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Official Statement

Published on: 09 August 2019

In light of the ruling of the Second Commercial Court of Madrid, LaLiga wishes to state that while the ruling has partially respected LaLiga’s requests with regards to interim measures, this organization, whose primary interest is to protect the rights of its clubs and affiliated public sports companies, does not agree with the ruling and will proceed to exercise its right to appeal the decision.

Before appealing we will produce a clarification document given that, in LaLiga’s opinion, the ruling contains clear contradictions and passes judgment over issues it was not required to without offering sound judicial motives, arguments or reasoning.

Despite this ruling, LaLiga will continue to guarantee both national and international television broadcasters ten different, non-overlapping match slots in LaLiga Santander, satisfying the majority of fans both in Spain and across the world who attend matches in stadiums and pay subscriptions to different television platforms.

LaLiga will individually contact operators who broadcast its football matches and do all it can to ensure that the negative effects on its clubs and affiliated public limited sports companies are as limited as possible.


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