How To Find My 1xBet Account if I Forgot Password or Login in 2023

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Once you register on the 1xBet account, you get a particular Identification number and create a username and password for further account login procedures. However, the possibility of forgetting account details, mostly passwords, is truly high among registered punters. Therefore, the question of how to find the 1xBet account details is quite relevant among users in the gaming world. Therefore, we have decided to review the process of accessing your 1xBet account in case of any errors or wrong actions you may do throughout your gambling journey.

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1xBet User ID Recovery

1xBet User ID Recovery

To start the article, we would like to pay attention to the account user ID recovery if you get an Error/The email/phone number is not verified message while logging in to your 1xBet account. The most efficient way to handle this situation and recover your ID (identity) number is to contact customer support via the Ask a Question window at the bottom of the website. To get a satisfying answer, contact them, and try to introduce the problem of the identifier to the representatives clearly and fully. Surely, you may wait a bit. However, soon after, they will provide you with beneficial feedback in a short period regarding your ID number. Once the problem is solved, place an online bet on your favorite sports game, spending an enjoyable time.

1xBet Password Recovery

Do you usually register on the website, ensuring you will remember your account password and forget it in a few minutes? Unfortunately, it’s quite a widespread practice that can happen practically to everyone after registering and throughout playing. You may wonder how to recover your 1xBet password in a similar situation to head into the login process. Two major ways to reverse the login password are available on the website: via email address and phone number. We will discuss them in detail in the following headers.

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The steps to recover your 1xBet password via the email address are the following:

  1. Go to the official 1xBet website
  2. Tap on Log In bottom, which can be found in the top right corner of the web page;
  3. Go down and click Forgot my Password;
  4. Choose By Email from the two provided options;
  5. Redirect and recover your 1xBet password via the default link sent to your email address.


To use the second way of recovering your 1xBet account, repeat the same main steps mentioned above, such as

  1. Go to the official 1xBet website
  2. Tap on Log In button, which can be found in the top right corner of the web page;
  3. Click Forgot my Password;
  4. Choose By Phone Number from the two provided options;
  5. Recover your password via SMS.

Moreover, you are provided with a second alternative way to recover your password. It is even simpler as long as you just need to send RESET to 29021. Soon after, you will get your new 1xBet password on your phone number and complete the login phase.

Overall, recovering a password in case customers have forgotten it can be easily done due to the practical and fast methods provided by 1xBet. Have you already saved your new data?

Furthermore, apart from 1xBet password recovery, we are inclined to believe that being aware of the main 1xBet login procedure is essential for you. That’s why our next header includes all the major information about it.

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How To Login To My 1xBet Account in Nigeria?

How To Login To My 1xBet Account in Nigeria?

Notably, it’s interesting to indicate that the 1xBet sign-in process can be completed via desktop and mobile website versions. However, the steps required to access your account are pretty similar. What you need to do is to follow the instructions presented below:

  1. Visit the official website of 1xBet;
  2. Click Log In in the top of the home page;
  3. Fill in the empty fields connected to your account data, and enter your username and password, which you have provided the company during the registration on the platform;
  4. Double-check the entered and created account data and complete the login process by clicking Log In.

Surely, the simplicity of the 1xBet login procedure generated for players should be highlighted. It is easily conducted within a few minutes, being an amazing start to your profitable betting way with 1xBet for a gambling person. However, bear in mind that passing the verification, authorization, and Captcha procedures soon after is a must. Verify your account and head into betting.

Furthermore, the possibility of having technical issues, such as poor internet connection, can’t be denied.

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How to Recover a Blocked 1xBet Account in 2023?

Continuing to discuss issues preventing you from accessing your account, we should pay attention to the blocked 1xBet accounts. Violation of the guidelines is the main reason making it impossible to complete the login process. Some situations that can cause problems with the login procedure include money laundering, fraudulent activities, multiple accounts, etc. If 1xBet suspects and finds out that you have been participating in one of these, it has the authority to close your account permanently. In this case, no procedures help you recover the account.

However, if your account was closed by mistake, you should clarify it by emailing [email protected]. Show them any statements proving that you aren’t related to any activities violating the 1xBet guidelines to help restore your account. Additionally, a passport copy may also be required. Then, further research and analysis will show and generate information on whether the company made a mistake. If you don’t have any fault, your 1xBet account will undoubtedly be restored. Once the betting company opens it and you pass all the necessary stages, continue having fun!

No Account? Create a New 1xBet Nigeria Account

No Account? Create a New 1xBet Nigeria Account 

As a final stage of our report, we would like to return to the initial phase of starting betting on 1xBet- creating a new account on the platform. For that,

  1. Visit the official 1xBet website;
  2. Go to the top right corner of the home page and click Registration;
  3. Choose from three one-step registration options: By Phone, By Email, and By Social Networks and Messengers.

Regarding the chosen way of registration, some particular details should be provided. The sign-up process by phone requires you to enter your mobile number, currency, and a promo code (if you have it). As for the second option – by email – you should enter and provide the Nigerian betting company with the following details: email address, full name, currency, region, and a promo code (if you have it). Finally, the registration By Social Networks and Messengers includes choosing a social network and verifying your account. Moreover, it should be highlighted that all options give an opportunity to choose either a sportsbook or casino welcome bonus.

To sum up, all the 1xBet registration methods are reliable, safe, secure, fast, and straightforward. Choosing one of them depends on personal convenience and preferences. Once your profile is ready, enter the sign-in details and start enjoying the gambling process without any problems.

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In the main question of how to find your 1xBet account, we can give an exact answer: to recover your user ID, password, or blocked account. While the solution of the first mentioned one is to contact the 1xBet representatives via the Ask a Question window, the second issue requires an additional automatic solution. Specifically, two ways are available on the bookmaker’s site: via Phone Number and SMS. To move on, a blocked account is a more complicated problem that should be discussed with the customer support service by emailing them.

To conclude, you should be fine with obstacles on your betting path as long as quite efficient solutions can be found for each.


How to Change Email on 1xBet?

To change your email address on 1xBet, go to the official 1xBet website, sign in to your account, and head to the Account Details Section. Tap on Email and enter your new email address.

How to Know my 1xBet ID?

You can’t figure out your 1xBet ID independently, as the customer support service will be needed. Contact the consultant of the 1xBet office via the Ask a Question window on the bottom right corner of the website. Once you have asked a question, the answer will be in a short period by an operator.

Is your username your email address or not?

Even though many punters think that the username and email address are the same, they are not. You create the username during registration on the 1xBet platform. As for the mail, you have it opened before the profile registration.

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