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PREMIER - Liverpool boss Klopp: "Elliott is a positive fella"

Published on: 27 November 2021

Commenting upon 18-year old attacking midfielder Harvey Elliott's ongoing recovery, Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp, stated:

I saw him running this morning. They're rusty mornings when you get up and it's the first people there. But he's running outside, full body weight – good sign, that's all fine. When he will be back, I have no idea. 

From a mental point of view, Harvey is rather an old soul, I would say. He's very mature for a young age, so he's completely fine, I would say, in the moment with the situation. 

He accepted it, deals with it and everybody around tries to help him. But when you think, ‘Maybe I should cheer him up a little bit’, he will rarely need it. He obviously has a brilliant family at home and is rather a positive fella. Yes, we all hope from a physical point of view that the young age helps him to recover quickly. But quickly is not so important – fully is the main thing. 

In the moment I hope I don't eat my words but I cannot see a scenario where we think about rushing him back. He's our long-term prospect and each day we can get him back earlier is great, but we will not rush that”.


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