Normalisation Committee president Dr. Kofi Amoah poised to revive Ghana Football

Published on: 30 October 2018

President of the Normalisation Committee Dr. Kofi Amoah has indicated his outfit are focused on returning Ghana Football to where it belongs. 

The Normalisation Committee set up by FIFA, have been tasked to bring Ghana football to normalcy after the revelations from the Anas number 12 documentary brought to light the rot in the system.

According Dr. Amoah, despite being mandated to review the statutes of the Ghana Football Association, they are also working on ensuring domestic clubs benefit financially from the reforms they will come up with.

“We’ve designed motivating factors to present to companies, banks and institutions in achieving our goals in restoring football in Ghana,” he stated.

“We are doing everything we can to put football back to its rightful place. We want clubs to benefit from right monies in participating in games,” he added.

“Even though at present it doesn’t look good but as Ghanaians, other individuals must look beyond what would bring our football down,” he concluded.