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Bet9ja is the biggest and one of the most popular bookmakers in Nigeria. However, the question of how to delete a Bet9ja account is relevant among punters. The reasons for that can be so different: being addicted to gambling, facing some financial issues, intending to bet on another bookmaker, and so on. No matter the reason, if you want to get rid of your account, close it, and stop placing a bet with Bet9ja, read this article to be informed about the main procedure.

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Bet9ja Account Deletion – Step-by-Step Guide

Bet9ja Account Deletion

Bet9ja, unlike other entertainment providers, doesn’t allow its customers to close their accounts independently. The assistance of the customer support team is needed to delete the account. To reach them, follow these instructions and steps:

  1. Visit the bookmaker’s official website and sign in to your account;
  2. Go to the bottom of the homepage, where you can easily find and click Contact Us;
  3. Tap on a big green tab, Send Us a Message;
  4. Write delete my Bet9ja account in the Topic field;
  5. There are some categories in the drop-off menu as well where you can choose to Delete My account;
  6. Contact Bet9ja’s representatives this way: tell them you want to close your account. Remember that you should clearly state the reason for your action as well.

After sending a message, you can be sure you will get an answer within two working days. Check your electronic mailbox in case the bookmaker may ask for additional information to delete your personal details.

If this way of reaching Bet9ja’s customer care team doesn’t work, you can always email them at [email protected].

Overall, you will agree that the procedure of closing your Bet9ja account is not complicated and can be completed in a short period.

To continue, we would like to present some principles regarding deleting your Bet9ja account.

All You Need to Know Before Deleting Your Bet9ja Account

There is a piece of important information we would like to mention regarding deleting your Bet9ja account. You should be aware that once you delete and get rid of your account, you will not be able to use the bookmaker’s website anymore, consequently, bet on your favorite matches. What does this mean? It means that if you try to sign up on the platform for a second time with the same electronic mail, you will surely not succeed anymore, as your account will be deleted permanently. However, even though the bookmaker will not allow betting on your favorite events online via the official website, you always have the opportunity to visit Bet9ja’s land-based locations and place a stake there or open a new account with a different email address to continue to bet with the company.

What Are the Most Convenient Ways to Delete Your Bet9ja Account?

Problems With the Bet9ja Withdrawal Process

As we have already mentioned above, terminating your Bet9ja account requires the help of direct participation of the customer support team. The two most convenient and efficient ways to do so and close your personal room are to reach them via the contact form presented on the website or the official electronic mail address. Note that it’s possible to close your account via your mobile phone as well.

Delete Bet9ja Account by Live Chat

Unfortunately, Bet9ja doesn’t offer live chat on the website. Therefore, you can’t reach customer support in that way.

Delete Bet9ja Account by Email

One of the options to have a direct and easy connection with the betting company’s representatives is to email them with the address [email protected]. Write delete my Bet9ja account/terminate the account in the Topic field. Furthermore, in the message field, express your intention of getting rid of your personal data on the platform, clearly stating the reason for your action. The company usually answers email messages within 24 hours.

Email Account Deactivation Template

The email account deactivation template can look like this:

To: [email protected]

Topic/Subject: Delete my Bet9ja account/Terminate the account 

Dear Bet9ja representatives,

I am Name Surname, and I have been a user of Bet9ja for a certain period (my account ID is *******).

I would like to ask you to delete my account and, consequently, my personal data on the platform because ___ (state why you wish to delete your Bet9ja account). 

Username: ___ (the one provided during the registration procedure)

Email: ___

Best regards, 

__ (full name, username, or email)

Benefits of Having a Bet9ja Account

Benefits of Having a Bet9ja Account

Even though our article is dedicated to providing information regarding account termination, we find it essential to go back and discuss the major advantages of being registered on Bet9ja’s official platform and having the opportunity to bet with this particular bookmaker. It would be best if you learned that.

  • As a new user, you get a generous and profitable Welcome Bonus from the company once you complete the login procedure.
  • You have access to a comprehensive sportsbook and casino sections in which national and international events are included.
  • Bet9ja provides relatively high odds in the Nigerian gambling market.
  • The availability of various deposit and withdrawal options also must be mentioned.
  • The bookmaker has helpful customer support, which proves that the bookmaker highly values every punter.
  • Bet9ja is a Nigerian betting company, and every service and feature is oriented to the needs and expectations of Nigerian players.

To sum up, Bet9ja is a quality bookmaker with which it is worth starting and continuing your betting journey.

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Trying to look at the information presented above, let’s make some conclusions to understand Bet9ja completely. It should be underlined once again that you can’t delete your Bet9ja account independently. The representatives of Bet9ja’s customer support must guide you. The main way to approach them is either the contact form/email address provided on the site. Note that a maximum of 48 hours will be needed to check your request. Bear in mind that once you have terminated your account, you will no longer have the opportunity to bet on the online platform if you try to register with the same email. Later, after terminating your account, if you wish to open an account again, try with a new email address to continue to bet with this particular bookmaker.

To sum up, terminating the Bet9ja account isn’t a big deal. However, we would recommend you think deeply, as the bookmaker’s advantages are also worth considering.


How to delete a bank account/ATM card from a Bet9ja account?

In order to make any changes regarding your banking details, visit Bet9ja’s official site and sign up for your account. Tap on Change Profile, go to the Bank Details section and click Edit. In this way, you can delete a bank account/ATM card from your Bet9ja account.

How to reset a Bet9ja account?

You should be aware of the fact that if you have already terminated your account, you will not be able to use the bookmaker’s site anymore and reset your Bet9ja account. Moreover, the electronic mail address provided during the first registration can’t be given for the second sign-up process.

How to change my Bet9ja email and phone number?

If you want to change the core information about you, such as electronic mail and number, you should reach Bet9ja customer service via the email [email protected].

Can I visit the Bet9ja shops in Nigeria and place bets after deleting my account?

Even though Bet9ja will not allow betting on your favorite events online via the official website, you always have the opportunity to visit Bet9ja’s land-based locations and place a stake there.

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