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Soccer/Football is the most popular sport in Nigeria. That is why It is obvious that soccer has its unique place among the sports betting opportunities of the leading Nigerian sportsbook platform – Bet9ja. In this review, we will cover all the key aspects of Bet9ja soccer offer, such as bonuses, markets, and rules. Let’s move on without further preludes.

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Bet9ja Soccer Betting Bonuses

Bet9ja Soccer Betting Bonuses

Bet9ja soccer betting won’t be so fun without incentives. The sportsbook promo offers you many bonuses, helping you bet on soccer on Bet9ja.

  • The Bet9ja 170% multiple boost bonus allows customers to earn up to 170% more on their winnings when they place multiple bets.
  • The odds surge promotion increases the odds of a selected game, giving customers a chance to earn more than the regular payout.
  • The cashout feature is another bonus that lets punters lock in a profit or cut their losses before a game ends.
  • The Bet9ja rewards program is a loyalty program that rewards customers for their continued patronage. The scheme is simple: bet, earn points, and use these points to get cash rewards. Bet9ja grants these bonuses once a week. The number of points earned for each placed bet depends on your level in the program.

Bet9ja’s bonus package is generous and great for a regular soccer punter. The only missing point is the lack of a welcome bonus. Now, let’s figure out how to bet on a soccer market on Bet9ja.

How to Bet on Soccer on Bet9ja in 2023 – Full Guide

Sure, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to bet on soccer on Bet9ja in 2023:

  1. Create an Account: First, you need to create an account on the Bet9ja website or mobile version/app. Click the Register button and fill in the required details (birth date, address etc.), such as your name, email, and phone number. After registration, verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email.
  2. Deposit Funds: Once you have verified your account, log in to your Bet9ja account and navigate to the deposit page. Choose your preferred payment method and enter the amount of money you wish to deposit. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
  3. Choose Your Soccer Game: After funding your account, navigate to the soccer section of the Bet9ja website or app and select the game or tournament you want to bet on. You can also search for the game by using the search function.
  4. Choose Your Market: Select your preferred market, such as the match-winner, over/under goals scored, or handicap. Once you have selected the market, the available options will appear.
  5. Add Your Selection to the Bet Slip: Click on your preferred soccer selection, which will be added to the ticket. You can add more selections by repeating this step.
  6. Enter Your Stake: Once you have added all your selections, enter the amount you wish to bet in the stake box. The bet slip will show your potential payout if your bet wins.
  7. Confirm Your Bet: Review your bet slip to ensure all the details are correct. Once satisfied, click the Place Bet button to confirm your bet.
  8. Take Advantage of Features: Bet9ja has various features like live betting, cash-out, and accumulator bonuses. You can use these features to increase your chances of winning or manage risk.
  9. Stay Up to Date: Keep track of your bets and stay up to date with the latest news and updates on the matches you have bet on. You can also follow Bet9ja on social media for the latest offers and promotions.

Wagering on soccer on Bet9ja is a simple and straightforward process. By following these steps, you can enjoy the excitement of soccer betting and increase your chances of winning. Remember to gamble responsibly and within your limits.

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Bet9ja Soccer Odds

Bet9ja Soccer Odds

We have compared the Bet9ja odds with leading Nigerian sportsbooks. We took as an example a pre-match event – El Clasico. For the comparison results to be clearer and eye-catching, we have put the numbers into the table.

Pre Match Event FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Bookmakers FC Barcelona Draw Real Madrid
Betway 2.21 3.55 3.25
Bet9ja 2.18 3.50 3.25
BetKing 2.15 3.50 3.20
Merrybet 2.19 3.52 3.24

Thus, we have concluded that Bet9ja’s are not the highest but not the lowest. So, our estimation: Bet9ja offers above-average odds for soccer events.

Bet9ja Markets

Even though the odds are not the strongest competitive side of Bet9ja, the sportsbook has a wide range of soccer special markets and options that provide users with unique betting opportunities. That is indeed the strong side! From the number of scored goals to the first goalscorer, Over/Under fouls to Over/Under Offsides, etc. – Bet9ja has something for everyone. These options allow customers to bet on specific events within a soccer game, such as the number of corners, yellow cards, or penalties (by a team or combined). The abundance of soccer markets and their names may cause a lot of questions about the meaning of each one. For these reasons, we have prepared an explanation article about them – “Bet9ja Codes And Their Meanings”. Now, we are going to go deeper into Bet9ja’s special markets.

Bet9ja Soccer Special Markets & Options

Bet9ja Soccer Special Markets offer extensive betting opportunities beyond traditional soccer match outcomes. This includes predicting the first goal method, wagering on player performance, cards, and antepost soccer events. These options give Nigerian soccer enthusiasts and bettors more opportunities to add excitement and strategy to their betting experience.

First Goal Method

The “First Goal Method” is a soccer market option offered by Bet9ja that allows you to predict how the first goal of a match will be scored. It includes penalty, free-kick, own goal, header, volley, or no goal. For instance, a bettor may predict that the first goal will be a penalty or a free-kick.

This market option adds another layer of excitement to the betting experience and allows you to use your knowledge and insights of the teams and players to make informed predictions.

Players Soccer

The “Players Soccer” market is another exciting option provided by Bet9ja. This market allows you to bet on the performance of individual players during a match. For instance, you can bet on who will be the first goalscorer, the time range when the player scores (anytime, 1st half, 2nd half), assists made, and the number of goals. Additionally, Bet9ja also offers an option called “Combo +”. Here, you can wager on the same markets combined. For example, you can wager that Karim Benzema will score and assist in El Classico. Players Soccer allows you to focus on the performance of specific players they are familiar with, adding another layer of excitement and strategy to the betting experience.


The “Cards” markets can be found in the Players Soccer on Bet9ja site/mobile app, though we have separated it as it has a bit different betting opportunities. The market option allows you to place bets on the number of cards shown during a match. It includes options such as the total number of yellow or red cards, which team will receive the first card, or if a specific player will receive a card during the match. You can combine your card prediction with other ones as well. For instance, you can find in Combo + that you can bet that the same player will score, assist and receive a card.

Antepost Soccer

The “Antepost Soccer” is a unique market option allowing you to place bets on future events such as tournaments, leagues, or competitions. This market includes predicting the winning team of a league or championship, the top goalscorer or goalscorers, or the team to be relegated at the end of the season (league totals). With a wide range of Antepost options, Bet9ja provides an excellent platform for soccer enthusiasts and you to engage in long-term wagering and potentially reap substantial rewards.

Now that you have learned about what markets you can wager on let’s see what the Bet9ja rules for soccer betting are.

Bet9ja Soccer Special Rules for Betting

Bet9ja Soccer Special Rules for Betting

Bet9ja has specific terms for wagering on soccer. The minimum stake (single, multiple, and combined bets) is ₦100, and the maximum winning per bet is ₦40,000,000. Additionally, there is a daily limit of ₦300,000,000.00 for soccer bets, which includes the top leagues mentioned below.

  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga I
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Europa League.

Other eligible leagues include the following: Scottish Premiership, Portuguese Primeira Liga, Dutch Eredivisie, Belgian First Division A, Turkish Super League, Japanese J-League, Australian A-League, Finnish Veikkausliiga, USA MLS, Copa Libertadores, Norwegian Tippeligaen / Eliteserien, Brazilian Serie A, and Argentinian SuperLiga.

It’s important to note and adhere to these special terms to avoid any issues when placing bets on soccer in Bet9ja.

What Is Bet9ja Zoom Soccer?

Are you tired of real sports matches? If yes, Bet9ja Zoom Soccer is just for you. Alon with casino offering, Bet9ja has a virtual soccer game that allows you to bet on the outcome of simulated soccer matches. The game features a variety of leagues and tournaments, each with its own set of teams and players. The matches are simulated using advanced algorithms, and you can watch the games in real time using the Zoom platform. With no real-life events to wait for, Zoom Soccer allows users to place bets 24/7, making it a popular choice among soccer fans and bettors.

How to Play Bet9ja Zoom Soccer?

You can easily access and play Zoom Soccer by following the guide below.

  1. Visit Bet9ja’s official site/mobile app online.
  2. Navigate to Zoom Soccer: Access the Zoom Soccer section on the Bet9ja website or app.
  3. Choose Your League: Select the league or tournament you want to bet on.
  4. Choose Your Market: Select your preferred market, such as match-winner or over/under goals.
  5. Add Your Selection to the Bet Slip: Click on your preferred selection to add it to the bet slip.
  6. Enter Your Stake: Enter the amount you wish to bet.
  7. Confirm Your Bet: Review your bet slip and click on the Place Bet button to confirm your bet.

That’s it! Basically, the procedure looks the same as sports betting. Surely, you can play and watch the game on the Zoom platform in real-time at the same time. Now, let’s see how to check the results on Be9ja if you prefer not to watch the game.

How to Check Bet9ja Soccer Zoom Results in 2023?

Everything is simple at Bet9ja! Make sure that you are logged in and follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to Bet History: Once you have logged in, navigate to the “Bet History” section of the website or app.
  2. Select Zoom Soccer: In the Bet History, select the Zoom Soccer option to view your previous Zoom Soccer bets.
  3. Check Your Bet Status: In Zoom Soccer, you will see a list of your previous bets. Check the status of each bet to see if it has been won or lost.
  4. View the Results: If a bet has been settled, you can view the result by clicking the Details button. This will show you the final score of the game and the outcome of your bet.

Alternatively, you can also check the Bet9ja website’s results section( Bet9ja livescore), which displays the results of all virtual games, including Zoom Soccer. To access it, click on the Results tab on the Bet9ja website’s homepage and select Virtual from the options. Here, you can view the results of all the virtual games played over the past 24 hours, including Zoom Soccer.

Our Tips for Betting on Soccer in Bet9ja

4 Best Tricks To Win on Bet9ja

Soccer betting on Bet9ja can be thrilling and profitable, but it requires careful analysis and knowledge of the sport. See our soccer betting tips below that will help you earn more.

  • Do Your Research: Research the teams and leagues you plan to bet on, including their form, recent results, and head-to-head records.
  • Use Multiple Markets: Bet on multiples such as match-winner, over/under goals, and both teams to score to increase your chances of winning.
  • Consider Live Betting: Bet on matches while they progress to take advantage of potential game-changing events.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Set a budget for your soccer betting and stick to it. Don’t chase losses by placing more bets than you can afford.
  • Follow Expert Advice: Follow expert tips and analysis to inform betting decisions.
  • Stay Informed: Stay updated with the latest news and developments in soccer to stay ahead of the game.

Finally, no rush! You should estimate the soccer event cold-headed to afford to place a bet. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial, even if you win once or twice. As for expert advice, we recommend you to follow our tipsters checking or Tips for Today.


Overall, Bet9ja is a good site to wager on soccer. The odds are not so high in comparison to some other Nigerian sportsbooks. However, Bet9ja has a myriad of betting opportunities. You will not find some of them on other platforms, which makes Bet9ja unique. In addition, Bet9ja offers good soccer promotions, including the acca boost of up to 170% bonus.


How to minimize the risks in soccer betting at Bet9ja?

It’s important to research the teams and leagues you’re wagering on and use the provided resources, such as statistics and expert tips, to minimize risks in soccer betting at Bet9ja. Additionally, it’s wise to set a budget for your bets and stick to it, avoiding impulsive or emotional decisions.

How Bet9ja differs from other soccer betting platforms?

Bet9ja differentiates itself from other soccer wagering platforms through its extensive coverage of top and local African leagues. Also, you can find a lot of unique markets.

How do you read soccer odds 1X2 in Bet9ja?

1X2 In Bet9ja are the three possible outcomes of the soccer match: 1 (home win), X (draw), or 2 (away win).

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