Bet9ja Agent Registration – How to Become a Bet9ja Agent in Nigeria (2023)

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If you are on this article’s page, I guess you would like to become a Bet9ja agent and open your own Bet9ja shop to be closer to the betting industry. To help you increase your knowledge about the betting sphere and teach you about the responsibilities and advantages of being a Bet9ja agent, read our comprehensive review of all about that and more.

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Who is the Bet9ja Agent?

Bet9ja Agent

Bet9ja Agent is an individual or a company authorized by Bet9ja, a popular sports betting company in Nigeria, to act as an agent and provide their services to customers on behalf of Bet9ja.

A Bet9ja agent typically operates in a physical location, such as a shop, where bettors can visit to place bets on sports events, play virtual games, or use other betting products. They are responsible for handling punter transactions, such as accepting Bet9ja deposits and processing winning withdrawals, as well as providing Bet9ja players support and resolving any issues that may arise during registration and betting.

To become a Bet9ja Agent, interested individuals or companies must apply through the Bet9ja website and meet certain requirements, such as having a physical location with sufficient space and infrastructure, passing a background check, and having sufficient funds to cover potential payouts to Bet9ja bettors. Once approved, Bet9ja provides training and ongoing support to its agent to ensure he can provide high-quality service to Bet9ja bettors.

Benefits of Becoming a Bet9ja Agent

Becoming a Bet9ja agent has its benefits and privileges, and we have separated and highlighted some of them for you below.

  • Working with the top and leading gambling brands and corporations in Nigeria.
  • You will earn big commissions and manage them by yourself.
  • You will get commissions for every printed bet and Bet9ja punters registration.
  • Over five thousand Bet9ja customer betting turnover per week.
  • If your customer’s tickets or placed bets win you will not have any losses.
  • You will take up a free training course that will teach you how to manage your business and shop more correctly.
  • Bet9ja workers are always by your side to help and support you with any issues.
  • You don’t need a large amount of cash to start your business.

So by becoming a Bet9ja agent and after its registration, you only have good privileges and make a good profit. Now let’s see how you can become a Bet9ja agent.

How to Become a Bet9ja Agent – Quick Guide

How to Become a Bet9ja Agent

There are some important registration requirements you need to correspond to become a Bet9ja agent. You should have background knowledge about betting on sports and be familiar with the main terminology. An agent needs to have ₦50,000 money as an agent sign-up fee registration. A shop area with Bet9ja standards which is no closer to other Bet9ja shops, is needed for registration as well. You should have support service and relationship skills, good computer management skills, and a reliable and secure internet connection. If you are ok with all these registration conditions, it is time to get acquainted with other details closely.

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop Account – Here’s an Easy Guide

By completing these quick steps involved in the step-by-step registration guide below, you can create a Bet9ja registered online shop account.

  1. Navigate to the Bet9ja website through the browser.
  2. Find the Register button on the right hand of the site upside and tap on it to open an account.
  3. In the account registration form, provide your name, valid email, birth date, and promotion code for the super welcome bonus(SPORTMAX).
  4. Tap on the green Continue button to finalize and submit the account registration process.

From now on, you already have a Bet9ja account, and it is important to use a promo code to gain bonuses suggested by the bookmaker.

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Register as a Bet9ja Agent – Full Guide

Register as a Bet9ja Agent - Full Guide

Here are some simple steps and rules you need to complete to become a Bet9ja agent.

  1. In your browser’s search field, type
  2. Fill out the form, including your information, like name and surname.
  3. Purchase space for business if you don’t already have an existing one.
  4. Represent required documents to your local Bet9ja staff.
  5. It will take some time to check your documents.
  6. If, after checking, everything is okay, you will meet with Bet9ja staff personally.
  7. They will grade and check the secureness of your space specified for the shop.
  8. If your space corresponds to all demands, you will sign a contract with the corporation.
  9. After signing the contract, all you need is to open a shop and start working.

Note that before signing the contract, you need to carefully read all terms and conditions inside.

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Bet9ja Agent Commission

The most important thing you undoubtedly want to know about is the payments you will be paid by becoming an agent of the Bet9ja shop. The first thing you should know is that a Bet9ja agent doesn’t have fixed salaries. Your commission is based on the profits you bring to the corporation. So if you provide good sales, your commission will be higher. Your salary depends on contracts, such as printed bets and registrations carried out in your shop. What is why it is better to buy a shop area on busy roads or in city centers. As if your shop is in a non-visible area, you will not have good payments and a large range of punters.

For 1 and 2 selections, you will receive a commission of 1% and 2%respectively; for 3 selections commission is 5%; for 4/5 selections, it is 7%; from 6 to 8 selections commission is 9%, for 9/10 selections, you will gain 12%, From 11 to 13 selections commission is 14%, on 14 to 20 your commission is 16%, you will gain 18% for 21 to 25 selections and 20% for 26 to 40 selections.

Payments are quite different for virtual racing, it is at least 3%, and the most commission you can gain is 9%. So as you can see, as a Bet9ja admin, you can receive a large amount of cash in case of reasonable business management.

Bet9ja Agent Fee

It might be surprising, but you should pay a fee for registration as a Bet9ja agent before becoming their agent. But taking into consideration how much you can gain via the help of their corporation, that fee amount is a little money for a startup. At the time of publishing, the agent fee is ₦50,000. Now let’s see how you can open a Bet9ja shop.

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop?

First of all, remember that in your shop, all business affairs relating to Bet9ja will occur. So this must be a large area with a minimum of eight computer devices and all required furniture and facilities for the convenience of the customers. Your shop location must be approved and authorized before opening, and it can be either rented or your own area. To make things easier for you, you can buy Bet9ja shops which are out for sale.

How to Withdraw Your Earning From Bet9ja as an Agent?

How to Withdraw Your Earning From Bet9ja as an Agent

To receive your funds as a Bet9ja agent, you should follow some simple steps.

  1. Navigate to your agent account.
  2. Tap on My Account, then pick Withdraw.
  3. Select the withdrawal option.
  4. Fill out the form, including all banking and personal details needed.

Your funds will be withdrawn within 24 hours to 2 days, depending on the option you pick for the transaction. You can choose Zenith or GTB bank transfers and gain your funds on the same day within a few hours. The minimum payment cost you can receive through your account is ₦20,000.

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In conclusion, becoming a Bet9ja agent can be a great opportunity for individuals or companies who are interested in the gambling industry and want to receive money by offering gambling services. By following the guidelines and regulations set by Bet9ja, agents have a chance to build a successful business and offer a valuable service to customers.


How to Withdraw Bet9ja as an Agent?

To withdraw your funds, navigate to your account from the Withdrawal section, pick the option appropriate for you, and draw out as much as you need by filling out the details needed in the form.

How much do Bet9ja agents earn monthly?

Bet9ja agent’s salary is individual and non-fixed as it depends on returns agents bring for Bet9ja corporation.

How much does Bet9ja pay its agents?

For each selection, payments are different, so it is hard to say a fixed amount of salary for agents. You can see payment offers for each selection in the paragraphs above.

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