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If you already have a Bet9ja account, you should fund the account to be able to place Bet9ja bets. Bet9ja suggests a bunch of funding options, and GTBank is one of the most appropriate ones for your account. Today we are going to learn how to fund a Bet9ja account via GTBank.

Deposit on Bet9ja Account Via GTBank Now!

How to Deposit a Bet9ja Account Via GTBank?

How to Deposit a Bet9ja Account Via GTBank?

To fund your Bet9ja account via the help of GTBank, you need to follow some simple steps represented below.

  1. Navigate the GT website.
  2. From the homepage menu, pick Payments and Collections.
  3. Then choose Other Payments and choose KC Gaming Network LTD.
  4. After it, choose to Make Payments and enter your Bet9ja betting account ID code and fund amount.
  5. Check all your Bet9ja account details and code and the option charges, and enter your token code.
  6. Submit your Bet9ja fund transaction.

It is important to mention that this transfer for Bet9ja is an instant process, and if the user Bet9ja fund is successful, the fund payment check will appear on your display. The Bet9ja minimum fund money is ₦100, and the maximum with Bet9ja is ₦9,999,999. Note that the Bet9ja maximum fund limit for USSD is ₦100,000.

Top Up Your Bet9ja Account Through GTBank’s USSD Code

Recharge a Bet9ja account using a USSD code is very facile, fast, and convenient.

  1. Dial *737*50*Deposit Sum*500# on your phone.
  2. Enter the customer’s Bet9ja account ID code.
  3. Verify your Bet9ja account information.
  4. To finish, confirm and authorize the transaction.

It is important to remember that this service charges ₦20 fee, and if your account is credited successfully, you will receive a notification email.

How to Credit Bet9ja Account With GTBank Mobile App – Easy Guide

How to Credit Bet9ja Account With GTBank Mobile App - Easy Guide

This option also has an application that allows carrying quick and instant deposits. To complete the transaction via the help of an app, you should:

  1. Launch the  GTWorld app and sign in to your provider’s account via ID and password.
  2. From the opened menu, choose Payments & Collections.
  3. Choose GT Collections and select Sports and Gaming.
  4. After it, click on KC Gaming Network LTD, then click on Bet9ja Payments.
  5. In the Client ID field, provide your Bet9ja account client ID/username.
  6. Then provide your deposit amount and submit by Continue.
  7. Choose the account via which you want to carry your actions and provide your GTB PIN.
  8. To finish, click on Confirm Payment.

If your funding process is successful, your betting account would be credited immediately.

Deposit on Bet9ja Account Via GTBank on Mobile App Here!

Alternatives to GTBank

As you already know, Bet9ja suggests a number of deposit options, some of which are really easy to use and comfortable regardless of time and location. You can make your transactions using Heritage USSD (*745#), Unity Bank (*7799#), UBA Bank (*919#), Opay, and First Bank (*770#). All of them have mobile applications, which makes transactions easier and faster. The only difference between GTB and the banks mentioned above are service fees. Fee charges reach up to ₦50 with other banks, except fees you also pay VAT. The choice is up to you; just try to find an option that is closer and more loyal to your perceptions and needs.


In conclusion, funding your Bet9ja account with GTBank is a straightforward process that can be done using any of the available channels, including mobile banking, internet banking, and USSD code. The steps involved in funding your account are simple and easy to follow, and the funds are usually credited to your account instantly. With this knowledge, you can now fund your Bet9ja account with ease using your banking account or card and enjoy all the exciting games and betting options that the platform has to offer.


How easy is it to open an account with GTBank?

Opening a GTB account is very straightforward. You just need to take two photos of yourself, your ID passport, and your Nepa recipe.

Can I fund my Bet9ja account using an ATM?

Of course, it is possible to fund your account using an ATM. It is possible via the help of Quickteller and Interswitch ATMs.

Can I change my bank account to Bet9ja?

Of course, you can. Just navigate your Bet9ja account and login details page and edit the details you need. To keep changes, click on Save.

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