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Are you a Nigerian player who has decided to start the betting journey with 1xBet? You may already register, and it’s time to complete the login phase, right? If yes, we are here to introduce you to the login procedure of one of the prominent gambling companies in Nigeria, 1xBet. Get informed of the step-by-step sign-in guide, mobile and desktop login details, possible login issues and their solutions, and ways to change your login data and delete your 1xBet account!

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How to Login into Your 1xBet Account in Nigeria in 2023?

How to Login into Your 1xBet Account in Nigeria in 2023?

Let us begin our discussion of the login with the main part of it: how to access your 1xBet account in Nigeria. Two login ways are available: via the computer version and mobile apps of 1xBet. The steps are straightforward and effortless. Moreover, a little time will be needed to complete the sign-in procedure for bettors.

Let’s discuss both ways to log in, starting with the mobile step-by-step guide to accessing your 1xBet account.

1xBet App Login – Step-by-Step Guide

As mentioned above, one of the options to log in is the 1xBet mobile app, available for Android and IOS users.

Here are the main app login stages you are required to undergo before having your account open․

  1. Download 1xBet app․
  2. If you haven’t registered on the platform, click on the green Registration button․
  3. If you have already signed up at the 1xBet site via the app, then tap on the blue Log In button․
  4. Enter your login information, such as username (ID or email address) and password, which you have created during the registration process․
  5. Tick on Remember if you want the site automatically fill in your login details for the next time․
  6. Make sure everything is correct, and click the green Login button.
  7. That’s it! Start taking advantage of the 1xBet comprehensive app betting features and services.

As you can see 1xBet login procedure is unchallenging and can be completed without any difficulties. Moreover, it is assumed that the mobile login experience brings more ease and convenience to the customers. The mobile login is beneficial because it is already downloaded, consequently taking just a few seconds to access the site. Additionally, logging out from the mobile app isn’t mandatory, so you don’t need to undergo the login procedure again after the first trial. Furthermore, it is more comfortable to use online betting than computers as long as we keep our mobile phones wherever we go.

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1xBet Desktop Login – Step-by-Step Guide

Heading to the next review stage, we would like to present you with the 1xBet computer login process, which is the same as with mobile app login. The main difference is that you must visit the 1xBet official site instead of downloading the app to sign in. However, let’s briefly remember the main phases of the computer sign-in process:

Overall, the availability and simplicity of the 1xBet login process of computer and mobile versions are noteworthy: they couldn’t be easier and more advantageous. You are just a few taps away from having the most exciting and thrilling betting time with 1xBet by logging. Sign in and feel the real magic of online sports betting in Nigeria!

How to Change 1xBet Login Details?

To continue our review of the 1xBet login, it is important to talk about how to change the sign-in details since the necessity of it is possible. Whether you find your username or passcode unsafe or try to change them as you have better ones in your mind, you can always do that via the settings and 1xBet customer service. If you want to change the data on your own, then.

  1. Visit the 1xBet official site and log in to your account;
  2. Go to the settings, and choose Account Details;
  3. Click Edit, and change the previous data into the new ones;
  4. Once you are certain of the information, tap Submit.

Another option to change your sign-in account data is to contact the 1xBet customer support team via the telephone number +234 127 325 69 87 or the live chat on the website. Present them with your request, and they will assist you with changing your personal information.

Once you choose one of the provided ways, you can surely sign in with your new account data and continue to enjoy gambling with 1xBet.

In a nutshell, both options are easily conductible, and choosing one of them mainly depends on your preferences: to change your login details by yourself or with the assistance of 1xBet’s customer support representatives.

How to Delete 1xBet Account?

Even though we are inclined to believe that you may not have a major reason to delete your account after logging in, we would like to present the main procedure for deleting your account if you want to. However, before that, it’s worth mentioning that your account data, transaction history, withdrawals, and deposits will be permanently deleted and never will be reversed. That’s why before terminating your 1xBet account for any reason, make sure you don’t have funds and have already withdrawn your winnings.

Suppose you want to close your account for responsible gaming reasons. In that case, you can take advantage of 1xBet self-imposed exclusion, which allows you to close your account temporarily for a certain period.

Anyway, if you have firmly decided to stop using 1xBet betting services and features, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Visit the 1xBet official website;
  2. Log in to your account, entering your username and passcode;
  3. Check the mail address you have registered on the platform;
  4. Send a mail to [email protected];
  5. Mention Delete my 1xBet account in the subject line;
  6. Write the text clearly stating the reason for your decision.

All in all, terminating your 1xBet account is not complicated, and it will take 2-6 working days to get an answer from the company’s representatives in Nigeria. Even so, we recommend considering 1xBet’s advantages and disadvantages before deleting your account.

How to Register for 1xBet in Nigeria?

1xbet register

Since we have discussed only 1xBet login, let’s take a step back, looking at the registration as the principal activity you go through to become a legal 1xBet customer in Nigeria. To start your gambling journey with 1xBet, you need to

  1. Go to the official 1xBet website;
  2. Look at the top right corner of the home page and click on the green button, Registration;
  3. Choose from three one-step registration options: By Phone, By Email, and By Social Networks and Messengers.

If you have decided to sign-up with your telephone number, then do the following.

  1. Click on the icon shown By Phone;
  2. Provide the company with your telephone number, which is valid. Also, make sure your phone is charged;
  3. Once you provide your number, click Send SMS;
  4. Continue entering some other details as well, such as a promo code (if you have any) and choosing a currency (Naira);
  5. Enter the confirmation code sent to your phone number;
  6. Choose one of the welcome bonuses designed for the new 1xBet customers: Sportsbook or Casino;
  7. Once you have done all the above-presented steps, tap on Register.

If the second provided option, By Email, is preferable for you, you are required to do the following.

  1. Choose a registration process By Email;
  2. Present some other essential data, such as full name, currency, region, etc.;
  3. Fill in the field for the confirmation code sent to your mail address;
  4. Enter the promo code (if you have any);
  5. Select one of the welcome bonuses;
  6. Click on Registration.

Finally, the last but not least way of registering at 1xBet is through Social networks and messengers. It is a bit complicated, as after providing the company with your personal and account details, you need to go through the authorization process.

To sum up, the most reliable and straightforward methods of 1xBet sign-up are via phone and email. Both options take up to five minutes to complete.

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Login Problems & Their Solution in 2023

Login Problems & Their Solution in 2023

We would like to dedicate this header of our review to the possible login issues you may have in Nigeria. We will discuss four of them, suggesting optimal and efficient solutions.

1xBet App Compatibility

Sometimes, when you try to visit the 1xBet website via your phone to log in to your account, the page may load poorly. For that, make sure you have downloaded the app’s Android or IOS version. Furthermore, take advantage of the applications to sign in to the platform.

🌐Internet Problems

The 1xBet website will only work properly if you have strong and fluctuating Internet. For that, check your internet connection, and ensure a stable and strong one.

🆘Account Doesn’t Exist

Another possible issue you may have while logging in to your account is that the system will not recognize the phone number or email. That’s why you make sure you have entered the same details while registering on the platform.

❌I Forgot or Lost my 1xBet Account Password

The most common issue among punters is that they usually forget or lose their 1xBet password. The solution is quite simple. While trying to sign in, click Forgot My Password just next to the Log In button. Furthermore, a verification code will be sent to your telephone number or email address through which you can reset your password.

Overall, even if you have any login issues, don’t worry as long as there is always a way to solve them.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Since we are so close to the end of our review, we find it important to take a glance at the 1xBet customer service, as it plays a crucial role in players’ betting experience. Specifically, it may also be necessary to assist with any login problems. To contact the 1xBet representatives to receive help from them, select from the main options․

Live Chat
Email [email protected]
Mobile Number +234 127 325 69 87

Note that the support team is friendly and knowledgeable and will demonstrate quality and helpful service regarding your 1xBet concerns and gambling problems.

Contact 1xBet Customer Support!


To conclude, it should be said straight away that 1xBet offers a pretty simple login process, which requires just a few seconds to complete. However, in case of any concerns, that support team is always there to assist you to have you logged in. Hopefully, a smooth and quick sign-in process will also ensure profitable winnings and an enjoyable gambling experience with 1xBet!


Will I receive a welcome bonus when I login into my 1xBet account?

Surely, while registering, you can select from the Sportsbook or Casino welcome bonuses, which are available at your first deposit. Note that being a verified customer is a must to participate in promotions or be eligible for bonuses.

How can I find out my user ID in 1xBet?

To find out your ID, log in to your account and head to the Personal Data section of the website.

How do I bet in 1xBet?

Once you register on the platform by your device, verify it, and sign in, choose the event you would like to bet on, click on the odds, and enter the amount of money to place a stake.

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