Pfag stands by crocked Essien in troubled times

Published on: 14 July 2011

The Professional Footballers Association have thrown their full support behind Michael Essien as he starts a long road to recovery of his injured knee.

The Ghana midfielder has been ruled out for six months following successful surgery on the injury sustained on the first day of pre-season with his club, Chelsea.

The latest injury setback is the third serious injury in three years suffered by the 28-year-old, sparking rumours of a possible career end for the ‘Bison’.

However the welfare body believes Essien is well placed to deal with the current problem and expects him to make an even better return to active play.

“Michael Essien who is the 2nd vice president of the association has our full support and our prayers are with him,” General Secretary Tony Baffoe told

“I know how he feels now though as a player I never experienced such severe injuries. It is a very sad situation for one of Ghana’s best players but Michael is a fighter and I believe he will come back strongly.”

There are various fears and speculations the former Bastia and Lyon midfield enforcer could end up loosing his position at Chelsea which will ultimately cost him his contract but Baffoe is sure such a thing won’t occur.

“He has recently signed a five-year contract with Chelsea and the club is behind him.

“It is normal that a big club like Chelsea would like to replace Michael after the injury but he is a fighter, he came back after those injuries and now it’s the other leg but I know he will come back.”

As to the current mood of the player, Baffoe revealed: “I spoke to him and he told me God is good. I like that, he is a very strong guy, we don’t call him the Bison for nothing so am sure he’ll be fine.”


  • chris ratty azaglo
    says: 8 years ago
    gud luck with God all tins are possible ok.
  • Martino
    says: 8 years ago
    Be strong and courageous Michael. We are all behind you. Many things happen in life for a reason and I think it's time to take a stock of your personal life and align yourself with God. You just don't know what is happening in the spiritual realms to end your career but if you will develop a relationship with God, He will be your helper in this trying moment. How can you develop a relationship with God? Simply, confess your sins to God, and accept His son Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. Then find a bible believing church like "Church of Pentecost", "Deeper Life Ministries" and others to fellowship with God and His children so that you can grow spiritually. Hold on to this promise Isaiah 54:17 " No weapon form against me will prosper.......". With your relatioship with God, prayers, and diligent studying of the word of God, I promise you, you will come out more stronger and powerful as a player to the glory of God. My second advice to you is don't play with your life. God brought you here for a reason. Remember with you and others in Black Star, Ghana is more than overcomers. take my advise and stay strong in the Lord. God bless you.