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The BetKing platform allows bettors to use special BetKing coupon codes to identify bets placed by them. In this article, we will introduce the BetKing coupon codes and explain how to perform a BetKing coupon check. We will explain how coupon codes work and how to use them on different devices. We will also present simple guides on how to check your codes on desktop and mobile versions with or without an internet connection. We have examined all available methods of managing your coupon codes, and you will find all you need about the BetKing coupon codes in this article..

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What is a BetKing Coupon Code?

BetKing Coupon Code

At BetKing, each ticket has a unique code that identifies the ticket in the system. Every time a user submits a ticket and confirms the bet slip, the generated bet ID, which is the coupon code, can be used to check the bet status. This is a very useful feature allowing users to keep their bet on track from any device or account, as well as via SMS and USSD codes. After you confirm a bet slip, you can see the bet ID(coupon code) in the “My Bets” section. It is an 18-digit code you need to keep to be able to check your tickets later. You can even use coupons for booking some selections and betting on them later.

BetKing User Interface

The BetKing platform has several versions with differing interfaces. The BetKing website is available on desktops with a web version and on smartphones with new and old/lite interfaces. Obviously, there are a lot of similarities between the BetKing versions, but we have to consider the differences too and help you check your tickets easily on each version.
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BetKing Mobile Interface

The BetKing mobile interface is available in old and new versions. The old mobile interface is the lite version, and the new one is more advanced, covering all features that the platform has. The old mobile version of the BetKing website is still supported as it uses less data and is still very convenient. The bet slip has a similar design for both mobile versions.

After your BetKing coupon code, you can go to the mobile website. Click on the dropdown sign in the top right corner above the bet slip. From the menu, choose the Coupon Check option, enter your coupon code and submit to get the details. The winning indicator is the same for both mobile versions.

How to Check a BetKing Coupon on the Desktop?

Checking your BetKing coupon codes is super easy on the desktop via the website. After you place your ticket and get the coupon code(bet ID), you can check your ticket status from any desktop device without the need to log in to your BetKing account. The following simple steps will lead you to check your game’s status.

Step 1: Visit the BetKing Website

Visit the BetKing Website

Enter the BetKing website, and you will see the Coupon Tools section on the right side of the page.

Step 2: Choose Verify Coupon.

Choose Verify Coupon

There are several options in the Coupon Tools menu. Make sure to choose the Verify Coupon option before entering the ticket ID.

Step 3: Enter your Bet ID.

Choose Verify Coupon

Enter your BetKing coupon codes and submit them to show your ticket status and details.

The opened window will show every detail regarding your ticket, including the status, date places, result date, total odds, stake, type, maximum potential win, maximum bonus applied, and winnings. Those details will show up regardless if you are logged in or not.
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How to check a BetKing coupon via SMS and USSD?

If you don’t have an internet connection, you can still check your bets placed at BetKing on your mobile. You can check your BetKing coupon codes via USSD codes or SMS with Nigerian mobile numbers.

To check your results and other details at BetKing, send your bet ID via SMS to the number 29070. You will soon receive a text back with the list of your bet details, current status, etc.

There is also another option to check your BetKing coupon codes without an internet connection. You can perform the checks via USSD codes by dialing the code *375#. After you receive the USSD options, choose COUPON STATUS and enter your bet ID to receive the details of your bet.

How to Know if Your Ticket is a BetKing Winning Ticket?

There are different indicators of bet results when checking BetKing coupon codes. After you check your coupon codes, the website will show your details. Each event has its own status and details. If a green box appears on the screen, then congratulations, you won your bet, and if there is a red box, then sadly, you lost that bet. Click on Proceed, and the website will show your results.
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Here are the most frequently asked questions about the BetKing coupons.

What to do if my coupon code doesn’t work?

If your BetKing coupon code doesn’t work, you need to contact BetKing customer service for support. You can do it in multiple ways, such as live chat, call, email, etc.

Howcan I check the BetKing coupon results?

Each event has its own status and details. If a green box appears on the screen, then congratulations, you won your bet, and if there is a red box, then sadly, you lost that bet. You can check more details by clicking Proceed after you load the coupon checker for your ticket status.

How to check a coupon on the BetKing old mobile version?

The old mobile version of the BetKing website is similar to the new one in terms of coupon checks. You can find the detailed guide on mobile interfaces above on this topic. You need to go to the coupon check window from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page. The winning indicator is the same for both versions.

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