Nyantakyi comes clean over Stevanovic contract lash

Published on: 28 March 2012

By Ameenu Shardow

Kwasi Nyantakyi says he never sought to look down upon less educated people with his response over the contract of departed Goran Stevanovic.

The Ghana FA boss was heavily criticized for signing a ‘non-performance’ based contract with the Serbian who has been relieved of his duties as coach of the Black Stars.

His critics insist how a lawyer of his stature could go into an agreement which virtually handed all advantages to the ex Partizan Belgrade manager.

But Nyantakyi in his very critical response said his numerous critics don’t have the capacity to thoroughly examine a purely technical issue such as a contract between the association and the coach - which was later interpreted by many as an insult.

The Caf Executive Committee member however says that was not his intention.

“I stand by my response with reference to the contract between the GFA and Goran Stevanovic,” he said.

“People have however taken my comments out of context especially when they were attacking my professional integrity as a lawyer.

“People were all over the place peddling falsehood and in the event poisoning the minds of others over issues they barely have the capacity to treat.

“Even in law there are various sub sections; someone can be a lawyer with special expertise in finance, human rights, or crime and therefore you don’t assume because you are a lawyer you are well vested in all matters much less in other professions.

“So my comments were simply in response to those who were out there in the media examining the coach’s contract asif they were on top of issues when in actual fact they were not educating the masses simply because they lack the technical expertise to do so.

“I will never look down upon people simply because they have not been to law school. Education is a privilege and I was privileged enough to go to the law school.

“Many of my mates were clever than me but never got the chance to become lawyers so I does that mean I can use it against them?

“But I however detest people who think they know and run riot to the extent of attacking people’s hard earned reputation when in actual sense they are polluting the air.”



  • BS Man
    says: 7 years ago
    Please don't waste your time on people who never see anything good in anything good. Keep doing a great job.
  • benny
    says: 7 years ago
  • He-goat
    says: 7 years ago
    Kwesi. Have you heard about the word "pocket lawyer"? That is what your detrators are? They know nothing. Some cannot even read well. You are even friends who are hiding behind the media to lambast you. You too sometimes remember them for "noko fioo" sake. It is like you want to chop alone. That's not good oo. Like you said you were privileged to go to Law school and I add that you are privileged to the be President. Yes, President is President. And every every President de chop papa. Free this, free that, and so on. I undersand sometimes they line them up for you to choose. The way I see your face you will like the fair one. "oburoni kokoo". Don't mind them ok?
  • bawah
    says: 7 years ago
    "I asked one question if there is any chance I can stay and they answered no and I am sure we finished that frankly. I am sure that I did my job honestly with big motivation and for that I will be calm and negotiate with GFA. They are good people and I want to have a good relationship with everybody," Stevanovic told BBC Sport. "I am surprised because I think that semi-finals is not a bad result. Everybody knows that our loss against Zambia was the first in a competitive game. I remember the Brazil game, England game and they were all very good games. In football there is a lot of stress and its unpredictable. I am more surprised, I am not disappointed. It is normal in our lives.
  • ata
    says: 7 years ago
    GFA CAPO,go back and listen to what you said "that you feel disgusted when you listen to some people who haven't even finished JSS or passed by the wall of the law school talking about the coach's contract." THIS IS INSULTING, BETTER EAT HUMBLE PIE AND APOLOGIZE AND STOP WINDING AROUND THE ISSUE, HAABA. WHY DO SOME FEEL SO BIG TO SAY JUST SORRY
  • Whocares?
    says: 7 years ago
    Shut up Nantakyi. You're a greedy lawyer-wannabe and it's time to hand over to someone else. Serbian chaser.