, I usually do no expect a bookie to answer my email, so I was kinda hopeless. But they emailed me, and told me they have solved the issue! Now THAT, is what a reliable bookmaker would do

30.08.2023 am31 11:38
Femi Akinloye Beginner

This is my bookmaker! I will always be a loyal fan here, espeially cz their customer support team takes really good care of my issues. There have been some issues, just like every bookie, but these guys put the effort to solve and fix these issues, much appreciated!!

04.03.2024 am31 11:32
Jegede Nwosibe Beginner

All has been good so far, i recieved my fund in my bank account within the first 24 hours of my withdrawal, so there arent any issues when cashing out. They are surely better than many other Nigerian bookmakers cz they respect their customers and let us withdraw smoothly

03.12.2023 pm31 13:37
Oluwatimilehin Obumneme Beginner

As an online gambler of 5 years, I think my opinion is valuable for you guys. Helabet is an amazing bookmaker, and I think atleast not trying it out is a crime. Theyve got a good list of sports and betting markets, the site is organized, and its very easy to cashout your funds

04.11.2023 pm30 15:10
Ayokunle Jimba Beginner

The deposits and withdrawals were done really smoothly, unlike some other bookies that ive betted with. I also find it interesting that they let me pay in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Its great, the deposit and withdrawal options are flexible, im sure everyone will find something suitable for them

09.10.2023 pm31 16:56
Chukwuka Inegbedion Beginner

I really like this bookmaker, they’ve got live beting and live casino, which make gambling really enjoyable. I’ve also tried wagering on slots, virtuals, and bingo, its a fun sportsbook with decent odds. they also have apps for both android and iphone, so its versatile, and everyone can easily use it

09.10.2023 am31 11:45
Adejare Ike Beginner

Helabet really did a brilliant job. The odds they offer are superior to most other bookmakers, so its a great oportunity for most bettors to win big. I also realized theyve really improved their promos, and thats great cz they will surely attract more customers

24.09.2023 pm30 18:58
Olusegun Ikoku Beginner

Unfortunately, i had a very dissappointing experience with this bookmaker. I excitedly registered and signed up, but that excitement quickly went away after betting here for a week. First of all, it lacks action, the odds are really mid, and i think i can find superior odds at most other bookmakers. Other than that, why would I bet with a bookie that doesnt address the issues and problems that i contact about? I feel really ignored and as a customer, abit confused when using the site

08.10.2023 am31 11:26
Chidinma Danjuma Beginner

Helabet has been such an annoyance for me, this bookie is just way too slow and glitchy to bet with. Its not just the bookie, but also their app. Downloading it was fine, but using it afterwards? Really bad. They’re just too bad both in pre game and in game, they need to improve and fix these problems cz they will be losing many customers as soon as they find a better bookmaker

11.02.2024 pm29 16:05
Lawanson Ikeh Beginner

Look, i wasnt scammed, and these guys arent thieves, but I will write a negative review. Their service takes like more than 2 days just to receive a reply. Idk man their customer support simply stinks. They never get anything fixed and they do not care. Another annoying thing about these bookmaker is their site, idk it has some annoying delays and lags that get me on my nerves.

03.12.2023 pm31 13:51
Ifeanyi Nwudele Beginner

I apologize, but this bookmaker is really bad. I know, its a business, but come on! The odds are always against me, winning is almost impossible here, and when I win a few dollars, withdrawals are the next issue i face. Its really bad. We’re barely winning, and when we win, withdrawals are really slow. Its been more than 10 days, im starting to think my money is gone now. I think i deserve an explanation for this, but nahh, their customer service team doesnt answer. Just bet elswhere man

28.10.2023 pm31 22:20
Olabisi Egbuta Beginner

These guys are a bunch of thieves if you ask me, Ive never commented about a bookie this way, but sorry I had to. I had a pretty big amount in my account at Helabet, and tried to withdraw it after benefitting from one of the bonuses. All was great, the bonus increased my winnings, and I was happy. But suddenly, my money was gone, so i contacted the customer care team immediately, and they told me it is already withdrawn, but I didnt! Someone else did, someone from their team knows all the passwords, and if he gets the chance, he will scam you. Shame on you!

04.09.2023 am30 07:46
Ugochi Ezeiruaku Beginner

This company is a fraud. Helabet for me is one of the worst bookies not cz their odds arent good or their site is slow, but because making profits here are impossible. They never let you withdraw more than the amount you have deposited, its a scam, and when you try to withdraw, there will always be a technical issue or something. Do no bet here unless you like losing, what a scam

15.01.2024 am31 10:59
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