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Q&A: Dreams FC physiotherapist speaks on dietary and fitness of squad

Published on: 11 February 2016
Q&A: Dreams FC physiotherapist speaks on dietary and fitness of squad
James Commey-Bortsie,

James Commey-Bortsie, a former player of Sekondi Hasaacas and Accra Hearts of Oak was appointed as the club's first ever Physiotherapist since it's formation in 2009.

Weeks after joining the Kweiman based club, the well experienced Physio who also hold a UEFA licensed coaching badge had a tet a' tete with the club’s official website to discuss his appointment.

He reveals key reason for opting for the Still Believe lads than any premier league club on the domestic front. Hi, Mr. Commey. Welcome to Dreams FC, how is the feeling like?

Mr. Commey-Bortsie: Thank you very much. It has always been always my wish to help footballers so the atmosphere here is very different. I’ve come to love the players within this short time and in my profession what is important is you have to be open, talk to me about your problem and I will find a way to solve it. I have seen this spirit in these boys and that is why I feel comfortable at the moment. You have been with the club for some weeks now, what has been your impression so far?

Mr. Commey-Bortsie: I see actually a young team which is developing gradually and it is always a pleasure to see step-by-step, something changing and that is what has impressed me up till now.   You’re a well-resourced person in your profession, you came to meet some technical members who are in the same profession, what new thing do you bring on-board?

Mr. Commey-Bortsie: The only thing I have seen as at now is that, I can actually read and observe from afar and tell you this person has a problem and when we question him he will also confirm it and that is something my colleague here has not got apart from that, everything is okay. I believe I provide an extra watch for our players and that a great for the team.   The club will be making its debut appearance in Ghana's top-flight division which of course is not an easy test for any club, fitness-wise, how would you in your capacity ensure that the players are well fit and ready for the season?

Mr. Commey-Bortsie: When I came I saw certain deficits and right from the beginning I made certain changes. You know, I believe in one thing and that is the advantage that I have because I have played football myself to the highest level and for that matter, going into a situation like what Dreams is finding itself now as beginners in the Premier League, it’s all about good preparation. I have seen that the coaches have done what they are supposed to do as at now and we(physios) will also do our best. Till the 20th, I believe the players that the technical team would like to use for the first game will all be fit and ready for that match. So, I don’t have any complex situation because I know I can help my colleagues to bring certain things in order.   With your rich experience in sports science, what food would you recommend for players before and after a game?

Mr. Commey-Bortsie: Well, it is not only about the day that the players have to get ready for a game. I always say wherever I go that payers must eat properly. Properly in the sense that, you eat immediately after training, you don’t wait too long because there are certain things that the body needs because if you train you lose certain things especially fluid that is why I advise them to drink more. But then, footballers need a lot of carbohydrates, vitamins and more that is why if you see some of them and you think their way of eating is not correct, you need to actually supplement them with these vitamin tabs and all these things for them to get fit. As at now, I don’t know how their nutrition system is so I cannot say much but I will discuss with the technical team to see how their plan for nutrition is so we take it from there because it will be unfair to say something now.   Your last appointment was at Accra Hearts of Oak, many thought you would opt for a bigger club in the country or being German-trained you would opt for a bigger challenge in Europe. Why Dreams FC ?

Mr. Commey-Bortsie: In my profession it’s not about a bigger club or smaller club.

When I came back to Ghana, my desire was actually to help develop this field because that is a critical area in the life of every footballer and I realized that people were actually trying to do their best but it was not the right way. I chose Hearts of Oak upon my return because that was the last team I played for before I left to Germany.

I came back with the heart to serve them and to give them back what they did for me when I was playing and that was why I went there to offer my services. But then, my aim is always to help footballers and that is why I was open to all when I was at the National Sports Authority and I feel happy when players are injury free so it hasn’t got to do with bigger clubs or smaller clubs.

Dreams FC is not a new environment for me because the Executive Chairman has been my friend since I came back from Germany five years ago and C.K Akonnor (manager) has been a younger brother since his playing days in Germany and we also worked together at Hearts of Oak. Moreover, I’ve treated a lot of these players even when I wasn’t here so the familiarity was key to my decision. : Though short, time spent with you has been very revealing and clearly you are a devoted member of this family. We wish you the best of stay here at Dreams FC .

Source: Dreams FC

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