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Randy Abbey stresses importance of VAR introduction in Ghana Premier League

Published on: 26 May 2023

Ghana Football Association (GFA) Executive Council Member Dr Randy Abbey has stressed the significance of introducing Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in the Ghana Premier League.

Dr Abbey believes that any measures to reduce errors in the local game should be embraced.

The implementation of VAR, according to Dr Abbey, would provide referees with the opportunity to review incidents that require split-second decisions.

"Anything that would be introduced which is capable of minimizing the mistakes must be encouraged," he told Asempa FM on the Sports Nite Show.

"At least for some key decisions, there would be a second eye but that alone can’t eradicate controversies as we’ve seen in other competitions like the English Premier League," he added.

Earlier reports had indicated that the Ghana Football Association had proposed the use of VAR at specific venues but received a rejection from FIFA. Despite the setback, Dr. Abbey remains an advocate for VAR implementation in the Ghana Premier League.

The introduction of VAR has been a topic of discussion in football circles worldwide, with many leagues adopting the technology to assist referees in making accurate decisions. While it cannot completely eliminate controversies, VAR has been instrumental in reducing errors and enhancing fairness in several football competitions.

The Ghana Football Association will continue to evaluate the feasibility and potential benefits of implementing VAR in the Ghana Premier League. The inclusion of such technology would undoubtedly bring added scrutiny and precision to match officiating, offering a fresh dimension to the local game.

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