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Poker: Why Is It So Popular?

Published on: 23 October 2019

Do you want to know why you should play poker? Well, there are tons of reasons for it and also reasons that oppose it. This highly depends on our own preferences. Therefore, it is just not a cup of tea for everyone.

With no doubt, gambling is a thrill. And the chance to win money makes it even better. But loving to play something and being good at it are two different things. You love to do drawing but you are not an artist. Therefore, you have to ask a few questions before making this gamble as a hobby.

Are you financially stable? Ask such questions to yourself. If you have strong desire towards this game then nothing else is required. Therefore, aplikasi poker online is just like other game that can be mastered if one has interest towards the game.

Spend time to study the game and understand its tactics. Only that will help you to become a skilled player.  Hence this will make you better than other players who play this game casually.

Poker player experiences a lot of emotions while playing this game. The thrill of winning money in a big pot is just amazing. On the other hand, losing against a newbie player is just like a steel knife in your windpipe.

There will be some moments when you will want to punch your laptop screen. But that won’t make you win that round. Therefore, your main goal is to win the round with best cards possible and a pinch of luck.

You have to learn to tolerate the hard times so that the good times yield more pleasure. The simple rule is: sometimes you’ll win and sometimes not. Not everyone is a professional. Some players have better control over their emotions. Therefore, just make sure your game is not counter-productive.

You may encounter various types of player while playing this game. On a positive aspect, you will find a lot of players reflecting a positive attitude, regardless of the game. Whether they win or lose, they will not deviate from their emotions.  But there will be players who don’t want to talk to anyone. In easy words, you will also feel a lot of emotions while playing poker.

These emotions will be a lot more dominating than emotions you face in a regular day. You can feel  any emotions ranging from happy to worried. Hence, these emotions make this game a lot more appealing for thrill lovers.

Let’s talk about the money factor. If you are a professional poker player, then you already know the answer. It’s highly profitable if you have a curiosity to learn more about it. Liars are those who say money can't buy happiness. The main reason of poker being so popular is the money factor itself.


Here are the top reasons for online poker being so popular:

  • The socialite’s heaven

Card games are always a social game. There’s an immense pleasure in meeting the gambler-crowd at the table. This interaction is very profitable in terms of learning new things. People who love to socialize with new people will definitely enjoy this social environment.

The game becomes more challenging as you make it. No matter how much time you take to master the game or study it. This is just like every other game such as golf. Play it and you will keep getting better over time. Therefore, you will become better in the time that you started.

Nowadays you get a lot of facilities, more trainers, and perfect discipline. Keeping this in mind, there are better players today than 20 years ago. However, many will disagree with this.

One of the professional players said, “if you have even a little bit of more information than you opponent, then you will win”.

  • The competitive behavior

This is yet another top factor for players who like to play poker. This is a highly competitive game and that makes it even more exciting. The reason for this competitive behavior is the duel battle type playing methodology. Under that case, it makes this a game of skills. On the other hand, you know there are lots of skilled players who play better than you. Hence, only being of competitive nature can be very risky. You will eventually lose money if you do this.


Is poker not for you? Find out

You should not play poker if you got some problems with the gambling. However, some may say that it is not a game of gambling; still it involves high risk and has some part of gambling. If you are financially weak, then also you should not play. Take a note that poker is not a “become rich overnight” method. And it is also not something to cover your old losses. Play by staying in your limits and accept the losses. Accept the fact that sometimes you’ll be a winner and sometimes a mere loser. Yes it is a thrilling game but not something you can go broke for.

You should also not play this game if you are short tempered. Poker is a game of emotion and one needs to learn to control them. Therefore, don’t play if you are impatient or can’t manage your anger efficiently. Being good in poker also means to be disciplined.

Do you want to try poker? Read this

All you need to start playing poker is this guide. Here are the basics of poker you need to know before you start to play:

Online poker: a basic guide for beginners

If you are reading so far then we consider that you are new in this game. Just so you know, this guide will focus mainly on TEXAS HOLD’em which is the most recommended game for beginners. So let’s start with the guide right away:

Perquisites to play the game

To play the online version of the game, you just need a computer and good internet connectivity. But if you want to play this game live then here are the things that you’ll need:

  • A card deck containing 52 cards
  • Betting units, such as real cash, chips, etc.
  • A button to make the game organized
  • A buy in amount agreement
  • A clock to keep note of time for moves
  • And that’s it

The basics of TEXAS HOLD’em

It is a community card game which means that the cards will be used throughout the game. It is a game that requires a last man standing type of gameplay. There are two ways to win at this:

  • If all players fold except you
  • Have the best 5 card combination if there’s a condition of showdown

The main motive should be to earn money. And to achieve that you need the best out of all players. This is what makes the game more interesting. This game is not just about luck and it requires good skills as well. However, we agree that the deals done are totally random but there are several factors that make this game more of skills. Let us have a glance at the gameplay methodology:

There’s a button called the dealer button which decides the order to start the game. There is an amount that is to be put on the table before starting the game, known as blinds.  They are categorized into two types – big blind and small blind. This makes sure that there’s always something worth playing. Therefore, without these amounts, no one will play.

The player sitting towards the left of the dealer is the one who submits the bigger blind and to the next of him is the smaller blind giver.

There are two cards known as hole cards, these are given to every player once the round starts. They are the private cards and are always dealt with their face down.  After that, a player has three major options to choose from. They are:

  • Fold- this means to quit the game until the next round begins
  • Call- this means to put an amount which is equivalent to the bigger blind’s value. I must not mention that if any player makes a raise in this amount then the other players have to do that too.
  • Raise- this means to put the amount twice as much as bigger blind.

After this , a player needs to perform the action flop. Here’s the details about it:


In this action, every player gets three out of five community cards. And they need to be faced up while dealing. Therefore, the main thing is to make the best 5-cards-combination. Next up is the Turn.

Turn card

It is a single community card that the dealer allots to each player.  After that, comes the river- which is the fifth community card and after that comes the showdown, which means to show the cards and the best combination wins.


So, we hope you have a good time playing online poker using this guide. If you are a total beginner then this guide is a real boon for you. You can come back anytime to clear your concepts again.

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