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Bet9ja is a popular Nigerian online gambling platform that offers a wide range of sports and betting options. Bet9ja offers useful features for a better gambling experience. One of them is the Bet9ja Coupon Check, which we will review in this article. The coupon code is a unique code placed on the bet slip consisting of letters and numbers after your user ID. When you make a bet on the Bet9ja platform, the software verifies that the transaction went through correctly. People frequently get the two terms—discount and coupon codes—confused.

In this article, we will present and explain what a Bet9ja coupon is, how to check it on new and old mobile versions, as well as on the desktop, and provide our final objective thoughts on this feature.

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Bet9ja Coupon Code: What Is It?

Bet9ja Coupon Code

A bet9ja coupon check is a reference number or code that the sportsbook provides to its bettors in Nigeria after placing a bet. This coupon check serves as a confirmation of the user’s bet and contains all the details of the bet, including the amount placed, the selection made, the odds offered, and the possible payout.

With the Bet9ja coupon check, you can easily confirm your bet and track the progress and results of the game or event you have bet on. In addition, Bet9ja may offer users a number of promotions or a unique bonus coupon, which can be used to place additional bets or earn extra rewards. It is important to understand the difference between these two types of codes. A promo code isn’t the same as coupon ones and serves only for redeeming an incentive or bonuses from the bookmaker’s site.

To use a bet coupon check on Bet9ja, you simply need to type the reference number or code in the appropriate field on the official site or mobile application. The system will then retrieve the details of the bet and display them on your account dashboard. The Bet9ja mobile app allows you to easily place a bet and check it while on the go. If you have an old mobile device, you can still visit Bet9ja’s betting platform and place a bet using their mobile site.

Keep going and figure out how to check them in 2023!

How Can I Check My Bet9ja Coupon In 2023?

Bet9ja Old Mobile Check Coupon

We have analyzed all of the potential means by which the coupon code and a booking number may be checked on the successive variations of the platform. Therefore, in order to make it transparent for everyone, we have detailed in-depth and provided guidelines on how to verify a coupon on the old mobile site as well as on a personal computer.

Check Betslip On Old Bet9ja Mobile

Have you ever made a bet on Bet9ja and wanted to check your Bet slip but needed help figuring out how to do so on the simba old mobile site? Don’t worry, as it’s actually quite easy. To check if your Bet9ja bet has been successful, you can use the coupon code and enter it in the booking checker on the website.

  1. To begin, launch the browser application on your mobile device (from Safari, Opera, or Chrome browser, etc.) and visit in the address bar.
  2. This will take you to the old mobile site variation, which may have a slightly different appearance but is identical to the current version in terms of functionality.
  3. Find the Bet slip area after you’ve logged into your profile. At this stage, you will be able to view the bet that you have placed, along with their current status and the possible payouts for each.

It is important to check your b Bet9ja et slip on a regular basis in order to maintain track of your bet list and decide whether and when you have won or lost. It will help you to assess the amount of money that was spent and develop an efficient plan for successful gambling on the sport. When you check the Bet9ja coupon, you can keep track of the game prediction and stay on top of your betting games.

Check Bet9ja Coupon Code on the PC

Please follow these steps on a personal computer (PC) to redeem a Bet9ja coupon code:

  1. Open the web browser of your preference (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.).
  2. By entering into the address box and clicking enter, you will access the Bet9ja page.
  3. Insert your username and password to log into your Bet9ja profile.
  4. After logging in, navigate to the upper right corner of the homepage and choose the Coupon Check option.
  5. To find out whether the coupon code is valid and if you qualify for any incentives or discounts, enter it in the Coupon Checkbox and finally click the Check option.

If the Bet9ja coupon code is legitimate, you will get a message that the reward has been applied to your profile. If the bet slip coupon code is no longer valid or if it has already passed its expiration date, error messages will be shown.

Bet9ja Old Mobile Check Coupon – What Is It?

The Bet9ja Old Mobile Coupon is a feature on the old mobile site version that enables punters to check the authenticity and status of their Bet9ja coupon codes through a booking checker. For the loyal members of Bet9ja who get used to playing on the Old Mobile page, it’ll also be possible to insert a bet coupon code in a checker.

As a holder of a Bet9ja account, you may activate the old mobile site’s Coupon Check feature by clicking login to enter the profile. After that, please press the Coupon Check link on the navigation bar that appears. Then, you will see the option of entering the coupon code into the Coupon Checkbox; tap the Check button in order to validate the code and get any bonuses or discounts that may be linked with it. The Coupon Checker is particularly useful if you are using an old gadget to place & check your Bet9ja bets.

Now, after looking at the various approaches to placing the coupon codes into action, we have moved on to the part on how to view the coupon results.

How To Check Bet9ja Coupon Result?

If you check the Bet9ja coupon results on your PC, the steps below will help you to do so in the meantime. The same procedure is applicable to the application and mobile versions with only one difference – the location of the menu dropdown.

  1. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the bookmaker’s official website,
  2. Log in to your Bet9ja account.
  3. Once you’re logged in, the Coupon Check link will load, which is located in the top right corner of the Bet9ja homepage.
  4. Copy and paste the coupon code in the Coupon Checkbox and tap on the Check option to see if the Bet9ja coupon code is valid and if you’re eligible for any bonuses or offers.
  5. After you have confirmed that the coupon code is valid, you can check the results by going to the Bet History section on your account dashboard.
  6. In the Bet History section, select the coupon you want to check the results for and click on View.
  7. The result of the Bet9ja coupon will be displayed, showing the status of each bet and the total winning, if any.

As discussed previously, it is advantageous to keep a watch & check the coupon and a bet slip to prevent large financial losses and to analyze your old gambling history to build a successful betting strategy. Following this in-depth review, we have the hope that it’s become comprehensive for you on what the Bet9ja bet coupon code is, how it works and is applied, as well as the several ways that it can be checked on different versions of the website/ the application.

At this stage, we are ready to put the finishing touches on it and summarize the most important aspects of the Bet9ja Coupon Check.

Check Your Bet9ja Coupon Result Now!


In conclusion, a coupon check on Bet9ja provides customers with a practical method to validate a bet and monitor their advancement in the game. They supply consumers with all of the pertinent information regarding their bets, including the amount that was staked, the selection that was made, the odds that were presented, and the potential reward. Bet9ja coupon checker is a handy tool to check the wagers placed. The coupon is redeemable at the Bet9ja site. Most importantly is to establish that these codes serve completely different purposes.

Checking a coupon balance on Bet9ja is a very comprehensive process, and you can easily reach the specifics of your bet by entering the reference number or code into the appropriate field on the old mobile version of the website, through the mobile application or PC. In general, the coupon check available on Bet9ja gives punters an effective and dependable way to monitor their betting activity and build their own strategy based on previous results to wager & win.


How do I check my Betslip on Bet9ja?

To check it, please proceed to your account and select Betslip from the dropdown menu. This will display the whole wager list of all wagers you have placed on Bet9ja Mobile, including the current status of each bet (won, lost, pending, etc.) and the potential payout for each bet.

How do I clear my betslip?

Visit the Betslip area of the website or mobile application. A Clear All button on the desktop version may be found at the bottom of your bet slip. To remove all of the options from your betslip, click on it. If you’re using the mobile app, you may delete your bet slip by selecting X next to each option you want to remove or by selecting Clear at the bottom of your betslip to remove all selections.

How to contact support if you need help?

Customer support is accessible through a variety of channels. Live chat with an agent in real-time. A telephone number hotline is accessible at 01-4405145 or at number 01-2796666, working from 8 AM to 9 PM. The Bet9ja customer care email address is [email protected]. Their reply takes one day. Additionally, you can reach them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

How to register on Bet9ja?

Visit the Bet9ja website from your computer, a smartphone, or the Bet9ja mobile. Choose Registration by clicking the button in the top right corner (computer) or left corner (mobile phone). Enter the necessary data in a form (such as your name and birthdate) and then submit. Sign in to your email and click the link to verify your Bet9ja account.

How can I open the old Bet9ja mobile site?

For mobile phones, please check in the search URL bar to open it. Alternatively, you can also access the old Bet9ja mobile site by clicking on the Menu button at the top left corner of the new Bet9ja mobile site and selecting Old Mobile from the dropdown menu. When you access the Bet9ja website from a PC, on the home page, above the adverts, check the section titled Old Desktop. To switch to the previous old version, click it.

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