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As with every outstanding betting company, BetKing also has its shops. BetKing shops are separated all around Lagos and many other cities and towns in Nigeria. In general, many bettors prefer to make their bets in shops. These bettors need to trust innovative ways of betting. This type of punter has an opportunity to get acquainted with other players and share their experiences. But no one can deny that online transactions are more suitable.

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How to Bet in a BetKing Shop?

First, you should have a BetKing account or open a new one right in the shop. You should pass some of your details to the BetKing shop assistant to unlock your account. You must provide them with your phone number, name and surname, and date of birth.

After creating a BetKing online account, you are always open to betting in the shop. The single thing you need to do is make your selection and hand it over to the agent. If you have a BetKing booking code, then you can give it to the assistant, and he/she will help you. The advantage of betting in BetKing shops is that you can ask for help from other bettors and discuss with them while making selections.

BetKing Shop vs BetKing Online

BetKing Shop vs BetKing Online

While some bettors place their bets in shops, others do it online through the phone or PC, without going out of the home. Let’s compare the BetKing shop and online betting to find out which is more convenient for you.


To determine which betting option is more convenient, we should mention your advantages while wagering online on BetKing. The first and the biggest advantage is your opportunity to place your bets directly from your house, whenever you want. So, you save time and will be away from the stress of leaving your house. The second BetKing feature which makes your online betting easy is the usage of your own devices. You can place as many bets as you want using your PC or smartphone without facing any difficulties or misunderstandings. In addition, The color design and high-standard usability will make you enjoy a wagering experience with the same odds offered in BetKing shops.


As we seek safety in every sphere, it is also essential for betting too. By placing your bets online on BetKing, you avoid passing personal details to the shop agent. So you will make you feel safer and more protected.


BetKing online betting option gives you flexibility while playing. You are open to placing your bets wherever you are: on your way home, at work, at a party, and so on. So, there is no need to go out to a BetKing shop.

Time Sufficiency

One of the best features of BetKing online is making your selections without haste. You don’t have to make other bettors wait while making your decision and feel uncomfortable.

BetKing Online Bonus

Like other great betting providers, BetKing also gives its customers fine bonuses and promo codes you can use to have advantages. This will make your betting with BetKing more interesting, but you can’t have this experience in BetKing shops.

What Do You Need to Do to Use BetKing online?

As we already know the advantages of BetKing online, now it’s time to learn what you need to use it. As BetKing is a legal company, you must be over eighteen, have any device which will help you to connect to BetKing, and have a good internet connection, so as not to face difficulties or errors.

How to Use BetKing Online?

Betking destop

Prepare your smartphone or PC to log in to BetKing and make your online bets in an easy and quick way.

Register At BetKing Online

To create an account on BetKing online, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Tap on the Join Now blue button on the right side of your desktop.
  • Provide your mobile number and tap on Next.
  • Type your password and full name, then click Next.
  • Provide details like email address, state of residence, and date of birth.
  • Tick the box informing that you are over 18 and agree with BetKing terms.
  • Tap Sign Up Now to receive OTP.
  • Enter the PIN sent to you and confirm.

Now you are open, enjoying your BetKing account, and making your bets and transactions wherever and whenever you want.

Deposit Methods On BetKing Online

Besides online bets, you can also make your deposits online using your PC and phone. There are various options suggested by BetKing, such as e-wallets, cards, ATMs, USSD codes, and so on.

  • PayStack
  • Interswitch Web Pay
  • Instant Banks Deposit
  • Zenith Bank Mobile Transfer
  • Opay
  • Quickteller Web
  • Paydirect Bank Branch
  • GTBank USSD (*737*)
  • GTB App
  • GTB Web Transfer

You will surely make your betting more comfortable and available with BetKing. So don’t hesitate and start gambling now.

How to Start Betting With BetKing Online

Now it’s time to learn to place bets in an easy and fast way with BetKing online.

  • Login to your BetKing account
  • Go to Sportsbook and select the sport you want to bet on.
  • Select the match, event, or league you want to wager on and tap Proceed.
  • You will see all markets under each match; pick the one you want.
  • Decide and enter your stake.
  • Tap Proceed to finalize.

The minimum stake is ₦100. Following the steps above, you can place your bets and enjoy wagering on BetKing.

How to Deposit Money at BetKing Using ATM

One of the appropriate deposit ways on BetKing is an ATM. ATMs are suitable and easy so let’s learn how to do it.

  • Log in to your BetKing account.
  • Tap on Deposit Now.
  • Choose your deposit option from the list.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Select Card and tap the accept button.
  • Provide a card number, the expiry date, and CVV, and tap Pay.
  • Enter your four-digit OTP.
  • Confirm your actions to finalize.

Your account will be credited instantly. After confirming, check your details carefully to avoid failing your deposit. Check out our article on BetKing Deposits to learn more.

BetKing Mobile App

mlite betking

Mobile apps make our online life easier. You can use your account both on phones and PCs. Unfortunately, there is no BetKing mobile application, but the bookmaker suggests a mobile version of their website. A sports betting app gets betting on their platform better and more comfortable as you can make your bets regardless of place and time.

However, you will be happy to know that BetKing has a lite version for all Nigerian punters who would rather enjoy sports betting on mobile devices.

List of Addresses of BetKing Shops

Anyway, if you prefer BetKing shops to BetKing online, take a look at our article including a list of BetKing shop addresses in Lagos. Here, you can find the nearest one and make your transactions there.

BetKing Shop FAQs

How can I bet in a BetKing shop?

Go to the nearest BetKing shop, make your selections in the list, hand it to the BetKing assistant, and provide your details and they will help you to make your transactions easily.

How to deposit money in a BetKing shop?

Go to one of the BetKing shops, ask the office agent you want to make a deposit, and fill out the form providing details like a user ID, name, mobile phone number, and deposit amount. The BetKing assistant will help you to fund your account balance.

Are there special bonuses in a BetKing shop?

There are no special bonuses when you place your bets in BetKing shops. Bonuses and promotions are available while using BetKing online.

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