Betway vs Bet9ja: Who Is the Leading in South Africa

If you are a punter from Nigeria, you will definitely agree that Betway and Bet9ja are leading sportsbooks in the Nigerian betting section. Hence, these two heavyweights have an ongoing betting debate regarding which site is better. Therefore, we would like to present the Betway and Bet9ja betting battles in which we will compare all the betting providers’ essential services, bonuses, and features. Before choosing a worthy entertainment provider to spend your free time with, place bets on your favorite events and win bets via desktop and apps; make sure you have read our article. So, let the betting battle begin!

Betway vs Bet9ja Similarities

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Sportsbook logo Betway USA dark logo
  • The most popular betting operator in Nigeria
  • A wide selection of payment methods
  • Unique features and bonuses
  • Android and iOS apps are available
  • Live chat available
  • Cash out available
  • Many deposit methods are available
  • No live chat
  • No data-free feature
  • Not the best signup offer
eSports ✔️ ✔️
Virtual Sports ✔️ ✔️
Casino Games ✔️ ✔️
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Mobile App ✔️ ✔️
Cashout ✔️ ✔️
Live Streaming
Responsive website ✔️ ✔️
License Lagos State Lotteries Board and Osun State Government Malta Gaming Authority
Live Chat ✔️
Phone Support ✔️

As mentioned above, Betway and Bet9ja are one of Nigeria’s greatest bookmakers, channels, and betting sites, offering a huge possibility to win bets. The top-level security, knowledgeable and helpful customer support service, high odds, and user-optimized website features should be mentioned as the main similarities of these grand sportsbooks on the desktop and mobile apps level. Moreover, both bookmakers and betting sites, Betway and Bet9ja, specialize in Sports Betting and bring their customers one of the finest possible opportunities. The availability of a Welcome Bonus is also noteworthy. Furthermore, gambling giants offer similar deposit and payout methods, which we will discuss later. Considering the importance of live streaming, we would like to mention that it is available from both entertainment providers.

Obviously, Betway and Bet9ja have a lot of similarities. That’s why, to figure out which is better, let’s move on and discuss every service and feature in detail.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Welcome Bonus

Betway vs Bet9ja - Welcome Bonus

The opening round of our Betway and Bet9ja comparison will surely be dedicated to the Welcome Bonus, as the bonus directly affects the customer’s first impression in Nigeria. The Welcome Bonus is usually given for the first deposit or bet at the betting site. Let’s see which bookmaker’s reward and bonus are more generous.

Betway Welcome Bonus

Betway gives a 100% Welcome Bonus to its new customers, receiving in the form of Free Bets after the first successfully completed deposit at the betting site in Nigeria. The maximum amount of the bonus is R100000. However, remember that some bonus wagering requirements must be met to get the Welcome Bonus at the betting site. Firstly, the bonus should be used ten times on placing a Sports or Jackpots bet on premier competitions with a minimum odds of 3.0. Secondly, 30 days are available for completing these particular bonus requirements for the Welcome Bonus. This means the bonus should be used within these time frameworks.

Bet9ja Welcome Bonus

Bet9ja’s Welcome Bonus is given for the first deposit at the betting site in Nigeria. Likewise, Betway it’s a 100% bonus of up to R100000. However, Bet9ja rewards its customers not with a free bet Welcome Bonus but with direct bonus cash at the betting site. Note that a minimum R100 deposit will be needed to qualify for the bonus. Furthermore, soon after Bet9ja sends the bonus, it should be wagered 20 times on events with the odds equal to or higher than 3.00. Like Betway, Bet9ja also gives only 30 days to meet these particular bonus requirements for the Welcome Bonus.

To conclude, Betway is the winner of this betting round of our bonus mini-battle at the betting site. Even though the offered bonuses can seem so identical at first glance, eventually, after going deeper into them, we can surely state that Betway offers a more generous Welcome Bonus at the site: the bonus has fewer wagering requirements and is in the form of free bets which can be easily used afterward.

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Betway vs Bet9ja – How to Bet

Betway vs Bet9ja - How to Bet

Betway and Bet9ja offer a quick and fast bet placing procedure easily available and accessible for all Nigerians at the site. In both cases, you should register, log in to your account, and ensure you have already funded it. Then, choose a match that you are interested in, have a look at the provided odds for each of them, and select the bet type you like the most in your free time. Soon after, add your bet to your bet slip and enter the money you would like to bet on the site. And finally, submit your bet and enjoy the match game. Surely, you will experience the joy of being the winner.

Let’s step into the major competition between these two gaming leaders paying attention to the suggested transaction methods.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Deposit Methods

Betway vs Bet9ja - Deposit Methods

As long as depositing is one of the procedures customers undergo after registering, we would like to figure out which bookmaker offers more comprehensive and convenient gambling methods in Nigeria. Here are the options you can choose from the site to fund your Betway or Bet9ja accounts by cash.

Payment Method Bet9ja Betway
Bank Apps (Deposit) +
MTN Mobile Money (Deposit) +
QR Code (Deposit) +
Paga (Deposit) +
Visa (Deposit) + +
MasterCard (Deposit) + +
ATM Deposits (Deposit) +
Paystack (Deposit) + +
USSD (Deposit) + +
Bank Cash Deposits +
OPay + +
Flutterwave + +
Quickteller + +

Based on the table, Bet9ja specializes in banking, including more cash ATM transaction options, banking apps, and bank cash deposits; Betway excels in Paga and MTN mobile payment ways at the site in Nigeria. However, taking the number of payment methods provided, it can’t be denied that Bet9ja is better than Betway in this betting round. The availability of USSD deposits also plays a crucial role in customer decision-making. Also, it should be mentioned that while all the mobile wallet options provide almost instant deposits, a few minutes may be required with the cash transitional transaction ways. Importantly, no fees are charged. Furthermore, bookmakers’ and sites’ minimum and maximum deposit limits are R100 and R10000.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Withdrawal Methods

Betway vs Bet9ja - Withdrawal Methods

To continue to cover the financial part of Betway and Bet9ja’s betting, let’s head into the payout methods provided by the bookmakers and sites to the customers in Nigeria. At first, it should be said straight away that fewer options are available for the payout procedure at the site. Specifically, Bet9ja transfers your winnings to your banking account after receiving your withdrawal request. Furthermore, you can cash out the funds from any ATM. Unlike its rival, Betway offers a bigger range of payout options at the site: Bank Transfer, Debit Card, and Bank Transfer.

Moreover, its customers are provided with mobile e-wallet payouts, including Netteler and Paypal. Note that up to two working days may be necessary to check and approve the withdrawal request. Furthermore, it’s notable that while Betway doesn’t charge for the payout procedure, a 1.5% fee is available at Bet9ja. As for the withdrawal limits, a minimum of R1000 and a maximum of R9999999 can be given daily by Bet9ja. Unlike its rival, Betway doesn’t limit the customers with daily amounts and makes it possible to withdraw a minimum of R100 and a maximum of R2000000.

Even though Bet9ja took the previous betting round regarding the deposit methods, it’s obvious that Betway overperforms its competitor in this betting round dedicated to withdrawal methods and minimum and maximum limits.

Furthermore, it is important to talk about the pre-match betting sections and bets available at Betway and Bet9ja for the customers at the site. Continue reading to figure out which bookmaker is superior in that particular field.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Pre-Match Betting Markets

Betway vs Bet9ja - Pre-Match Betting Markets

Betway and Bet9ja, some of the prominent online, great, and reputable betting giants in Nigeria, deliver a comprehensive pre-match gambling area covering both internationally recognized and less popular sports types. Starting with Betway, we would like to highlight that besides offering betting on the most common sports, such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Boxing, it also presents Winter Sports, Snooker, Formula 1, Futsal, Gaelic Sports, Rugby League, Greyhounds, UFC, Horse Racing and much more. In addition to the mentioned ones, Bet9ja makes it possible to bet on games of Waterpolo, Bowls, Cross-Country, Biathlon, Motor Sports, Ski Jumping, and other unique sports types.

Talking about the most popular sport in Nigeria, Football, it should be said that both betting providers cover all the top great leagues worldwide, such as UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, EURO 2024, World Cup 2026, German Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, etc. Moreover, if you are interested in a specific national football betting market, you can be sure that it will be found both in Betway and Bet9ja.

All in all, although Betway and Bet9ja have a torrent of online pre-match betting markets and bets in their portfolio, from our point of view, Bet9ja is more specific and different in the offered options. Hence, we prioritize this particular gambling company in this betting round.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Odds

Betway vs Bet9ja - Odds

While choosing a worthy and great online bookmaker for you in Nigeria, one of the important points you pay close attention to is the odds a certain bookmaker provides, aren’t you? Highlighting its importance in a profitable gambling experience, we have dedicated this header to comparing the odds value available at Betway and Bet9ja. Although we do not doubt that both deliver high odds on the Nigerian market, let’s discuss them with practical examples. Starting with the biggest betting market, Football, let’s choose a specific game in the English Premier League, Arsenal-Everton. Betway and Bet9ja offer 1.35, 4.75, 8.50, and 1.36, 5.05, and 9.20, respectively, for the 1X2 Football betting market. Even though the betting providers slightly differ in the provided live values, that matters greatly in the Football betting world. Selecting the Roma Masters and Western Conference for Tennis and Basketball sections, we notice that both giants deliver the same live odds: 2.55 for Nadal to win the former and 3.10 for the LA Lakers to win the letter. However, the odds slightly differ in Formula-1, where Betway and Bet9ja present 1.24 and 1.25 for Hamilton to win the competition.

Overall, it would be fair to say that both online betting companies, Betway and Bet9ja, are closely matched in this betting round. They provide truly high pre-match and live odds, which take leading positions in the Nigerian gambling market. Although the only difference between betting providers was noticed in the Football market, we can’t deny the importance of it. Thus, we would prefer to separate the betting companies by choosing which is inferior or superior. Let us consider Bet9ja as a better odds provider than its competitor, Betway, in this betting round.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Live Betting Opportunities

Betway vs Bet9ja - Live Betting Opportunities

To continue with our Betway and Bet9ja betting battle, we would like to discuss one of the most vibrant and thrilling gaming markets and bets, allowing you to take advantage of ongoing events and odds in Nigeria. Unsurprisingly, both bookies offer in-play Football betting markets and bets with massive coverage of worldwide events, such as the English Premier League, Liga 1, Bundesliga,  Serie A, Champions League, etc. Additionally, a bunch of beneficial features are also presented. Specifically, what you can find at Betway and Bet9ja relates to online in-play statistics, cash-out, and visual feeds. Undoubtedly, they contribute to a high-quality, impressive, and profitable live gambling experience in Nigeria. At this point, the bookies are surely at the same level. However, Betway does take a step forward with the availability of the live streaming feature. Unfortunately, Bet9ja lacks it.

Generally speaking, Betway and Bet9ja offer numerous similar online Football in-play features and bets in Nigeria. Moreover, event coverage is also wide. However, in truth, live streaming is a betting tool of huge importance which is presented only by Betway. For that reason, Betway excels over its main competitor, Bet9ja primary in Football offerings in this betting round.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Casino

Betway vs Bet9ja - Casino

Are you searching for an entertaining alternative to sports betting in Nigeria? Would you like to try out something new and make money on it at the same time? Here is where casino betting comes in, which has recently become quite popular among punters with a great perspective of further development. Let’s go through Betway and Bet9ja, taking this category as an element of our comparison in terms of bets. After deep research, we have concluded that betting providers differ to a large extent. In the table presented below, you can find the number of games available at Betway and Bet9ja.

The game type Bet9ja Betway
Video Poker 0 2
Progressives 0 14
Table Games 29 27
Live Casino 12 108
Online Slots 258 325

Betway dominates most game categories, such as Video Poker, Progressives, Live Casino, and Online Slots. The only casino gambling area it is inferior to its rival, Bet9ja, is Table games. However, the difference is insignificant and can’t cover other gaming areas’ huge diversity and advantages. Therefore, the victory of the casino betting section should be given to Betway in this betting round.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Mobile Apps

Betway vs Bet9ja - Mobile Apps

Giving some space for statistics regarding mobile app usage, we will see that almost 80% of Nigerian punters prefer mobile betting and apps over desktop ones. Apparently, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s more convenient to bet via apps on the go without sitting stable in front of huge desktops in Nigeria. Consequently, bringing well-optimized mobile apps to the betting section is so crucial. Importantly, Betway offers mobile apps, making them accessible to every kind of punter. Unfortunately, while Betway offers both IOS and Android apps, Bet9ja hasn’t designed any app only for its users. Betway’s applications are top-level regarding functionality and downloading process and rank truly high in Nigeria. Also, we don’t have any questions about the loading time and navigation of Betway’s apps. Surely, apps affect the customer experience in a good way.

Overall, we consider Bet9ja the winner in this betting round in delivering a user-friendly and superb mobile app.

Betway vs Bet9ja – User Experience

Betway vs Bet9ja - User Experience

User experience strongly depends on the website, its navigation, and its content. Easy navigation and clutter-free site characteristics matter a lot in this case. They determine how usable the website is in finding and placing a bet on a particular event. Taking Betway’s and Bet9ja’s online platforms into consideration, we would like to mention that they are user-oriented and easily grasped to build long-term customer connections. In addition, content is perfectly delivered, as you can find every feature or service you are searching for effortlessly. Importantly, betting companies, Bet9ja and Betway, provide quick navigation on the website, mostly without technical issues in Nigeria.

To sum up, according to the information presented above, we should accept that Betway and Bet9ja are at the same level in offering a top-level user experience. Therefore, there will be no winner for this particular betting round.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Language Versions

To continue speaking about user experience, we consider the available languages as an important topic to discuss. The primary language available at Betway and Bet9ja is English. Bet9ja is a Nigerian entertainment provider operating only for Nigerians, so it doesn’t suggest any other languages. However, Betway is accessible to more than 12 countries; consequently, the website content can be found in Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Irish, Swedish, Portuguese, etc.

Even though Betway offers more languages on the website, the preferred language for Nigerian punters is English. Therefore Bet9ja completely meets their needs. Still and all, Betway is better in this betting round with its wide coverage of various languages.

Betway vs Bet9ja – Customer Support

Betway vs Bet9ja - Customer Support

In this header, let us introduce you to the customer support service of these two bookmakers and betting sites, as it shows how valuable you are and how fast Betway and Bet9ja solve any betting issue you may have. Undoubtedly, both betting companies have well-trained, caring, and supportive representatives. However, Betway and Bet9ja are differentiated by the offered contact ways. Look at the above-presented table to find out how to reach the bookmakers and sites.

Contact Ways Betway Bet9ja
Live Chat +
Contact Forms + +
Telephone +234 1227 8860 +234 1440 5145
Facebook /BetwayNigeria
Twitter @BetwayNigeria @Bet9ja
Email [email protected] [email protected]
WhatsApp +234 8168 22727

As it can be concluded, Bet9ja lacks several contact options, such as live chat, email, Facebook, and WhatsApp. It can’t be denied that the first two mentioned are important in customer support service. Therefore, we consider Betway an absolute winner in this betting round for its excellent, easy, and customer-oriented service.

Which One Is the Superior Option: Bet9ja or Betway?

Putting two fantastic bookmakers together and comparing them isn’t easy. Betway and Bet9ja bookmakers have outstanding characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. However, we have started writing this review to understand which is better and help you in this hard decision-making process. Based on the discussed topics and their results, the superior betting company and platform is Betway, not Bet9ja, in this betting round.


As long as we have concluded the comparison between two gigantic gambling and betting companies, Betway and Bet9ja, it’s time for some conclusions. The former excels over its competitor, Bet9ja, in the following betting areas: Welcome Bonus, Payout Methods, Pre-Match Betting Section, Live Betting, Casino, Language Versions, Mobile Apps, and Customer Support Service.

Furthermore, the betting section in which Bet9ja overperforms Betway is the Deposit method. The gambling features the bookmakers and sites are equal in are the odds, valued highly by both Betway and Bet9ja. Moreover, betting companies are ranked eminently in the overall customer experience, which is also noteworthy.

To conclude, accepting that Betway and Bet9ja are some of the unquestionable leaders in the Nigerian gaming sphere, we give the trophy of Betway and Bet9ja competition to the former for the reasons mentioned earlier.


Which site is safer – Bet9ja or Betway?

Apparently, both bookies, Bet9ja and Betway, are absolutely safe and trustworthy. While the first one is licensed by Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB), the second website holds several betting licenses from Curacao, Malta, etc.

What payment processing options are offered by Bet9ja and Betway?

Even though there are some minor differences between payment methods offered by Bet9ja and Betway, the main ones available at the betting companies are Visa and MasterCard, USSD, Paystack, OPay, Flutterwave, Quickteller, etc. After depositing via one of the cards, you are welcome to place bets on your favorite matches.

Which one is better between Bet9ja and Betway?

Based on the discussed topics and their results, the superior betting company is Betway, as it has won more betting rounds than its rival, Bet9ja.

What is the difference between Betway vs Bet9ja?

Betway and Bet9ja being so similar in terms of being some of the most popular betting Nigerian bookmakers and sites are so different at the same time. Pre-match gambling and casino games coverage, the availability of the live streaming feature, and welcome bonus wagering requirements are just a small part of the main differences. In order to know more, read the whole review about Betway and Bet9ja comparison.

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