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Booking a bet on BetKing is easy, and the booking section is user-friendly. The bookmaker offers a pretty compatible market of odds and displays all the major sports, tournaments, and leagues and players can bet on them online on the site both from desktop and mobile versions.

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Just select your favorite sport, the game, and the odds and book a bet.

How To Play on BetKing?

The official website is Playing on BetKing is super easy for customers. If you want to place a bet on your favorite game, the following steps should be undertaken:

  • Make sure to log in to the website by filling in your username and password;
  • Choose the game from the left side of the Sports section;
  • Then, choose the tournament where you would like to place a bet;
  • After this, the markets will be populated for that specific game. You can select your favorite market;
  • On the right side, the Betslip will be populated immediately. From here, you can click on the proceed button, and that’s it. You will receive a message for the successfully placed bet.

You will also see the cancel button; you can cancel the game or the bet anytime you want to before proceed. The players can also place bets from the actual shops and pay with cash.

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Free Welcome Bonus for New Punters

The bookmaker does offer a welcome bonus for only Sports (Virtual Leagues also do not count). However, at the moment of writing, it is not a first deposit bonus but a cashback bonus for the first lost bet of up to ₦5,000.

Go to our BetKing Signup Bonus article to learn about the offeror’s terms or see more bonuses in BetKing Nigeria – All Promo & Bonus Codes.

How To Book a Bet on BetKing?

Booking a bet is also very simple, and all the customers can easily do that.

Here are all the steps about how to book a bet:

  1. Go to the Sports section and, from the left menu, choose the favorite Sport (for instance, Football or soccer);
  2. Then, choose the favorite tournament;
  3. Select the markets where you want to place your bet, and you’ll automatically be added to the Betslip on the right side;
  4. Choose the amount you want to stake. Then, click on the Book button, and there you go!

The user experience is simple, and customers are not tangled up in many steps and processes.

Make a Bet On Betking Nigeria Here!

How Do You Place a Bet on BetKing?

Placing bets is again super easy, and these are the steps that the customers need to follow:

  1. Customers should be logged in to their accounts to place bets;
  2. After this, you need to open the Sports section and select the sport type where you would want to place bets;
  3. After this, select the odd market where the bet should be. The game and the bet will immediately be added to the betslip;
  4. You can select the amount you wish to stake, then click on the ‘Proceed” button;
  5. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed on the screen. Customers need to click on Confirm.

This is how players can place bets on BetKing!

Rebetting Methods

BetKing offers a Rebetting option that allows users to reload, open the selections and place the same bet again with the option of adding or removing events.

This is one of the players’ favorite options since it allows them to expand their betting selection in real-time and win more money!

Method N1: via BetKing Coupon Check

This is how customers can simply rebet via Coupon check:

Step 1: Log in

Step 2: Load the coupon by inputting the coupon code in the Coupon Check bar. The coupon code is the number-alphabet combination at the bottom of your bet slip;

Step 3: Click on the Rebet button on the displayed pop-up;

Step 4: After this, the bet slip will be reloaded with all the open selections;

Step 5: Then, the customers can click on the Confirm button.

This is a pretty simple way to rebet on your favorite games!

Method N2: via Bet List

This is how players can rebet via Bet list:

Step 1: Log in;

Step 2: Then, you need to click on the My Account button on the top right side of the website;

Step 3: Choose the Bet Search option from the left side;

Step 4: Type the coupon code that you would like to rebet;

Step 5: Click on the rebet button.

This is how players can rebet from their own account, meaning without opening the bet slip section of the website.

The bookmaker has 2 tutorials regarding how to rebet on their website, too. Customers have access to them anytime.


Overall, it’s very easy to bet on sports events on BetKing. The bookmaker has a pretty compelling UX of placing bets on events that meets all the industry standards. Plus, with the bet booking feature, BetKing offers additional value for bettors who seek more opportunities than just placing a bet with good odds.


What is the booking code on BetKing?

The booking code is being provided to the customer in case you’re not sure whether you want to place the bet at the moment or not. Customers can click on the “book” option on their Bet slip. This allows the system to generate a booking code. After this, customers can finally place the bet using this booking code.

How much can I withdraw from my BetKing account?

The minimum withdrawal amount per transaction is ₦1,000. The maximum withdrawal amount is ₦10,000,000. If customers are playing from outside of NG it’s the same amount in their local currency.

How much are the highest winnings on BetKing?

The highest winning bet on BetKing is Forty Million Naira (₦40,000,000).

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