Premier League: Overview and bookmakers' forecasts for the 25 tour

Published on: 10 February 2024
Premier League: Overview and bookmakers' forecasts for the 25 tour
Premier League: Overview and bookmakers' forecasts for the 25 tour

The English Premier League (EPL) is slowly entering the final stages of the season. The standings are seriously packed all over the chart, which means that the average Premier League prediction maker won’t have an easy job trying to figure out its winners and losers. But no matter how difficult, we came up with some data-based EPL betting tips.

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But if you closely follow the EPL, grab your popcorn and buckle up for a great overview of the league’s 25th round.

The Next Round’s Fixtures

The 25th round of this season’s competition will take place between February 17 and 19. We’ll get to enjoy ten amazing games, including some high-stakes derby matches. Here’s a chart overview followed by the latest odds.


Round Date Match Home team odds Draw odds Away team odds
25 17.02. Brentford vs. Liverpool +390 +340 -170
25 17.02. Burnley vs. Arsenal +650 +400 -270
25 17.02. Fulham vs. Aston Villa +185 +245 +135
25 17.02. Newcastle vs. Bournemouth -135 +300 +310
25 17.02. Nottingham vs. West Ham +155 +245 +160
25 17.02. Tottenham vs. Wolves -185 +360 +400
25 17.02. Manchester City vs. Chelsea -310 +450 +700
25 18.02. Sheffield United vs. Brighton +390 +320 -165
25 19.02. Luton vs. Manchester United +265 +270 -105
25 19.02. Everton vs. Crystal Palace -105 +245 +290


Premier League: Overview and bookmakers' forecasts for the 25 tour
Premier League: Overview and bookmakers' forecasts for the 25 tour

Premier League predictions maker: Match by match

The EPL is probably the strongest of all football competitions in the world, and it’s not surprising to see big upsets every round. The 25th round may also deliver a few upsets, but let’s just revisit each match individually.

Brentford vs. Liverpool

Brentford will have a hard time defending against the current leader. All EPL betting predictions show that Liverpool is a heavy favorite to win this one – with or without Mohamed Salah.

Our prediction: Liverpool to win 3:1.

Burnley vs. Arsenal

Arsenal was extremely lucky to win against Liverpool a few rounds ago, but this gave them a big boost to keep fighting for the title.

Our prediction: Arsenal wins with both teams to score a goal.

Fulham vs. Aston Villa

This is the closest matchup of the round. Fulham and Aston Villa have their unique advantages, but we expect a slightly more conservative approach from both squads.

Our prediction: Draw

Newcastle vs. Bournemouth

Newcastle is not in a particularly good five-match streak, but they have to react strongly against Bournemouth by scoring a convincing win.

Our prediction: Newcastle to win 2:0

Nottingham vs. West Ham

Nottingham is desperately trying to avoid relegation this season, but West Ham is a difficult opponent. It will be quite a struggle for both teams.

Our prediction: Draw

Tottenham vs. Wolves

This match is a no-brainer for us: Tottenham has to win in order to secure its place among the top five contenders in 2023/24.

Our prediction: Tottenham to win 3:0

Manchester City vs. Chelsea

This used to be a huge football event a few years ago, but now it doesn’t take a huge game analysis to predict the winner. The defending champions are too strong for Chelsea’s weak defenses this year.

Our prediction: Manchester City to win in 3+ goals game

Sheffield United vs. Brighton

Brighton is playing surprisingly well this season. Though they are playing an away game, their opponent is by far the weakest club in the league.

Our prediction: Brighton to win

Luton vs. Manchester United

Manchester United is not fulfilling Premier League projections from the season’s beginning, but it’s still too strong for a modest squad such as Luton’s.

Our prediction: Manchester United to win

Everton vs. Crystal Palace

This match is probably the greatest riddle of the 25th round, but we believe that Everton – a team with such great EPL history and reputation – just has to win in order to finally start breathing more freely.

Our prediction: Everton to win

What are your predictions?

Betting on EPL matches is hardly an easy feat, so we leave room for our readers to make the last call. What are your predictions for this round? Do you expect any favorite to lose unexpectedly? If you have any “against the odds” suggestions or insider tips to share with us, make sure to do that in the comments section below!

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