Paintsil donates US$20,000 to football tournament

Published on: 08 July 2010

Ghana and Fulham defender has donated US$20,000 to a four-team football tournament in his native Brong Ahafo to help sustain the struggling clubs in the region and encourage youngsters to take up to the game rather than crime.

The competition involving his former club Berekum Arsenals, BA United, Berlin FC and Bofoakwa Tano has been put together by his charitable foundation.

The tournament will be played at the Golden City Park in Berekum on 11 July. The winner will take home US$10,000 as the Fulham’s player’s contribution to help them to prepare for the new season and buy desperately needed equipment The second-placed team will earn $5,000 while the third and fourth placed teams will take home $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. Paintsil insists he wants to use the competition to encourage kids to take up to the game and also help clubs who are preparing for the news season.

“This is where I started my career and it is only right that I can give something back to the region that made me as a footballer,” Paintsil told

“The idea is also that with this amount of money the clubs can go on to prepare for the new season as its difficult to run clubs in Ghana.

“As the matches are open free to the public, the kids who will come there and see some of the great players from the region will be encouraged to play football and take it seriously.

“It is another of helping them avoid bad things like crime and think that they can also earn a living through the game.

“This region has supported me so much and I am all too willing to help where I can, not only in my region but also in any part of my country.”

Paintsil was a key player for Ghana at the World Cup in South Africa where they finished at the quarter final stage.


  • black moon
    says: 9 years ago
    that's how man thinks, paintsil! let me be the first person to thank you...
  • Lisa
    says: 9 years ago
    woooooaaaawww..thumbs up..!!!
  • Fred B.Kyeremeh
    says: 9 years ago
    I am not surprise at the continous rise of John Paintsil.He is reaping the rewards of hardwork and care for humanity.This is not the first time John has done this.His role in helping Goalkeeper Maxwell Owusu Banahene back on his feet to play professional football again after giving up due to inability to treat a career threatening injury,is evident about his regard for fellow human beings.I have known him to be a very humble,sociable,approachable and easy going chap.By this gesture,God will look down with favour upon his life and career.He continues to 'shock' me by the day through such gestures,not only in Ghana but also in the UK. God will surelly be his shield through out his career.
  • Malko
    says: 9 years ago
    Good on ou John. Your cup will never run dry it will overflow always and the good Lord will continue to unlock unprecedented doors to you in your career.
  • Olarzu
    says: 9 years ago
    thumps up keep doing your best for the country and reward will come in elephantly
  • d-rock
    says: 9 years ago
    i will like to see others do the same thing ,,,,,,God will replace to you all you have given out ...God Bless you Agya koo...
  • Kwame
    says: 9 years ago
    God bless you Buddy!!!
    says: 9 years ago
  • joye listen
    says: 9 years ago
    Am really short of words. Indeed this guy is a true son of the soil. How many of such players will show this kind of gesture to their fellow beings. I believe its always good to remember why u come from. God richly bless u boy.
  • kofi antwi
    says: 9 years ago
    well done mate, god richly bless you.
    says: 9 years ago
    God bless John. Givers never lack
  • Sammy dordunu
    says: 9 years ago
    wat a kind gesture from Paintsil. May the gud Lord continue to sustain him and make him even more successful for this task he has carried upon shoulders of giving back to the community what he gains from the football world. God richly bless you for using ur privileges to the advantages of the less endowed in community!
  • DOGO
    says: 9 years ago
    WOW!!! Respect Man!!!! A true patrot.
  • DOGO
    says: 9 years ago
    The flag man has shocked me. More grease to your knees brother.
  • sifa
    says: 9 years ago
    wow thats great giving back to the society....kudos