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Welcome to the “Bet9ja Biggest Winner” article. This review aims to discover the luckiest punters who managed to win big numbers and to provide tips on how to increase your chances of becoming a winner.

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What Was the Biggest Winning on Bet9ja?

Biggest Winning on Bet9ja

The latest record for Bet9ja’s highest payment belongs to Arinze Cosmas Ezeanyanwu. Back in 2017, this player managed to shock the betting world by accumulating a jackpot payout worth ₦46.2 million. Impressive, isn’t it? Consider this example a valuable reason to join this bookmaker, as you can be the next lucky punter to set an impressive record with your betting activities.

Ezeanyanwu’s example proves that the biggest wins are possible with Bet9ja, one of the top gambling platforms in Nigeria and Africa. As a leading operator, they will pay any winner that bet without breaching the rules. This said, let’s keep on talking about the most successful stories and give insights into the secrets to winning big.

Story About 17-Year-Old Millionaire

A ₦43 million was the amount a 17-year-old Bet9ja client reportedly won in Benue. Actually, the story is a bit tricky, and there was a ridiculous turnaround.

The lucky young man has been provided more than ₦20 million as he played the same coupon twice. According to the Bet9ja policies, a maximum of ₦20 million is provided for one stake (the limit refers to Sportsbook bets). So, what was the problem? This bettor was denied a portion of his successful coupon by a greedy attendant, who refused to pay and instead told the customer he had not approved one slip to get an extra 100 naira for himself.

The issue was then resolved once an investigation was conducted. Note that Bet9ja strongly condemns any similar action, and the bookie will always pay any user, regardless of the amount.

Arinze Cosmas Ezeanyanwu

As already stated, Arinze Cosmas Ezeanyanwu is the most recent record breaker for the highest Bet9ja winning. In 2017, while working as a truck pusher, Arinze created a ticket on football markets, won, and took home nearly ₦46.3 million. To this day, no one has managed to beat this achievement and win more money. But what’s more important is that Ezeanyanwu’s life changed after that lucky day.

Two other punters that came a little close to this record were Saheed Oniloyi and Olashile Ali. Let’s take a look at their case as well.

Saheed Oniloyi & Olashile Ali

A delighted, happy person living an excellent day of his life: These were the words from Olashile Ali after he and Saheed Oniloyi won ₦8 million at Bet9ja by betting 400 Nigerian Naira.

These punters used their solid football knowledge and managed to predict the results of games across different competitions.

Here are some examples of successful outcomes from their winning ticket.

Euro 2016 Qualification Games England – Lithuania (over 2.5 goals) The game ended 4-0
Euro 2016 Qualification Games Slovakia – Luxembourg (over 2.5 goals) The game ended 3-0

According to Saheed, he was praying when someone informed him that the team name on his Bet9ja ticket was the winner. He was shocked and admitted he was the millionaire “blessed with the best luck”.

2020 Winners

2020 Winners

Each year, several Bet9ja winners receive remarkable payouts for victorious tickets. Below, you will see a table showing the ticket number, stake amount, and the eventual win.

September & November – 2020 Winning Bets and Prizes

Money Staked (₦) Money Won / Payout (₦) Winner’s Bet9ja Ticket #
1,000 5,010,917 B951TSWSCQPEPS-4040719
2,000 5,122,896 B958TSWTAASAAA-7937139
5,000 5,046,821 B953TSZCTAPTAQ-4109232
10,000 2,956,506 B953TSWPAATPEZ-1313762
1,000 14,901,116 B936TSWSATZERA-9440053
100 12,818,566 B914TSWRWZTRES-101013
1,000 11,903,679 B948TSWTTAEZRZ-3199234
1,082 2,059,914 B920TSZCSPZTPC-3908797
2700 49,965,593 B919TTCPTSQTZS-3691236
500 7,483,335 B94TTRRWRRZEE-9503974
300 3,975,314 B929TTCPTSZACA-6990090
200 3,881,299 B948TTCPTEWEQE-1281780
100 2,936,917 B957TTRWZRRPQA-10142157
200 6,931,180 B940TQEZEPCSZE-3882503
2,000 5,814,737 B91TQETSZQQRR-1526957
4,000 5,029,824 B9Q54794986479D-7127175
100 3,435,292 B942TQESSRZTAC-829961
100 3,006,407 B936TQSPEZRTCE-9530822

2021 Winners

2021 Winners

The year 2021 was lucky for dozens of Bet9ja users. Here is a list of each winner divided by months.

January 2021 Winning Bets and Prizes

Money Staked (₦) Money Won / Payout (₦) Winner’s Bet9ja Ticket #
120 3,264,497 B97TWEEESEQSC-6740819
200 3,204,894 B9Q988172533650-9437864
100 2,411,411 B959TWEAQTETCZ-7771454
1,000 1,077,705 B918TWEASSQCSW-2801032

August, September & October 2021 Winning Bets and Prizes

Money Staked (₦) Money Won / Payout (₦) Winner’s Bet9ja Ticket #
100 27,699,654 B937WAQRTZZTTZ-3877077
155 11,006,322 B927WAZPRECPQQ-1656782
145 10,237,296 B97WAZPREWCAQ-1656782
100 7,173,705 B951WAZPCRRPQW-2419360
600 20,653,428 B958WATZPRWECS-2757071
100 18,018,400 B912WATWRQESSW-7440529
100 6,618,590 B9QV549657113CD-9717952
100 5,672,774 B955WATTRRAESQ-4740186
200 11,026,151 B9QZ2322015765K-2358658
200 10,498,056 B925WTQZRPQTQA-4725728
500 7,935,480 B951WTQEWPTSCR-9778515
100 5,643,245 B920WTQZATZZZR-3636651
600 9,853,005 B950WQZTSTWSRQ-3650323
200 7,505,368 B929WQQPSEPEWR-10148939
500 6,943,680 B951WQZSCSPQSQ-1243480
300 3,401,453 B939WQQQQWQATW-9364999
100 35,007,639 B938WQTQRSZAZE-5704681
200 9,372,999 B928WQZSQPAQRQ-3141395
200 8,402,391 B98WZPPWSPESE-7156050
200 7,308,905 B933WQZSZZCCRZ-4059094

2022 Winners

2022 Winners

As for 2022, there is no reported data showing a list of Bet9ja punters who won a mesmerizing amount of money.

Nevertheless, a story recently published on social media indicates that a Bet9ja winner staked 800 naira and received nearly ₦38 million, which is quite close to the overall record holder and is arguably amongst the highest winnings accumulated ever.

If you want your tickets and become part of such lists, ensure you don’t make beginner errors. We suggest the top 4 secrets for any Bet9ja client to win millions of naira.

Top 4 Secrets Of Winning on Bet9ja

Different experts have their opinion and tips on how to successfully bet money, win, and accumulate massive potential payouts.

After a thorough analysis, we have come up with four solutions that will bring you closer to the lucky bettors mentioned in this review.

Check Out Statistics

Before making a bet, look over the recent results of your favorites, and consider the head-to-head matches and similar data. Such research will not guarantee an instant win. However, you will be more clever with your selections, and your chances of winning will increase drastically. Statistics is a key aspect of every sport, especially tennis, soccer, and basketball games. Luckily, the internet comprises tons of advanced data, and many people use such information to give tips online.

Show Patience

Many people mistakenly believe they could go to the Bet9ja shop, create a ticket, win, and start swimming in cash. Forget about this. Try to choose a league/leagues that are suitable for your betting activities. You might see that, at some point, there are no regular games. This doesn’t mean that you should rush with your sports stakes. Take your time, wait until your favorites return to action, and then place your wagers.

Follow the news

Imagine betting on Real Madrid’s Away Win against Villarreal without knowing that Karim Benzema and Vinicius Jr are both injured. Those players are among the two most deadly strikers and score or assist regularly. If they do not play, Real’s chances to win will decrease, and you will be disappointed after losing your bet, considering your expectations. Reading news is important. You can follow the best outlets not to miss a single update on the games and bet according to fresh data.

Avoid Being Greedy

A lot of bettors believe they can combine outcomes for heavy favorites with the lowest odds and earn easy money. This is a common misconception. We can agree that teams like Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Manchester City, or Juventus have higher chances in any match against smaller opposition. These kinds of matchups happen every week. However, top clubs aren’t invincible, and they can deliver painful surprises by losing to teams at the bottom of the table. Be more creative with your picks and avoid the easy and illusionary ways.

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To sum up, Bet9ja is a legal and safe online betting site in Nigeria, delivering high-quality service and ensuring that a six-figure value is not a dream or a lie. You can sign-up and put your stake on your beloved athletes or teams and become the lucky winner with a million on their balance. Again, it will be helpful to follow our tips and be a smart bettor. If you are yet to open a Bet9ja account, don’t hesitate to complete the registration today and claim a generous welcome bonus code, delivering up to ₦100,000 free bets for the first deposit.


How can I become a millionaire through Bet9ja?

You can register at bet9ja.com website or mobile app and start betting. The accumulators are the most convenient way for players trying to become a million-winner. Show patience, make the right selections, and be wise with decisions to enjoy your eventual win.

What are the best strategies to increase your chances of success when playing Bet9ja?

As already explained, checking out statistics, following the news, not being greedy, and showing patience are mixed into one formula that will increase the chances of any customer succeeding at Bet9ja.

Who is the owner of Bet9ja?

Bet9ja is owned by Kunle Soname (Founder) and Ayo Ojuroye (Co-Founder). Operating since 2013, and licesed by Lagos State Lotteries Board, this bookmaker is arguably the best operator in Nigeria right now. Recently, Bet9ja has become the official sponsor of the Nigerian Football Professional League, confirming its solid reputation. Interested in Bet9ja background? Don’t hesitate to check out our separate article on their history.

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