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I think you might agree that sometimes your Bet9ja game ticket is lost because one of your game selections was unlucky. As an outstanding betting platform, the bookmaker suggests the Cut One option, which allows you to be paid if one game selection cuts your Bet9ja ticket. So we have created this article to teach you how to play the cut one ticket in Bet9ja.

What Is Bet9ja Cut 1?

Bet9ja Cut 1

The Bet9ja Cut 1 is a great feature that allows you to get paid when one of your game selections cuts your Bet9ja ticket. This means the ticket paid amount is based on your game selections on the ticket, the total game odds, and the game selection that cuts your ticket. Bet9ja allows you to choose whether you want to use the feature on your ticket or not. So Cut 1 is a great opportunity which means not leave your Bet9ja game ticket without being paid, but remember to choose Bet9ja Cut 1 availability as we have already mentioned; it is up to you to use the Bet9ja Cut 1 or not.

How Does Bet9ja Cut 1 Work?

To use the Bet9ja Cut one feature, you must have at least five game selections in your ticket. In the betslip, you can see the Cut one feature; tick the box to qualify for cut 1. After picking a cut, your game odds will be calculated, and if your game ticket is cut by one game selection, your payout will be calculated depending on the game which cuts and that game odds.

Let’s say you place five-fold multiple wagers on football matches with odds of 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0. The total odds for the multiples wager would be 720.00. Meaning that if all of your game selections win, you will win the full payout of 720.00 times your stake.

However, if one of your game selections loses, you would normally lose your entire stake. But with the Cut one feature, you can still win cash out even if one of your selections loses.

If just one of your game selections loses, you can still win cash out of up to 50% of your potential winnings with the cut feature. So in the example above, if one of your choices is lost, your potential winnings would be reduced to 360.00 via the help of a cut feature (50% of the original 720.00). You would still win 360.00 times your stake if the other four choices won.

To activate the Cut one feature, you simply need to click the checkbox next to Cut one on your bet slip before placing your wager. The feature is available for pre-match and live betting on a wide range of sports and markets.

What Are the Bet9ja Cut One Rules?

As each feature and service of Bet9ja company Cut one has its rules and requirements as well, so let’s have a look at Cut one rules.

  • By selecting the Cut one feature in your account, the bet slip, you automatically agree with the least maximum cashout mentioned in the bet slip.
  • Cut one feature works only for accumulator bets consisting of 5 or more legs.
  • You can qualify for Cut 1 for all sports in multiple bets.
  • Cut one can be used only on the Bet9ja New Mobile platform.
  • If you use multiple boosts at 170%, you will not be able to apply for Cut 1.
  • Your Cut 1 payout is calculated based on the odds of successful selections in your bet slip.
  • The minimum stake with Cut 1 is ₦100.

Before qualifying for the bonus, it is important to be familiar with all terms and conditions do not meet misunderstandings during betting.

How to Claim Bet9ja Bonus?

Claim Bet9ja Bonus

To claim the Cut 1 bonus, you need to do some simple steps, shown below.

  1. Navigate to the Sports section.
  2. Add your favorite events (5 or more) in your betslip.
  3. In the betslip window left-hand corner, find the Cut 1 window.
  4. Tick the box to activate the bonus.
  5. Submit your betslip and enjoy.

You can also qualify for a sign-up bonus of up to ₦100,000 while registering. Remember not to forget to enter the “SPORTMAX” code in the Promotional code field during the signup process.

Claim Cut 1 Bonus With Bet9ja Here!

What Are the Benefits of Bet9ja Cut 1?

It is important to mention that Bet9ja Cut 1 is different from the same option as other bookmakers. So we have highlighted some of its benefits for you.

  • It is up to you to use the Cut 1 option or not: Unlike other bookmakers with Bet9ja, you should tick the Cut 1 window to use the feature. And if other bookies require ten or more choices to offer you Cut 1 option with Bet9ja, you can only have five choices.
  • Cut one odds are lesser than total ones: Then you tick the Cut 1 box, your odds are recalculated based on the total odds of your choices, and Cut 1 odds are lesser than total odds before qualifying for the option.
  • You will gain only a little percentage of the total amount: Unlike other companies, you will not gain the total winning amount with Bet9ja Cut 1. You will just be paid 5% to 10% of the total winning amount.

Each company specifies its own rules and uniqueness for the Cut 1 option, so it is not surprising that Bet9ja Cut 1 is quite different from the same features of other bookies.


In summary, the Cut One is a great promotional feature of Bet9ja’s betting platform, especially for those placing accumulators and multiple bets. It serves as a reminder that a single event can impact the outcome of an entire bet and underscores the importance of careful consideration and analysis when placing bets. By understanding and adhering to the Cut One rule, bettors can better manage their risks and increase their chances of success in the world of sports betting. Note that Cut 1 works only on the new mobile app, and if you are using the old mobile, you will not see the option.


Does Bet9ja pay if one game is cut?

Of course, you will be paid if placing multi bets you decide to use the Cut 1 option.

What is an example of Cut 1 in Bet9ja?

Suppose you have five choices and use the Cut 1 feature. If any of your five choices cut your ticket, your odds will be recalculated, and you will gain a payout of 5-10% of the total winning amount.

Can you cash out Cut one on Bet9ja?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to cash out funds earned by Cut 1.

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