Q and A: New Dalian signing Emmanuel Boateng

Published on: 05 March 2019

As the youngest foreign aid in the history of the Dalian team, Boateng moved from La Ligaite to the Dalian side this season.

 When I first arrived at the team, the Ghanaian lad showed excellent physical fitness and football talent. This afternoon, the official website reporter interviewed the 22-year-old Ghanaian international.

Q: At the age of 22, I chose to go to China and become the youngest foreign aid in the history of the team. What is the reason for you to make a decision to play in China?

A: Football can't be measured by age. I don't think about age when I come to China. I want to touch and recognize different cultures.

Q: Before coming to Dalian, did you know about Dalian?

A: I only know that the Dalian team won the league championship eight times. This is the only thing I know.

Q: After coming to China, what is your impression of China?

A: Compared to Spain, I feel that Shanghai is cold, but the teammates around me are very enthusiastic and very interesting.

Q: Through the training and competitions in recent days, what are your intuitive feelings about this new team?

A: I played the first game on behalf of the team yesterday. I feel that this is a good team. There is also a certain understanding between the team and the teammates. I believe that we will play well after the arrival of the league.

Q: Tell us about your own characteristics and strengths?

A: I can be a striker and a winger on both sides. Speed ​​is my strength. My skills and bounce ability are also very good. I also have certain advantages in the battle for high-altitude balls.

Q: Do you feel like you have a model in the world?

A: C Ronaldo, he is my idol!

Q: Chinese fans know you because you finished the hat trick when you faced the La Liga giants Barcelona last season. Then, when you come to the Super League, do you have any goals?

A: For a professional football player, being able to stand on the court is a very happy thing.I certainly hope that this season I will be able to score a lot of goals on behalf of Dalian and contribute to the club. Of course, football is an 11-person sport. I need to work hard with my teammates to score more goals.

Q: Your national team teammate Ji An has played for Shanghai Port. Did you contact him before you landed? Did Ji’an give you any advice?

A: Indeed, for me, Ji'an is like my brother. He often gives me very good advice. Before I came there, I had a phone conversation with Ji'an. He told me that if you feel good, then go. Go to the Chinese Super League to prove yourself. Ji’an told me that choosing a Super League would not be wrong.

Q: Who are you most familiar with the current teammates, what advice have they given you?

A: I am very familiar with Gaitan, because Gaitan played in the Portuguese League and I played in the Portuguese League, so it is easy for the two of us to communicate in Portuguese. Gaitan introduced me to the difference between the Chinese League and the Spanish and Portuguese leagues. He told me to redouble my efforts.

Q: Regarding the national team, what is the goal of this African Cup?

A: I have always had contact with my national team coach. I was injured in Spain, so I can't guarantee my playing time in La Liga. I hope that in the Super League I can show my best side to the fans and score more goals. The national team has always been open to the best players. If the performance is good enough, then I have no problem with the national team.

Q: Do you know the requirements of the Super League for foreign aid?

A: Of course, I know the important role of foreign aid for the club, for the fans, and even for the city. But my pressure is not great. I believe that I can do very well. After all, there are many excellent players around me. We will Work together to complete this year's mission.

Q: After playing in the Chinese League, what are your plans for the future?

A: No one knows what will happen tomorrow. I am not sure where my next stop will be. At least I am enjoying this opportunity to come to China. I am also very happy to continue my career here. Of course, China and Spain have a certain gap in football. But I am also very happy to come to China to experience different cultures. I also hope to be as long as possible. Play in China.

Q: What is your first impression of the head coach?

A: I didn't come to the team for a long time. I think our head coach is very good. No matter in the management of the players or the training schedule, the coach Cui Kangxi is a very easygoing person.

Q: Will my girlfriend come to China?

A: My fiancée is going through the formalities of coming to China. I think this is a very good thing, because I will be lonely in a foreign country. If I can reunite with my girlfriend, I will feel better.

Source: www.dlyffc.com