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Published on: 13 April 2012

The appointment of the Black Star coach was regrettably zero down to nationality instead  of competence.

Momentarily,across the football world,most FA's in an attempt to recruit

a manager,spend their time,energy and resources in seach of the best brain for the job.

Initially,I thought our case was  going to be different looking at how Nyantakyi led administration has publicly emphasised on this point.

The head hunt method they used is the most common practice now but as to how they annimously picked Kwasi Appiah beats my imagination.

Kwasi may be good and can deliver but obviously,there are coaches across the globe who have better pedigree than Kwasi and who are in need of job.

Think of Ranieri,formally of inter Milan,Benitez(liverpool),Lippi(fomer Italia national coach),Hector Cuper and many others.

The big question is,do the GFA has enough amount of money to approach these people,let alone to talk about hiring them?

So whoever made the announcement of Kwasi's appointment should have categorically stated the money factor as the point that swung members of the executive committee to cast their vote for Kwasi but not on his "ability to deliver."

Seemingly,now that the GFA has decided,all that we can do,bearing in mind that no one not even the President can change this decision is to move forward.

Notwithstanding this,I believe,just like many other patriotic citizens,Kwasi given the condusive enviroment can spring a surprise.

Though,coaching at club level is not at par to the national level but a lot of examples can be drawn to amplify the case of coaches with little or no experience but who did excel during their first appointment.

Jose Mourinho,currently with Real Madrid did a wonderful job with FC Porto when he had very little experience.

Right from Barcelona where he had a stint as an assistant coach,he moved to Porto and won all that is to be won in club football. Think about "special two",the former coach of Chelsea. He was no one except maybe being an assistant to Mourinho at Chelsea and Porto believed in him and gave him the opportunity to show case to the world what he can do.  They were not disappointed and no wonder he was nick named "special two".

What about Fabio Capello when he started with AC Milan,Sacchi and recently,Allegri-the current coach of Milan. Who were they before Silvio Beerlusconi employed them to manage his club?Pep Guardiola(Barcellona )and Stramaccioni(Inter Milan)were just coaching junior teams of their respective clubs. Now look at them-at the Helm of affairs at their various teams doing superbly well.

The point here is,the GFA has entrusted into the hands of Kwasi Appiah the future of our football and it is up to him to make use of the opportunity so as to make a name for himself and the nation.

In Ghana,football is more than just a game. It is a passion. It is something so much important we can not leave it alone to the coach to think about. It is risky. It is just like putting all our eggs in one basket. When it falls,the mood of the nation follow suit as we all start to mourn.

Interferences in Kwasi's work is the least I will suggest but I do not think putting pieces of advice in the basket  for him to feed on would be a bad idea. A team of coaches can be put together as a back up team .

This is what Brazil does and recently,I read it was done for Plavi during the AFCON 2012-just that he did not listen.

Aside this,statistics indicates,nations who banks all their hopes on foreign based players do perform woefully during tournaments and that successful soccer nations still believe in blending both domestic and foreign based players.

Look at Brazil,Argentina,Italy,Germany,Spain and even Egypt. All these great soccer nations have never looked down on their local talents. The local based players form the nucleus of the team and the coach then look outside to find the very best to compliment it. This is very true more especially in our case where a lot of our players continue to warm benches across Europe and our lead striker for instance,apply his trade in UAE.

It is now up to Kwasi,a graduate of our system to look within in seach of talent whiles at the same time,spare a bit of his time fishing out the best of our players out there.

Good luck,coach James Kwasi Appiah.


Richmond Kaleo Bio-Milan,Italy

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