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Bet9ja is one of the outstanding bookmakers in Nigeria, bringing to the table a torrent of new and old fantastic and super features. When it comes to bringing a worthy example of them, we will choose Bet9ja Cash Out. It’s an absolutely beneficial tool for players in terms of saving a part of their bet and escaping from a possible loss. Please keep reading to learn more about this particular feature and how to use it efficiently.

Cash Out Your Winnings With Bet9ja!

Bet9ja Cash Out Feature 2023

Bet9ja Maximum Payouts & Stakes

The cash-out betting feature designed and provided by Bet9ja is an excellent opportunity to control your various bets and the cash amount. What does this mean? It means you can strengthen your winning position while winning the bet or try to save a part of your stake while losing it. In the first case taking advantage of the available Bet9ja Cash Out, you are provided with the chance to guarantee your winning. Furthermore, in the second case, you can partially cash out to save the rest of your bet and have minimum losses. Bet9ja Cash Out is especially helpful when placing an accumulator or multiple bets. Imagine a situation when you have placed several bets, and the last isn’t going as planned and predicted.

If you check, you will see that the Bet9ja Cash Out is available on desktop and the website’s new and old mobile versions. In addition, three ways are available to play and complete the procedure: Live Cash Out and Pre-Match Cash Out.

Do you wonder how you can cash out at Bet9ja? If so, our next header is exactly about that.

How to Cash Out on Bet9ja – Comprehensive Guide

The main question that can arise soon after knowing about the Bet9ja Cash Out feature may be the steps for doing so. Here they are

  1. Visit Bet9ja’s official website, log in to your account, enter your username and password, and deposit some money;
  2. Click My Bets, located in the right corner of the homepage;
  3. Look at the bet lines trying to notice and find the Cash Out icon right next to the particular game name(Note that Cash Out is available only for a selected number of stakes);
  4. Tap on the icon, and originally your request will proceed within a couple of minutes (Bear in mind that the initial bet amount can’t be cashed out as the prices are being changed while the game continues);
  5. Once Bet9ja approves your cash-out request, the company will immediately return the money to you when using the tool.

Moreover, an important aspect worth mentioning is related to the fact that bets placed with any bonus funds aren’t available for the Bet9ja Cash Out. It’s so important to enter the code SPORTMAX when you register to successfully access the offer owned by Bet9ja and claim it after the login procedure.

All in all, cashing out isn’t complicated and can be easily done by any punter. However, it’s worth remembering that Bet9ja doesn’t offer to accept cash out for every event you would like to bet on.

To continue our article, we find it interesting to take a cash-out example and present it to you to understand the Bet9ja offer better.

Bet9ja Cash Out Example

Before talking about an actual Betway Cash Out example, we would rather present you the main formula for calculating its value: potential winnings/current odds. For the previous season of the English Premier League, Bet9ja offered 6.00 for Liverpool to win the competition. Therefore, if, for instance, you had placed a bet of R100, your potential winnings would be R600. However, the odds had changed on the go and decreased until 3.15. If you are the one who had placed the initial bet and would like to cash out in the middle of the season, if we calculate, you will get R600(potential winnings)/3.15(current odds)= R190.48.

Cash Out on Mobile

To cash out via your old or new mobile phone, visit Bet9ja’s official website with your mobile phone, log in to your account, directly tap on My Bets, and choose the game from the shop, which has mobile cash-out available. Furthermore, tap on it and wait a few minutes while your request is approved. Once it is accepted, Bet9ja will return your money using the mobile tool.

Cash Out on Desktop

The Bet9ja Cash Out procedure via desktop is quite similar to the mobile process. Generally, after visiting and logging into your betting account, you should go to My Bets and select the stake with the cash-out icon shown next to it. Tapping on it, the cash-out amount will be presented on the desktop, after which you can submit and complete the Bet9ja Cash Out process.

Bet9ja Cashout Types

As mentioned above, the major types of cash-out functions provided by Bet9ja are Live Cash Out and Pre-Match Cash Out. Let’s discuss Bet9ja’s Cash Out in detail in the following headers.

Live Cash Out

Live Cash Out gives you an opportunity and option to cash out while the match is on the go when using the tool. The main advantage of this type is related to the fact that while the match continues, you can see the exact situation and the potential outcome and make more targeted decisions. Let us consider two different cases regarding Bet9ja’s Cash Out.

In the first of them, you bet Manchester United to win the match against Arsenal. Close to the end of the game, at 72 minutes, your favorite team is leading 1-0. Anyway, there is still a possibility that Arsenal will score a goal. To keep your winning position, it would be rational to cash out the rest of the bet.

To continue,  in the second case, Manchester United can be inferior, being beaten by Arsenal 0-1 at 67 minutes. Even though you believe in your beloved team to change the situation, there is also a risk that Arsenal will keep the current score. To save a part of your stake, taking advantage of the Bet9ja Cash Out function would be preferable.

Pre-Game Cash Out

Pre-Match Cash Out is used for accumulator and single bets at the site to add to your betslip in different casino and sports competitions. Let’s imagine a situation where you have placed a sports accumulator bet which consists of and depends on seven games. Before starting one of them, you feel you have made a wrong decision regarding the stake prediction. Without the Bet9js Cash Out, you would have a strong possibility of losing the entire bet.

Moreover, considering single bets, the same scenario may also happen with them. If you have changed your thoughts about the already completed bets, you can easily cash them out with Bet9ja.

Bet9ja Cashout Terms & Conditions

Bet9ja Simulate Bet Terms & Conditions

Before using Bet9ja Cash Out, there are rules applied in the settlement which you should follow. Here they are:

  • Bets placed with Bonus Funds aren’t available for cashing out;
  • Even though a comprehensive market set and great products are presented for cash out, there are selected games, leagues, and specific events which aren’t included in the main section;
  • The specific time of cashing out matters a lot: if the odds have already changed, the initial bet amount can’t be cashed out as long as the value of it reduces depending on the odds. So the company will apply and give different offers;
  • Once you have submitted your cash-out request, it will be processed by Bet9ja within a few minutes. If you are worried about the formula, we would like to mention that the number of your potential winnings will have some impact as the following formula is used for the feature (cash out = potential winnings/current odds);
  • Bet9ja might reject and void your cash-out request if the company has found something suspicious. Therefore follow the main policy not to be suspended;
  • If your bet has been cashed out, it won’t be considered a completed task of any bonus wagering requirements by Bet9ja;
  • Bet9ja isn’t responsible for the situation when the cash-out feature isn’t presented and played on the online platform for some technical issues;
  • Bet9ja will likely change the cash-out function anytime for any stake in case of delay or error.
  • If the cashout feature was settled wrongly by Bet9ja, the company reserves the right to reverse the Cash-Out for that particular reason.

These are the main terms and conditions applied to Bet9ja Cash Out. Ensure you have read them carefully before taking advantage of the beneficial betting market tool of the bookmaker.

What Are the Benefits of Bet9ja’s Cash Out Feature?

Bet9ja’s Cash Out feature is advantageous, without any doubt. It benefits the customers in the following ways:

  • Bet9ja’s Cash Out promotion allows punters to have strong control over their bets, the cash amount and, profit consequently, over their financial funds at the time of using the tool;
  • Bet9ja’s Cash Out ensures minimal losses if the placed bet doesn’t go in a predicted way;
  • Bet9ja’s Cash Out guarantees to win the bet if you place a bet, and it goes in a planned way, but there is a risk of any change during the rest of the game at the time of using the tool;
  • Bet9ja’s Cash Out is useful in the accumulator bets if one of the stakes is a potentially lost game;
  • Bet9ja’s Cash Out is also used for single bets when the punter has changed their thoughts regarding the possible results of the game and the cash amount at the time of using the tool.

To sum up, the big impact of Bet9ja’s Cash Out function can’t be denied. It comes to help and pay when the punters need it the most.


Since we have discussed the major aspects of Bet9ja’s full, half, and partial Cash Out function, we can draw conclusions. First, it’s an amazingly helpful feature in both winning and losing bets. Furthermore, the Bet9ja Cash Out feature is available in both desktop, new, and old mobile versions of the website. In addition, three ways are at your disposal to complete the procedure: Live Cash Out and Pre-Match Cash Out. While the former allows you to cash out while the event is on the go, the latter allows you to make changes before the start of the game. On the other hand, Bet9ja’s Cash Out isn’t available for all the markets and can be found only for specifically selected ones. In addition, there are extra limits to cashouts in ₦.

In a nutshell, Bet9ja’s Cash Out feature is a fantastic and successful one among others, being extremely helpful and advantageous throughout your betting market experience result. Prior to the offers, relax, and don’t forget to take into consideration having partial control of your total bets price turnover and the cash amount count towards your winning wager because it is so predominant in the gambling world.

Bet9ja Cashout FAQs

Can I use Bet9ja cashout on my mobile device?

Yes, the Bet9ja Cash Out feature is available in both desktop and mobile versions of the website.

How long does it take to cash out from Bet9ja?

Bet9ja usually processes and approves your cash-out request within a few minutes.

Why is my cashout unavailable on Bet9ja?

Bear in mind that Bet9ja’s cash-out feature is presented only in selected betting markets. In addition,  technical issues may also cause the feature to be unavailable.

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