Not-So-Curious Case of AC Milan and Ghana midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng

Published on: 11 August 2013
Not-So-Curious Case of AC Milan and Ghana midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng
Kevin Prince Boateng

I was reading some comments on a football news website where Kevin-Prince Boateng was reportedly drawn into replying with some angry comments on Twitter.

Those Twitter users were then dissing out on the fact that KPB used the hashtag of #Prince10 in his replies.

The purpose of this fanpost is to analyze whether Kevin Prince Boateng really deserves the AC Milan No. 10 jersey usually reserved for more creative players.

Let's look at the facts (statistics) on Kevin Prince Boateng's Serie-A performance during the 2012/2013 season (statistics were extracted -from the whoscored website-, with some added calculations I threw in between)

The players chosen for the comparison are Marek Hamsik of Napoli, Andrea Pirlo of Juventus, and Borja Valero of Fiorentina, simply because those players from the top 3 clubs provided more assists than the rest of their team members last season.

I threw in Edinson Cavani's name into the table just to provide a fun comparison:

Kevin Prince Boateng


Kevin Prince Boateng


Kevin Prince Boateng

Let's discuss points per points for Kevin Prince Boateng not-so-curious-case:

1. Goalscoring Ability.

The number of failed shots is alarmingly high. Understandably he's not a striker, but at 2.17% conversion rate, he really should stop trying. Being wasteful is always bad for the team.

2. Passing Ability.

Four assists. That's F.O.U.R. in a season. And the number of passes made by the other top 3 players are at least double of Kevin-Prince Boateng'sattempts. I would let the numbers do the talking. At 1.76 key passes per game, that's not even 1 key-pass for each half of the match.

Don't get me started with long-ball comparison *facepalms*. In general, the other 2 players (Hamsik, Valero) made twice as many efforts, while Pirlo was way a cut above the rest.

With the through-balls, Hamsik and Pirlo attempted three times as much as Boateng, while Valero tried 1.5 times more.

3. Dribbling ability.

Wouldn't you be surprised to see that 35-year old Pirlo made more successful dribbling attempts than Boateng?

4. Crossing Ability

Often he's deployed in the wings, but his cross accuracy is no better than the all-out striker in Edinson Cavani.

What other skills that make a Number 10, other than those 4 things above? your thoughts?


  • Dr Who
    says: 6 years ago
    Honestly Kelvin under performed last season.Much is usually required from a 'number 10'.He should surrender the 10 jersey or lift up his performance.
  • Evano
    says: 6 years ago
    Who made this stupid assessment, I bet its just designed to piss him off from coming to play for Ghana. Well Ghanasoccernet we already know you dont like the boy. You are always posting demeaning stories about him, his failed marriage, his sex life, not playing good enough, not getting along with some individual, guess what,wheather you like it or not, He is a very successful footballer, he's achieved greatness and we Ghanaians should celebrate him rather than the criticism. That's how u encourage others to greatness.
  • turnny wo body
    says: 6 years ago
    celebrate hu? mtcheeew....come again
  • Divaro
    says: 6 years ago
    Oh GSN, this is a shame. What do you want to achieve with this? Why is your mentality so dark? This "pull him down" attitude will not help you pls.
  • john
    says: 6 years ago
    lets f2e reality,nobody is pulling any body down.
  • adam4eve Ag.Swedruni ba
    says: 6 years ago
    This post from GSN is a disgrace to our journalism report in this countrywhat is this?aah! aren't u ashame of urself GSN? we all were angry with this boy for not sticking to his commitment for this country,but i think you GSN are going too far.Infact you are portraying the typical stupid blackman's mind here.Whether he gets the chance to play for GH or not he is still KPB.
  • benny
    says: 6 years ago
    I think some people ought to understand journalism and GSN business policy and online traffic before making childish comment.